52 – Gore

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(You’re in combat with a crazed cyborg in the infirmary (Map Area #16). Thrak and Jumrak are just inside the room, within melee reach of the cyborg’s chainswords. Cobb, Vash, and Kronic are crowded around the doorway, Sikich remains ready a few steps further back, and Soggul has made it most of the way to the stairwells.)

(Initiative is as follows: Jumrak 20; Vash 15; Cobb 13; Kronic 12; Thrak 7; and Sikich -1. Soggul’s on 13, but he’s out of the battle for now. The cyborg acts on Initiative count 19.)

Round Three

Beneath the Stadium

Intent on destroying this blasphemous source of evil, Jumrak swings again with his fire axe. (Attack roll is 15 +6 = 21; hit for 3 +3 +1 = 7.) The weapon bites deeply into the creature’s side, spewing gore everywhere.

The cyborg shrieks; this time there are metallic undertones to the cry, and he flails his chainswords at Jumrak in a panic. (Two attacks; 3 +3 = 6 and 16 +3 = 19. One hit for 6 +2 = 8 damage!) Once again, Jumrak’s armour protects him from suffering a potentially fatal blow, but the attack still draws blood.

Kronic does not want to accidentally hit an ally with his pistol so switches to claws and tries and flank the creature. (Kronic slinks into the room and takes a swipe; Attack roll is 11 +9 +2 = 22. Hit; damage is 6 +3 = 9 points.) Moving quickly behind his foe, Kronic plows his claws deep into the cyborg’s cranium!

The creature emits a metallic buzz and spasms for an instant. Then the buzzing of the chainswords stops and the cyborg collapses to the floor, which is now slick with blood.

“Son of motherless goat!” Vash growls at the cybernetic abomination. He remains back, with his weapon up and ready, worried that the horror’s implants will reanimate the body. He mutters to himself “What can short them out? Water?”

Cobb is completely freaked out by what he sees before him, but manages to keep his wits about him. He draws his nanowire garrotte and tumbles into position adjacent to the body, inspecting it for signs of life… but it appears that the cyborg is truly dead.

Outside, Soggul makes it out of the tunnels and collapses to the ground. His body jumps with his sobbing as he cries. However, after a few moments the sounds of combat and chainswords fade, and Soggul’s courage returns. He makes his way (sheepishly) back to the rest of the group.

(150 XP to everyone (even Soggul – he stayed in character!) for the win.)

Looting the Infirmary

With the battle over, you look carefully around the infirmary. (Just repeating the room description here…) The room is bright, lit by working fluorescent lights. Instead of bare and decaying concrete, the walls here are done in cracked and discoloured white tile. Several beds sit along the walls, with numerous cabinets and lockers against the eastern half of the room. A number of corpses of slaves sit about on dolleys near the rear of the room. These were victims of the mongoliant leaders’ surgical curiosity, and bear horrific wounds and strange metallic implants.

With everything apparently safe (for now), you get to work, searching the room for swag!

(GM rolls Perception Checks, in secret.)

A search of the cabinet and lockers turns up an amazing cache of meds. On many of the mysterious items are labels written in Ancient, which Sikich is able to translate. The loot includes surgical tools (which you don’t know how to use) and two unused first-aid kits (which you do know how to use). You find ten unused ready syringes (which can be filled by ‘doses’ of various medication) in a drawer along with two doses of hercurin (whatever that is), three doses of superegen, eight doses of stimshot A, and two doses of stimshot B. In the lockers are two canisters (like spray paint) labelled ‘medi-spray’ and one canister labelled ‘spore neutralization’. And finally, there is a damaged device, labelled ‘diagnostic scanner’, with no power source (it uses e-clips).

There are also the cybernetic implants themselves, if you want to spend the time to ‘recover’ them from the corpses.

How do you want to distribute the wealth? And what are your next actions?


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5 Responses to “52 – Gore”

  1. Thrak sheaths his fullblade and swings his light around the room in a sweeping arc. The revealed cache of medical “treasure” comes as a relief to the big mutant, especially in light of Jumrak’s injuries at the blades of the freakish cyborg. He suggests that the two first-aid kits go to different party members, and that the other things like ‘stimshots’ be investigated further.

    “Does anyone know what any of this other stuff actually does?” Thrak mumbles. He refuses to take any of the medical stuff for himself, and unless the surgical tools can be used as impromptu weapons, he doesn’t see much use for them. And as for the cybernetic implants, Thrak is repulsed by even the thought of any sort of marriage between flesh and metal, preferring the quick and deadly courtship his fullblade pays when wielded. Most of the items here are of no immediate use to him.

    “Actually,” Thrak says mostly to himself, “I could hide a scalpel or something down a boot or tied to my leg for emergencies.” And he sets about doing just that. “Now then,” he announces after standing back upright, “who wants the honour of going first into Sogor’s room across the hall here?”

  2. The three-armed mutant returns, still shaking, but remains completely silent. If he had not been freed, would he have ended up like the monster lying lifeless on the ground? The thought kept Soggul occupied while the rest did their looting.

  3. Kronic will help load up all the swag, and nods to Thrak “looks like you and I are still in the best shape here in case there is a threat… We probably should go in first maybe?”

    Kronic also gives Soggul a pat on the back as he goes by too. “We’ll get these monsters sorted out for this sort of thing, those slavers too… We’ll get em.”

  4. Vash sighs out in relief as the cyborg goes down. He looks around at everyone. “Are you okay? Is anyone hurt?” He asks. He looks at the medical supplies and just blinks in surprise. “Oh my…Jackpot!” He says. He steps up, stepping up to help restock their supplies. He looks to scanner. “May I?” He asks, looking around. “I can look around and see what supplies we absolutely need?”

  5. Cobb looks a little relieved as he stands up next to the corpse. He was a bit concerned about actually being able to strangle that thing.

    With the threat gone and Thrak’s flashlight illuminating the treasure hoard, Cobb lets out a low whistle. “Wow. This stuff is worth a fortune. Those mongos didn’t know what they were sitting on. It will definitely come in handy.”

    (OoC – Cobb would like to do a Scav Scan in the event that the initial survey of the room by the group didn’t uncover anything too obvious.)

    At the mention of Sogor’s chamber Cobb’s eyes light up and he turns his head in Thrak’s direction and he smiles. “Exciting isn’t it? After all this time, we get to go into that room. Even Mraag couldn’t get in there apparently, and someone wanted in BAAADDD.” Cobb clenches his fists and holds them to his chest in gleeful enthusiasm.

    Kronic’s logical words bring him back to reality however. “You have a point Kronic. We should take care of Jumrak’s wounds first though. How about if I open the door and you guys go in first?” Cobb can’t bear the thought of not being a part of opening that door!

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