51 – Psycho Cyborg

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(You’ve entered the infirmary beneath the stadium (Map Area #16), now transformed into a nightmarish medical lab. Thrak has taken the lead, stepping first into the chamber of horrors. The rest of you are behind him, crowded around the doorway. And a twisted cyborg, armed with chainswords for hands, is snarling and racing towards you.)

(Let’s roll for Initiative: Jumrak gets 17; Vash rolls 14 +1 = 15; Cobb’s on 11 +2 = 13 and so is Soggul at 15 -2 =13; Kronic’s 10 +2 = 12; Thrak’s on 7; and Sikich rolls 3 -4 = -1. The cyborg gets 17 +2 = 19, but it’ll take him a full round to reach you.)

Round One

Beneath the Stadium

“May the gods give us strength to defeat this abomination!” shouts Jumrak. The stoic outlander is taken aback; this cult of evil has been truly possessed by the demons of the ancients! To conjure up a blasphemous avatar from the tainted Ancient era – for what evil purpose? Is it an attempt to destroy all that is good and pure in this world? I will not stand by and let these creatures bring more evil into our times. This abhorrence must be destroyed!

(Jumrak steps to Thrak’s side and raises his axe, preparing an action to strike the creature if it comes within melee range.)

With laser rifle ready, Vash takes a quick aim and fires at the poor mutilated person. “Stay out of its reach!” He yells to those who like the closer melee attacks. “If need be, we can fall back.”

(Vash’s Attack roll is 3 -1 = 2; a miss.)

“Damn it!” shouts Vash as Jumrak muscles forward – and nearly into the laser blast. “Stay back, fool!”

As the… ‘thing’ stands up Cobb whispers in a frightened tone, “Sweet mother of swag.” As the chainswords buzz to life and it leaps off the table he screams and (seeing a clear shot), he hurls his spear and jumps back.

(I’ll let Cobb get a throw in. Roll is 13 +4 = 17; it just hits. Damage is 4 +1 = 5 points.)

Jumrak lumbers out of the way just in time as Cobb’s spear flies past his head! The ‘borg manages to deflect it with one of his chainswords, but it still ricochets off his shoulder, injuring him. His shriek rises in pitch and spittle flies from his mouth!

Cobb then half turns to keep an eye on Soggul. Soggul stands wide-eyes as his lower lip trembles in fear. “No… No… No…” He shakes his head violently in disbelief as the tears flow even more than before.

(Soggul needs a DC 20 Charisma check to prevent panic. He rolls a 14 +1 = 15 and burns a Luck Point to reroll… 13 +1 = 14.)

The three-armed mutant runs the other way as quickly as he can. A trail of liquid follows behind him as his bladder spasms in terror.

(Sorry, buddy. He’ll be calm enough to return once the fight is over.)

Not yet noticing Soggul’s rapid departure, Kronic shouts to the party “SHOOT HIM DOWN!” He fires his plasma pistol and gets ready to support Thrak in close combat if need be. “My claws still work in grapples!” thinks the pit fighter.

(Kronic’s Attack roll is 8 +6 = 14; a miss.)

Damn it; this crazed mutant is fast! The creature zigs and zags towards the doorway, and Kronic’s shot misses.

The cyborg has nearly reached Thrakazog now. Primed as he was for the unexpected at the first sound of the moan that came from behind the infirmary door, Thrak is still horrified at what was done to fellow living things under the veil of secrecy. Driven much more by pity than any vestigial sense of hatred, he squeezes off a single shot towards the chest of the looming living experiment.

(Thrak’s roll is 2 +4 = 6. Damn; another miss.)

As if possessed by some demonic force, the creature lurches sideways at the last instant and Thrak’s bullet misses! Bringing his buzzing chainswords in front of him, he leaps like a rabid beast towards Thrakazog, but at the last instant Jumrak steps in take a swing!

Blocked by his companions crowding the doorway, Sikich takes a step back and activates his energy pike.

Round Two

(Jumrak uses his prepared action for an axe attack. The roll is 7 +6 = 13; a miss. Jumrak moves to Initiative count 20; technically it’s the next round now.)

Cyborg (Rev)

Again, the creature’s freakish reflexes protect him and sparks fly as he parries Jumrak’s axe with a chainsword. The cyborg’s charge against Thrak is ruined (Attack roll is 5 +5 = 10), and he isn’t quite able to reach the glowing mutant with his chainsword swing.

Taking a bit more time to aim this shot, Vash fires his laser at the foe (Atk 10 -1 = 9), but misses.

Not wanting to approach closer to the abomination, Cobb throws his knife instead (Atk 8 +4 = 12). “What depraved gods are protecting this wretch?” he wonders, as the cyborg twitches aside at the last instant.

Kronic has a chance to fire again with his pistol. With his usual restraint, he shouts “EAT HOT PLASMA, BASTARD!” and fires. (Atk 12 +6 = 18; hits for 11 points of damage.) Kronic’s plasma bolt burns a hole in the creature’s side, revealing more metallic implants beneath his skin!

Realizing the danger of using his automatic rifle at such close range – but not quite trusting now that the cyborg won’t use his chainswords in a grapple – Thrak has already drawn his fullblade. (Fullblade Atk roll is 10 +8, damage is 6 +3 = 9.) He forces the cyborg back a step, slicing a cut along his upper arm.

The monstrosity, bloody now and obviously wounded, staggers back for a moment – then convulses with renewed agony and shouts “KILL!”

What are your actions?

(Wow; some unlucky rolls there for the PCs. Luckily, you still have the cyborg confined within the infirmary. Thrak and Jumrak are the only two characters within melee reach of the chainswords. Cobb, Vash, and Kronic are crowded around the doorway, Sikich remains ready a few steps further back, and Soggul has made it most of the way to the stairwells. Unless you decide otherwise, I’ll assume that you continue with your attacks for another couple rounds.)


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4 Responses to “51 – Psycho Cyborg”

  1. Cobb is completely freaked out by what he sees before him, but manages to keep his wits about him. The only weapon he has to use in these close quarters is his garrote. Using the flintlock with his shaky limbs, and being a little unnerved on top of it, might be bad for for his friends up front.

    Cobb pulls the nanowire garrote, activates the force field harness and tries to tumble behind the thing while it’s attention is focused on his allies. If the tumble is successful, he’ll attack to try and strangle it.

  2. “Son of motherless goat!” Vash growls out as his shot goes wide. He remains back, with his weapon up and ready. He pulls the trigger on the laser rifle, trying to burn another hole into him. He looks around at seeing the now exposed implants. “What can short them out?” He mutters to himself. “Water?”

  3. Kronic does not want to accidentally hit an ally with his pistol so will switch to claws and try and flank the mutant.

  4. Soggul makes it out of the tunnels and collapses to the ground. His body jumps with his sobbing as he cries.

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