50 – The Infirmary

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(Your group has explored most of this lower level and are currently standing outside the door to the ‘infirmary’ (Map Area #16). Thrakazog’s flashlight is your only source of light; all else is in darkness. There are still no signs of the remaining mongoliants or Lord Mraag, other than hints of a hasty departure.)

(Weak moans can be heard behind the infirmary door. By this point Soggul has become very uncomfortable. How about we add a dose of horror to the game?)

Beneath the Stadium

Panic grips Soggul as the moans startle him. His mind races with thoughts of fleeing and rushing to surface as fast as his feet can carry him. The comforting words of his new friends are the only thing that was still keeping him here.

Cobb tries to reassure his ally. “Soggul, you said it yourself, we’re all together. And you’re not a slave anymore. Try not to be afraid. We’ll look out for each other down here.”

Soggul’s breaths come through quickly and raggedly, as if he is on the verge of hyperventilating. “I… I must get through this.” Tears erupt as the big man forces one foot in front of the other in order to keep up with the group. He lets the tears pour, but keeps from sobbing to prevent from being discovered.

As the ominous moans continue, Cobb whispers hopefully. “Maybe we can hide in here?” he gestures to what he thinks is the great Lord Sogor’s treasure chamber.

Instead, Thrak wheels his light around to shine towards the medical chamber. He figures that if Sogor’s door has stood up to the attacks evident from its surface, then it can wait a few more minutes. “Let’s first make sure there’s no threat from in the med-room where that moan came from. We need to cover our backs before tackling that lock.”

Vash brings up the rifle at the sound of another moan. “I think they left someone in mid-torture.” he whispers.

Kronic responds in his pragmatic manner: “Lets see what’s in there… If there is some poor sap in there we better finish him off or help him. If he is too far gone let’s just end it, most likely he is stark-raving mad and will have to be put down anyways. Besides there may be medical gear in there that is useful for wounds we have or may receive. We could use all the medical gear we can get.”

He draws his plasma pistol and flexes his claws. “I’ll get the door and you guys cover the entrance. Fighters in first, follow me, Sikitch cover left, Vash cover right, Soggul come in and back us up. Once the room is clear the rest come in and search with us.”

As the most obvious target, glowing even without being the one holding the flash light, Thrak suggests that he should go in first as Kronic opens the door. It’s reasonable plan.

The Infirmary

As Kronic carefully opens the door, Thrak steps tentatively into the room, panning the light back and forth and sniffing cautiously. You are surprised to find that this large room is rather bright – lit by working fluorescent lights set into the ceiling!

Cyborg (Rev)

Instead of bare and decaying concrete, the walls here are done in cracked and discoloured white tile. Several beds sit along the walls, with numerous cabinets and lockers against the eastern half of the room. This place was an infirmary, though the mongoliants have used it for darker purposes instead.

A number of corpses of slaves sit about on dolleys near the rear of the room. These were victims of the mongoliant leaders’ surgical curiosity, and bear horrific wounds and strange metallic implants. At first, it appears that none survived for very long…

…However, one of the pathetic victims – a seemingly unlikely jumble of mutant and machine – is still very much alive! Even at a glance, you can see that the implantation of cranial and optic implants, plus the replacement of his hands by chainswords, has driven the creature beyond the brink of sanity. His moaning ceases when you open the door, and now he turns to face your direction and snarls. His chainswords buzz to life as he leaps up, racing towards you!

You have just enough time for a single action before the psycho cyborg reaches you. What do you do?

(Being rushed by a cyborg slave in this former torture chamber beneath the stadium is too much for Soggul. Memories flood back of things being implanted into his own body by Lord Sogor, things that are still in there. Soggul’s Fear Response kicks in and he’s now ‘frightened’; he is going to need to succeed a pretty tricky Charisma check, or else get the hell out of this pit as fast as possible…)


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8 Responses to “50 – The Infirmary”

  1. As the…thing, stands up Cobb whispers in a frightened tone, “Sweet mother of swag.” As the chainswords buzz to life and it leaps off the table he screams (like a shriek) and if he has a clear shot, hurls his spear and jumps back, half turning to keep an eye on Soggul.

  2. (OoC – I made a few corrections to the text after posting. If you’ve already viewed it, click ‘refresh’ to clear the old version from your browser’s cache. Man, I’ve been wanting to use that picture in the online game for a while! Frikkin’ mutant cyborgs – hell yeah!)

    (Soggul – remember you can spend a Luck point to reroll a d20 check. Do you want me to assume you will do so on a failed save?)

  3. (OoC – I’m glad you like them. 😉 )

  4. Primed as he was for the unexpected at the first sound of the moan that came from behind the infirmary door, Thrak is still horrified at what was done to fellow living things under the veil of secrecy. Driven much more by pity than any vestigial sense of hatred, he squeezes off a single shot towards the chest of the looming living experiment.

    If the monstrosity is not brought down by first round of actions, Thrak will (in order of preference) pop another round into the poor man, draw his fullblade to defend himself, or grapple in close combat with him. That last option with the thought that the guy would be useless against an opponent who’s any closer than at arm’s reach.

  5. With Laser rifle ready, Vash takes a quick aim and fires at the poor mutilated person. “Stay out of its reach!” He yells to those who like the closer ranged attacks. “If need be, we can fall back.”

  6. SHOOT HIM DOWN! Kronic fires his plasma pistol and gets ready to support Thrak in close combat if need be. I’ll fire again if I get the chance otherwise I am with Thrak… grappling this guy might be the trick. My claws still work in graples!

  7. May the gods give us strength to defeat this abomination! This cult of evil has been truly possessed by the demons of the ancients! To conjure up a blasphemous avatar from the tainted ancient era – for what evil purpose? Is it an attempt to destroy all that is good and pure in this world? I will not stand by and let these creatures bring more evil into our times. This abhorrence must be destroyed!

  8. (Yeah, definitely reroll if he fails)

    Soggul stands wide-eyes as his lower lip trembles in fear. “No… No… No…” He shakes his head violently in disbelief as the tears flow even more than before.

    (Assuming I don’t run in terror:)

    Soggul musters enough strength to stand his ground in defiance of his fear. He walks forward on shaky legs and screams with primal rage towards the twisted humanoid. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The deafening howl rattles and reverberates through everyone’s head as Soggul unleashes his natural weapon.

    (Assuming Soggul fails:)

    The three-armed mutant runs the other way as quickly as he can. A trail of liquid follows behind him as his bladder spasms in terror.

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