48 – Beneath the Stadium

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(You’ve blasted away the citadel gates using your artillery cannon and cleared the way ahead of you. After taking a few moments to observe the damage – and take some potshots at the slavers – you are ready to proceed onwards.)

(I’ll assume that the Free remain behind in the artillery building with your captive mongo until you instruct them otherwise. They’ve also got some of the gear – such as bulky books – that you’ve brought over from your other hideaway in the flooded quarter.)

Stadium Map

As soon as the dust settles and you are able to see that your plan worked, Kronic speaks up: “Well… Lets go see about some relics before that hooting and hollering gets too curious and comes over here. We’re still far from 100% though so lets go in slow and cautious. Mongos are gonna be like trapped tigers here and I am not keen on purposely walking into a furball… again.”

Seeing (thanks to the gift of the flashlight) that the gauss cannon has done its job admirably, Thrak reconvenes with the rest of the crew to plan their entrance into the citadel.

Thrak calls Cobb and Soggul back to the artillery placement to discuss plans as a group. With the food stores gone and feeling somewhat reticent to resort to scavenging the coffee grounds in the packets in his satchel, Thrak suggests rather strongly that the first order of business in the citadel (after survival!) is to find their food stores. He thinks a cautious entrance through the busted gates should be followed by a quick recon to determine where the food stores would be. After that, a more thorough search of the place to root out the surviving mongos and find whatever relics can be taken as loot.

Thrak decides to discard the heavy wrench he initially took from the slavers as an impromptu weapon, relying instead on his fullblade for close-quarters combat. Once a plan has been agreed, Thrak pulls out his AKM rifle (set to single-fire to conserve his 13 bullets) and keeps the flashlight handy in his tail, leaving both hands free for a steady shot when necessary.

Jumrak agrees with Thrak that the group need to hit up their food stores. “We’ve got a crew to feed now, and we’re going to need everyone at full strength. Although we should be cautious as Kronic suggests, we shouldn’t be too slow as to give them more time to prepare for our assault.”

Cobb double checks his spear to make sure it’s intact and waits for the others. “Okay boys. I guess this is it. Who goes first?”

Soggul speaks with his loud voice yet again. “I have the shield, follow behind me.” After taking the point position, carefully hidden behind his shield, the three-armed mutant hopes to confirm some sort of plan. “Are we going in, killing the tormentors, taking what we can and heading to the surface?”

Jumrak hefts his axe and steps forward. “Right behind you Soggul, let’s take control of this place – we should find their food stores before we try to make our way to the surface.”

Expecting resistance, you walk carefully across the stadium floor…

…but – surprisingly – you reach the citadel without incident.

Now that you are closer, you examine the citadel more carefully. This huge area appears to literally be a ‘castle’ jutting from the back wall of the collapsed stadium. Months of effort by mongoliants and slaves have created a fortress facade, defending the entrance to the lair of the mongoliant community. Two tall towers (almost half the height of the stadium dome) overlook the arena on either side of the citadel entryway (which now lies open to your party). The effects of your artillery bombardment are obvious on the building – flechette needles are embedded into nearly every surface of the building where Kronic’s initial shot missed, and the two huge wooden gates lie splintered and shattered inside the citadel itself.

The scene remains eerily silent. If there were any guards waiting here to attack you, the artillery must have taken care of them.

Inside the Citadel

From the descriptions of Soggul and Sikich, you know that the citadel has two main levels, with a ground floor plus passageways leading beneath the stadium. As you enter you can see the stairs leading downwards into darkness (to Areas 12-23). You first take the time to inspect the above-ground areas before delving deeper.

(The GM makes a few rolls in secret, but doesn’t say anything.)

To the right of the entryway (Area A) is the lavatory – a simple narrow pit leads off into darkness, and a strong smell (unbearable to humanoids) rises from below. The floor is littered with soiled and sullied magazines and sports posters of the Ancients.

Further ahead (Area B) is the barracks of the citadel. Empty now, it appears that it was a squalid home to a number of mongoliant soldiers.

Next, you explore the towers (both marked C). Each tower is basically an open building, the tops of which are only reachable by ascending the wooden stairs inside the citadel. Atop each tower is a broken searchlight, but no sentries. Where could they have gone? In addition, you find two molotov cocktails left atop one of the towers; presumably for use in throwing down at attackers.

Back on the main floor (Area D) is the guard’s mess, dominated by a stone table and a few odd stools made from boulders. The place is now filled with litter and debris. You shudder to think of what the freakish giants must have eaten!

The final room on this level (Area E) appears to have served as some kind of ‘office’. The room is a pigsty, filled with junk, bits of old food, and discarded bones. A quick survey turns up nothing of value, although by the disarray it looks like the room’s occupant left in a hurry.

“Where are the mongoliants?” asks Cobb.

Kronic responds: “It looks like the cowards fled before our attack; they left nothing of value here.”

“Then we must carry on below and pursue them!” says Soggul forcefully. “The tormentors must die!”

Beneath the Stadium

Beneath the Stadium

As you descend the stairs by the light of Thrak’s light, the chamber echoes with the sound of your footsteps (Map Area #12). Passages lead off in both directions. Black and red letters painted on the concrete western wall have long faded, leaving only the first three: “W-E-L”. Soggul breathes deeply as he enters the subterranean depths and the memories of his torments flood back…

Based on their experience with the mongos; Soggul, Sikich, and the Free were able to draw a rough map of the chambers beneath the stadium. You all examined it before your artillery assault, so you know the layout. The general purpose of the some of the chambers are also known to you. There was a barracks down here, to the right (Map Area #14). The infirmary (Map Area #16) is where the mongoliant Lord performed his surgical experimentation. And Lord Sogor himself kept a chamber in these depths (Map Area #20).

(Again, the GM tosses a few dice but doesn’t say a word.)

You stand at the base of the stairs, in silence. There is a dripping sound, coming from somewhere in the southwest, but you can’t hear anything to indicate the presence of mongoliants.

What are your actions?


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5 Responses to “48 – Beneath the Stadium”

  1. After reaching the bottom of the stairs, Thrak finally takes his hand away from his face. The stench from that ad hoc latrine nearly bowled him over! Shaking his head one last time to clear his senses, he stands still at the bottom of the stairs and tries to visualise the area based on previous study of the map.

    Hearing the faint dripping sounds to the south, he suggests that the party perform a perimeter sweep of this area starting on the north side (scouting rooms 13 thru 22), then proceeding to investigate the south rooms (15, 18, 23). It seems that the central area should be saved for last. Not sure why.

    Thrak keeps his flashlight gripped tightly in his prehensile tail, and two hands steadies on his firearm. Having recovered from the stench at the top of the stairs, he also sniffs the air cautiously at the bottom to help root out any lingering mongoliant presence. From the recent battles with the deformed mutants (which is saying something, coming from a mutant), he should be able to sense how recent (at least relatively) the mongo presence here has been.

    Thrak warns the rest of the group (probably unnecessarily) that the surviving mongos may have holed themselves up somewhere, possibly with one or more weapons that haven’t been revealed yet, and that may outpower our own. We must be cautious.

  2. Soggul says nothing. He sweats even though it is much cooler now that they are underground. The three-armed mutant is unusually on edge now, being down in the darkness again. He breathes slowly and deeply, trying to keep himself calm.

  3. I agree with Thrak. As we descend further, we make it easier for any mongos we missed to trap us from behind. I can’t see well enough to be of much use, but I’d feel better if someone was keeping a good eye to our rear. Quietly, “someone should keep guard on the rear. Maybe another between the rear guard and the rest of the group for relaying info and backup. I bet we’ll find something in Sogor’s chamber.”

  4. Cobb peers ahead into the darkness trying to discern any movement or hazards. “Well, we could use some light. Sure it might make you stand out at range, but that’s better than being surrounded up close with no retreat. Let’s check these nearby rooms for anything we can use as a light source…” Cobb grins and looks to Jumrak as he fingers the key around his neck, “then we head to Sogor’s chamber.”

  5. Thrakazog waves his rather luminous flash light in Cobb’s general direction with a bit of a smirk.

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