47 – The Siege Ends

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(Well, it’s a new year and finally a new post! Now that I’m back on schedule we should be able to pick up the pace again with the game.)

(We’ll continue where we last left off. Everyone’s still at camp in the artillery building except for those on watch at the barricades. You’ve had several ‘days’ of rest, but have now run out of food. Plus, you’re starting to get a little bored with the siege of the mongoliant citadel…)

Stadium Map

In the darkness and near-silence of the Lost City, there is no real way to track time. The days you’ve spent recuperating have felt more like weeks. (Or has it just been because the GM has been lazy at posting?)

As your food supplies dwindle, you are spurred into action. You have decided that the ongoing threat of the mongoliants must be dealt with before exploring further in the Lost City, and the allure of potential relics in the citadel entice you further.

However, heavy wooden gates bar your entry into the citadel.

Luckily, your newly-mastered gauss cannon may be of assistance. Although the stadium wall itself lies between the artillery and the citadel, but it’s weak with age and decay. Based on what you’ve seen the weapon do to other barriers you’re pretty sure you can punch through in a couple shots and blow away the citadel gates with your remaining ammunition.

Demolition Attempt

After some deliberation, you decide that Kronic probably has the steadiest hands and best vision (and +4 on his Attack rolls with the cannon), so he will act as gunner. Vash, Sikich, and the Free will help to aim and reload, while Thrakazog, Cobb, and Soggul will take up position at the barricades to monitor the situation in the arena.

“First we need to get through that wall.” mutters Kronic as he takes careful aim…

(You have 7 rounds of ammunition for the gauss cannon, and punching through the wall will take an Attack roll of 10 or more. Kronic gets 5 +4 = 9. Not good enough. The group reloads and you fire again. Roll is 7 +4 = 11. That does it!)

The first round doesn’t make it through, but on the second shot the stadium wall is punctured as if it were made of cardboard. Your first shot blows a hole clean through it! Looks like this plan might just work.

From his cover behind the barricade, Thrakazog spotlights the citadel gates for Kronic, who can make out their target now through the ragged hole in the wall. A few seconds later, and the cannon is reloaded…

(This time you’ll need to make two hits at 15 or above. First roll is 10 +4 = 14. Not good enough. Next one is 18 +4 = 22; a hit!)

After an initial miss (“Practice shot.” mutters Kronic), you get a clean shot and the target explodes in a shower of rubble and debris. Because of the dust raised, however, you can’t see whether a single direct hit was sufficient. You don’t want to give any surviving defenders a chance to find cover, so you decide to shoot again quickly. The cannon is reloaded, and Kronic pulls the trigger.

(And this shot is 14 +4 = 18; another hit. You’ve gotten through the gates!)

This time you hear the groaning of wood and metal and the sound of something like an avalanche. Well; you’ve definitely made it through the gates. Hopefully you haven’t reduced the whole citadel to a pile of rubble!

Thrakazog directs his jumbo flashlight’s beam into the arena. There is still a lot of dust and ash in the air, and it’ll take a minute to settle out before you can see the effects of your demolition attempt.

Slaver Pot Shots

Meanwhile, the artillery crew has been rotating the gauss cannon around to face the slaver’s stockade. There are still two flechette rounds remaining, and you intend on making them count…

(Kronic will need a 20 or higher to hit the slavers from this range. First roll is 15 +4 = 19. Second roll is a natural 1!)

On Kronic’s first shot, flechettes down on the Lost City, but you don’t think they reached the slaver’s compound. He takes more careful aim for the final shot, and pulls the triger…


Something was wrong with the loading of the ammunition! The gauss cannon shudders with the misfire and nearly launches itself off the roof of the building!

Luckily, none of you are hurt. Vash makes a quick inspection of the cannon – it’s damaged now and will require repair before it’s usable again.

“Well; at least it can’t be used against us.” he mutters.

The Siege Ends

Back in the arena, the dust has settled and you are able to get a look at the results of your handiwork.

Sure enough, your aim was true and the gauss cannon has done it’s job! The citadel doors (and much of the surrounding masonry) lie in a pile of rubble! (100 XP to each PC for ending the siege.)

Thrak tracks his light from side to side, inspecting the rest of the citadel. Flechettes are embedded across a wide area from your stray shots, but most of the destruction was focused on the gates themselves. The structure appears relatively intact – you believe it won’t collapse any further on its own.

Making a careful inspection from your barricades, you see no trace of mongoliant guards (or any other living thing). There is no movement and no noise – except for some hoots and hollers behind you from some distant corner of the Lost City (perhaps in response to the noise from the artillery).

The siege has ended and your way is cleared.

What are your actions?


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6 Responses to “47 – The Siege Ends”

  1. Well… Lets go see about some relics before that hooting and hollering gets too curious and comes over here. We’re still far from 100% though so lets go in slow and cautious. Mongos are gonna be like trapped tigers here and I am not keen on purposely walking into a furball… again.

  2. Seeing (thanks to the gift of the flashlight) that the gauss cannon has done its job admirably, Thrak reconvenes with the rest of the crew to plan their entrance into the citadel.

    (We’ve recovered the stuff we left stashed in the building in the water, right? If not, we should do that first – or some of us should, because I don’t think we’re coming back here if there are tunnels out of the back of the citadel. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure we still have that creepy robotic thing in a drawer or something back in that buildling.)

    Thrak calls Cobb and Soggul back to the artillery placement to discuss plans as a group. With our food stores gone and feeling somewhat reticent to resort to scavenging the coffee grounds in the packets in his satchel, Thrak suggests rather strongly that the first order of business in the citadel (after survival!) is to find their food stores. He thinks a cautious entrance through the busted gates (map area 11) should be followed by a quick recon to determine where the food stores would be. After that, a more thorough search of the place to root out the surviving mongos and find whatever relics can be taken as loot.

    Thrak decides to discard the heavy wrench he initially took from the slavers as an impromptu weapon, relying instead on his fullblade for close-quarters combat. Once a plan has been agreed, Thrak pulls out his AKM rifle (set to single-fire to conserve his 13 bullets) and keeps the flashlight handy in his tail, leaving both hands free for a steady shot when necessary.

    What say the rest of the crew?

  3. (I agree about the loot in the other building. Over the course of a few days we should have gone back for it. Especially ‘Blinky’!)

    Cobb double checks his spear to make sure it’s intact and waits for the others. “Okay boys. I guess this is it. Who goes first?”

  4. (We’ll assume that you grabbed your loot from the flooded quarter while you were resting. 25 XP to Thrak for thinking of it.)

  5. Soggul speaks with his loud voice yet again. “I have the shield, follow behind me.” After taking the point position, carefully hidden behind his shield, the three-armed mutant hopes to confirm some sort of plan. “Are we going in, killing the tormentors, taking what we can and heading to the surface?”

  6. I agree with Thrak that we need to hit up their food stores. We’ve got a crew to feed now, and we’re going to need everyone at full strength. Although we should be cautious as Kronic suggests, we shouldn’t be too slow as to give them more time to prepare for our assault. “Right behind you Soggul, let’s take control of this place – we should find their food stores before we try to make our way to the surface.”

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