Quick Update

Has it really been over a week since the last post? Sorry about the delay; busy Christmas season!

I’ve updated your PC sheets based on three days rest (that’s all you had food for without eating the livestock) and supplemental healing from Hex. I’ll do a proper post ASAP, probably in the next day or two.

Think about what you want to do next. Assault on the mongoliant citadel? Go back for the slavers? Explore the Lost City? Try to escape entirely?


~ by K-Slacker on 12-Dec-07.

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  1. Soggul will follow the established leadership on what we should do, but will always suggest the death of the Mongoliants.

  2. “Well, it would seem that these Mongos have a bit of an upper hand on the slavers if they’re offering access to something. Do you guys think the ‘second dome’ might lead to another way out of here? If there’s any way to take out the slavers, maybe we can rally more people to storm the arena and find a better way out of here.”

  3. “I don’t know. They tried to sneak a messenger to the slavers for aid, so I’m not so sure they’re in as good a position as we think. We may have them stuck. The question is, how do we press the attack if we decide to do that? Blast the doors off the citadel with the cannon? I mean, it’s going to be intense in there. I have a few of those grenades that almost killed Vash but we don’t know how many mongos are in there. If there was another way out of there they would have pulled off a surprise attack by now right?”

    Cobb fingers the key he pulled from Lord Sogor’s body. “Soggul, Sikich, do either of you know what this key opens? I pulled it from Lord Sogor’s body after he blew up.”

    (OOC – Like a kid with a new toy, Cobb will be reluctant to give up the key for examination and will sort of hover there waiting to get it back. It isn’t so much selfishness as it is paranoia brought on by the thought of osing potential loot. lol)

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