44 – Tactical Withdrawal

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(Soggul, Sikich, Kronic (unconscious), and Hex are all inside the Arena, between Map Areas #6 and #8. The bodies of the mongoliant ‘negotiators’ lie nearby, along with their flashlight (still shining) and walkie-talkie.)

(Cobb, Thrak, and Vash are still behind the barricades (at the ‘southeast’ stadium entrance near Map Area #2). The rest of the Free have reloaded the gauss cannon atop the artillery building, but have no target to fire at. (They’re also keeping an eye on your mongoliant captive.) Jumrak has crossed the water and is beneath the docks (Map Area #10). He can hear something moving near the shore, but still can’t see anything. Soggul and Kronic are in the stadium, between Map Areas #6 and #8.)

Tactical Withdrawal

Stadium Map

(Repeating a bit of text from last post:)

From the walkie-talkie left on the field of battle comes Mraag’s harsh voice: “Listen, scum – you’re tough and I respect that. I’m giving you one final chance to live. Go away. Take our useless slaves. Leave now and never return.” Mraag pauses for a moment. “We can see you. See you all. The arena is covered by snipers. Run, fools!”

(For some reason, the GM rolls a DC 20 Intellect check for Sikich, but it’s a 2 +10 = 12. I’ll also give Soggul a chance… Another 2!)

When Sikich hears Mraag’s speech over the talking device, he starts issuing orders. “Coobb, Thraaak. Staaay oouut of theee areeena.”

With Kronic still unconscious, Hex again offers his support: “I can help him. I owe my life to you all for saving me.”

Kronic drools in response, but Sikich speaks up: “Hexxx, dooon’t waaaste yooour poower. Kroonic wiiil beee fiiine. Heeelp meee carrryy hiim ouut oof thee areena.”

Soggul follows, but scans repeatedly for signs of Mraag. All the mutant can think of is the Mongoliant’s death.

Sikich and Hex carry Kronic out and lay him behind the barricade, near Vash and Cobb. Once there, he says, “Weee aaare noot reetreeatiing. Weee haaave theem nooow. Wee’ll staaay uuunder cooveer uuntiil liight, theen kiiil theem.”

Cobb, Vash, and Thrak stare blankly at Sikich’s comment about ‘light’. Vash breaks the news to him: “I guess the mongos didn’t let you out much. As far as we can tell, the entire Lost City is either underground or encased in a huge opaque dome. Light won’t be coming any time soon…”

“D’oh.” responds Sikich.

Cobb isn’t sure if Mraag is bluffing, assuming that none of them could tell in the darkness. Thankful for his blindsense Cobb carefully scans the area for snipers…

(Perception check; roll is 3 +5 = 8. Even with the flashlight still shining, the arena is too dark to make out anything.)

…but can’t detect anything within the range of his power, nor see any foes. He pulls Vash’s laser rifle over to him and asks Vash “How many shots are in this thing?”

Vash, still woozy from his recent near-death experience answers Cobb weakly: “We made sure to recharge all the e-clips… Should be good for a dozen or so shots.”

Cobb doesn’t want to fire it at a very long range with his unsteady limbs but if he sees any he will surely point them out.

Still frustrated at the tactical withdrawal, Soggul pokes his head above the barricades to vent his rage. “MRAAG IS A COWARD! YOUR SO-CALLED LEADER WILL NOT SHOW HIMSELF! HE FLEES LIKE A BEATEN DOG AND LEAVES YOU ALL TO DIE!” Soggul, with his powerfully loud and deep voice, belts out declarations to any Mongoliants in the area. The three-armed mutant hopes this will drive Mraag from hiding, but even if he doesn’t, his favour with his people may fall from the others knowing of his cowardice.

Meanwhile Thrak, already separated from the injured party members, and seeing his relative uselessness in aiding them any more than Sikich and the rest, continues back in the general direction of the dock, near Jumrak, also aware that there is some sort of concealed foe lurking about. He takes his time and relies mostly on his sense of smell, as well as his hearing, to determine what unexpected presence is in the area and where it might be. In the absence of any better light source, Thrak resorts to his fullblade, wielded in two hands, so that if he is to lash out an anything unfamiliar, it will at least be in the range of his sight and he won’t inadvertently take a pot-shot at an ally.

(I’ll assume Thrak will follow the same path as Jumrak, crossing the water outside the arena and moving towards the docks.)

Thrak’s glowing form betrays his location as he moves into the cold water and towards the docks, but hopefully it will distract the unknown foe from Jumrak.

Using Thrak’s light like a beacon, the Free sweep the gauss cannon towards the docks, trying to make out a foe.

The Human Chameleon

Meanwhile, as Jumrak reaches the docks he hears a scraping noise – someone is shifting position, moving towards shore. Jumrak still can’t see anything, but he can hear where the bastard is – and that’s enough for the mountain man. Rising quickly from the water, Jumrak moves to attack his invisible foe, hoping that his hearing is precise enough… Apparently surprised at Jumrak’s perceptive approach, the creature tries to flee – and as it moves Jumrak can see it’s location!

(Quick Initiative check; Jumrak gets a 19, while his foe rolls 10 +6 = 16. Jumrak manages to get a swing in, rolling a 9 +6 = 15. A hit (barely) for 8 +3 = 11 points.)

Jumrak’s axe bites into the creature’s back and it falls to the ground with a shriek, but is still alive. Responding quickly, it tries to tumble out of melee range (Agility check 12 +8 = 20). As it rolls into a crouching position – just outside of axe range – Jumrak gets a glimpse of his foe. It’s a small humanoid, definitely not a mongoliant. He wears a simple loincloth and some kind of utility belt but is otherwise naked, and his skin seems to mimic his surroundings like some kind of human chameleon.

Before Jumrak’s very eyes, the creature blends again into the background.

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “44 – Tactical Withdrawal”

  1. Thrak lunges for the area where he hears the scuffle he can only assume to be between Jumrak and the invisible foe. He keeps his ears tuned to the noises he heard and especially smells for strange scents that will alert him to the activity. Clenching his fullblade in his two hands, he picks up his pace and shouts out for Jumrak to give him some guidance. “Jumrak! Make some more noise so I can find you! We can take this guy down together!”

  2. “If you are with us, make yourself visible!” I yell at the fleeing mutant. “Otherwise, you’re toast!” I continue to attack unless he becomes visible and explains himself. I figure that my yelling should alert Thrak of my position.

  3. Soggul escorts everyone back to the cannon in order for everyone to reorganize. Chaos has destroyed what little the group had in the way of plans, so now we would have to improvise.

    Returning to the cannon, Soggul looks around, still scanning the area, looking for potential threats… especially Lord Mraag.

  4. Cobb glances out over the barricade at the dead mongoliants. Looking to Sikich and Vash he says “Can you guys cover me from here? I’m going for the squawkie-talkie box and that light. We can talk at Mraag with it.”

    Carefully, Cobb chooses his path to the dead mongoliant, switches on the forcefield and goes for it.

    (OOC – If it looks like Cobb can reach the body stealthily, without using the forcefield he will, but if it’s mostly open space he’ll still be wary of the snipers and briefly use it. In his mind, Cobb sees it more as a potential cash cow than a useful item so he’ll use it sparingly. lol)

  5. (It should be easy enough for Cobb to sneak back into the arena – he did it before to look Sogor’s body. Your only worry will be with the flashlight – if Cobb can figure out how to turn it off quickly he’ll be fine, otherwise he’ll make an obvious target.)

  6. “I will go with you Cobb.” Soggul grits his teeth in fear, but he musters the courage to walk with a fellow mutant.

  7. Vash tries to move, reaching for his laser rifle. He knows he is still weak from whatever that bomb was. He must study it! But later. “I will try..to cover you.” He says before looking to Kronic. He pauses before reaches to take his pulse, making sure he is still with them.

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