Hex the Leech (NPC)

(I’m posting Hex’s character sheet online so that you can get a sense of his capabilities. Note his genotype traits, in particular. I don’t want to encroach on the party healers, but Hex can serve as a good backup, if required.)

Hex is an ex-captive that your group rescued in your assault on the mongoliants of the Lost City. He is notable amongst the Free for his genotype – Hex is a leech.

Leeches are a strain of near-humans who are named for their ability to suck the life force from other living creatures. Leeches gain their sustenence in this manner, requiring only minimal amounts of food and water to survive. Physically, leeches closely resemble pure-strain humans. Most are tall and gaunt; their skin is unusually pale with veins visible just beneath the surface. Their major identifying feature is their eyes – a leeches’ eyes are jet black.

(In game terms, Hex is meant to address the lack of easy healing compared with a fantasy RPG. Although Vash has been able to treat many of your injuries, you still have to frequently resort to natural healing – which can lead to annoying delays while PCs recuperate. With Hex in the adventuring party, there will be will have less downtime.)

General Information:

Character Name: Hex
Primary Player: None (NPC)
Genotype: Leech
Background: Slicker
Class & Level: 0-level
Experience Points: n/a
Luck Points: n/a
Creep Contamination: Mild


Attribute Score (Base Mod) Attribute Check
Strength: 8 (-1) -1
Perception: 13 (+1) [Prime] +5 P
Endurance: 8 (-1) -1
Charisma: 12 (+1) +1
Intellect: 12 (+1) [Prime] +5
Agility: 10 (+0) +0
Luck: n/a n/a

P +2 bonus to avoid mishaps from damaged structures.


Base Combat Stats
Hit Points: 8 (8 maximum)
Initiative Modifier: +1
Base Attack Bonus: +0
Base Defense Bonus: +0
Size Category: Medium
Base Speed: Normal (1 range category/round)
Running Speed: Fast (2 range categories/round)
Weapons Attack Damage
Unarmed Combat Atk: -1 Dmg: 1d4-1 (subdual)
Crit: 20 Range: Melee
Armour Defense Class Armour Penalty
Unarmoured 10 -0

Character Traits:

Genotype Traits:

  • Genotype: Leech.
  • Medical Compatibility: Can use Ancient medicines and related relics normally.
  • Biofeedback: A leech can psionically heal himself of 1d12 Hit Points damage or 1d4 points of Attribute damage. This can be performed once per day as a full-round action. (Daily use expended.)
  • Empathic Transfer: A leech’s psionic power also allows him to heal another person’s wounds by absorbing their damage. As a attack-equivalent action, you can touch another creature and restore up to 2d10 Hit Points or 1d6 points of Attribute damage, inflicting an equal amount of damage upon yourself. Note that a leech cannot control the exact amount of damage transfered. You can use this power once per day. (Daily use expended.)
  • Leech Life: Leeches feed on the life force of other creatures. You can make a touch attack that drains 1d4 points of Endurance from a target. These drained points may be used to restore Endurance damage that you have suffered (but does not increase your End score beyond the normal maximum). You can use this power once per day.
  • Variant Metabolism: Because leeches feed directly on the life force of others, you have minimal requirements for food and water. You can survive a week at a stretch without food or water, but must drain at least 1 point of Endurance per day (using Leech Life) or begin to suffer from the effects of starvation.

Background Traits:

  • Background: Slicker.
  • Tech Level: Retro-Tech.
  • Slicker Sense: +2 bonus on Perception checks to avoid potential mishaps from damaged structures.
  • Languages: Unislang (Literate).

Talents & Proficiencies:

  • Proficiencies: Weapon Proficiencies (Simple Weapons), Armour Proficiency (Light Armour).


  • Combat Gear: None.
  • Miscellaneous Relics: None.
  • Other Possessions: Ragged clothing.

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