43 – Revivification

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(Cobb and Vash are behind the barricades, at the ‘southeast’ stadium entrance near Map Area #2. Soggul and Kronic are in the stadium, between Map Areas #6 and #8. The arena is dark except for the light from the fallen mongo’s flashlight, which is on the ground now pointing in the general direction of the citadel. Sikich and Jumrak are along the shoreline, ‘southwest’ of Map Area #2. Thrak is about halfway between the barricades and the shoreline. The Free are reloading the gauss cannon atop the artillery building.)

(For clarity, I’ll repeat the text from the last post’s comments here.)


Stadium Map

The black light fades. Kronic lies apparently unconscious on the arena floor behind Soggul (who is wounded, but still on his feet). Behind the barricades lies Vash’s crumpled form, the laser rifle fallen from his grasp. Cobb (unwounded) tries to rouse his fallen ally.

“Vash! Dammit!” Cobb quickly scans him for blood or obvious wounds, but not seeing any he’s a little confused. (“What the hell was that weapon?” he wonders.) He calls Vash’s name a little louder and gently shakes him.

“Vash is down too!” he alerts his comrades. Cobb rummages through Vash’s pack and finds his first aid kit. It looks near to empty, with maybe enough to help one of the two fallen. Hell, Vash has been using it to help everyone else. Cobb looks from Kronic to Vash.

His unsteady limbs seem a little more unsteady. “Damn, damn, damn.” He calls out to the others “I don’t see any blood! What do I do? The first aid kit is almost empty!” Cobb looks desperately to his allies for help.

Thrakazog happened to be outside of the range of the attack. Hearing the travesty behind him, he stops on his heels and sprints back to the low cover to give what aid he can to his fallen comrades. “Sikich!” Thrak calls out as he turns. “Get your ass back here with me! The fallen take priority over that disappearing guy!”

Thrak then tries to offer what aid he can until Sikich arrives (which, unfortunately, isn’t much). At the same time, he keeps his nose open for unfamiliar smells that could mean a potentially invisible interloper is about…

(Perception roll is 15 +2 = 17. Pretty good.)

…but can only detect his allies. There is no trace nearby of any hidden creatures.

Hearing Thrak’s call, Sikich abandons his position and runs over to the barricades to assist Vash. When he arrives, he kneels down beside Cobb and grabs the kit from his hands. “Leet meee seee iiit!” He hisses.

Taking the kit, he flips through its meager contents, then examines Vash.

“Whaaat haappened too theem?” He asks as he works, trying to diagnose the best course of treatment.

“We were hit with some kind of black ray from the mongoliant bomb. It went off when Vash hit it with his laser.” answers Cobb.

While Sikich tries to diagnose Vash’s injuries, a nervous voice calls out from the Free. It’s an anemic near-human with inky blank eyes named ‘Hex’. “Friends, wait!” he says, “I may be of assistance.”

Climbing down from from his perch atop the artillery building, he approaches the barricades. “I can pull the sickness from one of the fallen, though I will likely die as a result.”

The man is clearly afraid; his voice is unsteady and tears run down his face.

As Hex approaches, Sikich tells him to wait. “Staaay baaack,” he says. “Doo nooot toouch hiiim unleeess iiit iiiis aabsooluutlee neceesaaaree.”

Hex nods at Sikich’s command and appears relieved.

Leaning beside Vash, Sikich inspects his fallen comrade. He’s barely breathing and his pulse is unsteady – he’s obviously near death. Cobb hands the last of the supplies in the medical kit to Sikich, but With no (new) visible wounds on Vash, the would-be healer is rather stumped as to how to proceed.

(It’s a DC 15 Treat Injury check, and the roll is 4 +2 = 6. Hmm; I’m going to assume that Sikich spends a Luck Point to reroll. And the check is a natural 20! Let’s roll twice for the number of hit points healed; the total is 4 hp. 25 XP to Sikich; and that’s it for the healing kit.)

The bandages and gauze won’t do anything for Vash… but in the kit there’s a half-full ready-syringe labeled ‘Epinephrine’ (in the Ancient tongue). Sikich doesn’t know what it’ll do to Vash, but he’s desperate and figures it can’t hurt him any worse.

Sikich injects the substance into his ally and hopes for the best. A few seconds later, Vash lurches into a sitting position, gasping and clutching at his chest. His eyes bulge for a few moments and you worry that it’s a heart attack – but then his breathing steadies and he relaxes.

Vash sets up with a start, but Sikich is there with his hand upon his chest. Vash looks up at Sikich – and the empty ready-syringe – and asks “What happened?” He lets out a cough as he catches his breath before squinting around. Looking above the barricade, into the arena, he asks “He..kay?” Realizing that he must have been dropped by the same black ray as himself, he says to Sikich: “Heart stopped, don’t have much time.”

“Eeeeaseee,” Sikich tells Vash. He presses his hand on Vash’s chest and pushes him back against the ground. “Caatch yoour breeaath, aaand ssstaaay quiiiet.”

Looking over to Cobb, Sikich adds, “Waaatch hiiim. Keeep hiiim caaalm. Dooon’t mooove hiiim uunleeesss weee aaare uundeeer aataaack.”

Mraag’s Threat

Meanwhile in the arena, Soggul responds to the situation. The scarred ex-captive sensed the ebon explosion and rolled instinctively, avoiding the brunt of the blast. Looking back in the near-darkness, he can hear his fellows scrambling – and can see that Kronic has fallen. A howl of anger tears through the air as Soggul grows even more aggressive. The pain of loss of one or more of his fellows hit deep and hard. All the three-armed mutant feels was that they did not deserve this as they were kind enough to free him. Something has to be done.

“MRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG!” Soggul thrusts the pike towards the citadel, determined to slay every one in his way to killing the new leader of his former tormentors.

As Soggul rages, Sikich runs over to Kronic and looks him over quickly. He can see that Kronic’s symptoms are the same as Vash’s. Without the Epinephrine, there may not be much he can do, but CPR would be a good place to start.

Sikich calls Hex over, and tells him to hold Kronic’s head still with his neck arched back a bit. “Iiif thiiis dooeesn’t wooork,” he tells Hex, “wee’ll haave tooo seee whaaat yooou caaan dooo.”

Sikich then places his hands over Kronic’s heart and begins to administer CPR, pausing after each 5 presses to breathe for him.

(It’ll be a DC 15 Treat Injury check to stabilize Kronic, preventing his death, but Sikich isn’t going to be able to heal him without supplies. Roll is 14 +1 = 15; just good enough.)

Possessing some of the medical knowledge of the Ancients, Sikich applies CPR as he had learned from a pre-Fall first aid manual. Luckily, Kronic’s physiology is pretty close to a ‘normal’ human’s and his heart is in the expected location. Within moments Sikich is able to detect breathing and a pulse. Unfortunately, Kronic remains unconscious – he’s been through a lot today and needs time to heal.

Hex looks up at Sikich. “I can help him. I owe my life to you all for saving me.”

Before Sikich has a chance to respond to him, a harsh mongoliant voice begins shouting orders.

At first, you fear you’ve fallen for another trap – the voice is nearby. The body of the fleeing mongoliant lies within short range, with flashlight and pistol still in hand. But the mongo appears well and truly dead. At his waist, however, is a small device (strapped to his belt). From this gizmo comes a voice (in Gutterspeak) that Sikich recognizes to be Mraag’s.

“Listen, scum – you’re tough and I respect that. I’m giving you one final chance to live. Go away. Take our useless slaves. Leave now and never return.” Mraag pauses for a moment. “We can see you. See you all. The arena is covered by snipers. Run, fools!”

Concealed Foe

Back at the shoreline, near the artillery building, Jumrak is greatly concerned about his companions, but his skills are more in line with hurting folk than helping them. Realizing that his allies have forgotten (for the moment) the mysterious interloper at the docks, he decides to investigate himself.

Keeping his axe in hand, the mountain man walks into the shallow water and heads towards the docks. Cursing his poor vision, he relies on his hearing to detect potential foes.

(This will be a tricky roll; a DC 20 Perception check. Jumrak gets a 17 +3 = 20. Again a lucky roll – just enough!)

As Jumrak nears the docks, he hears a scraping noise – someone is shifting position, moving towards shore. Jumrak still can’t see anything, but he can hear where the bastard is (at least for now)…

Meanwhile, the Free have reloaded the gauss cannon and are now aiming the weapon again towards the docks. It would take them a few more seconds before they can fire – if they had a target. They can’t see a thing, and for now they’re just waiting for further orders.

What are your actions?


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13 Responses to “43 – Revivification”

  1. Cobb isn’t sure if Mraag is bluffing, assuming that none of them could tell in the darkness. Thankful for his vision Cobb carefully scans the arena for snipers. He pulls Vash’s laser rifle over to him and asks Vash “How many shots are in this thing?”

    He doesn’t want to fire it at a very long range with his unsteady limbs but if he sees any he will surely point them out. If he doesn’t see any, he will turn around and scan the shoreline for signs of the hidden man, but he wopn’t leave Vash unattended.

  2. (Cobb’s blindsense only really works at short distances. Perception check is 10 +5 = 15. He scans the arena and sees no signs of snipers, mongoliant or otherwise.)

    (With respect to the laser rifle; your group made sure to recharge all the e-clips during your recent rest.)

  3. When Sikich hears Mraag’s speech over the talking device, he starts issuing orders. “Coobb, heeelp Vaash oouut of theee areeena.

    “Hexxx, dooon’t waaaste yooour poower. Kroonic wiiil beee fiiine. Heeelp meee carrryy hiim ouut oof thee areena.”

    Sikich helps Hex carry Kronic out, and lays him beside the arena wall, near Vash and Cobb.

    Once there, he says, “Weee aaare noot reetreeatiing. Weee haaave theem nooow. Wee’ll staaay uuunder cooveer uuntiil liight, theen kiiil theem.”

  4. (Sikich and Hex carefully move Kronic out of the open, to the guard area near the docks (Map Area #8). Does Soggul follow?)

    (I guess the mongos didn’t let Sikich out much. As far as your group can tell, the entire Lost City is either underground or encased in a huge opaque dome (perhaps both). Light won’t be coming any time soon…)

  5. Soggul follows, but scans repeatedly for signs of Mraag. All the mutant can think of is the Mongoliant’s death.

  6. Thrak, already separated from the injured party members, and seeing his relative uselessness in aiding them any more than Sikich and the rest, continues back in the general direction of the dock, near Jumrak, also aware that there is some sort of concealed foe lurking about. He takes his time and relies mostly on his sense of smell, as well as his hearing, to determine what unexpected presence is in the area and where it might be. In the absence of any better light source, Thrak resorts to his fullblade, wielded in two hands, so that if he is to lash out an anything unfamiliar, it will at least be in the range of his sight and he won’t inadvertently take a pot-shot at an ally.

  7. OOC: D’oh!

  8. *drools*

  9. Well that is about all Kronic can do! 🙂

  10. LOL! I’m glad you explained that further. I wondered why some “anonymous” might be drooling over the game!

  11. “MRAAG IS A COWARD! YOUR SO-CALLED LEADER WILL NOT SHOW HIMSELF! HE FLEES LIKE A BEATEN DOG AND LEAVES YOU ALL TO DIE!” Soggul, with his powerfully loud and deep voice, belts out declarations to the Mongoliants in the area. The three-armed mutant hopes this will drive Mraag from hiding, but even if he doesn’t, his favor with his people may fall from the others knowing of his cowardice.

  12. I can hear him – that’s enough for me. I will attack our invisible foe, hoping that my hearing is precise enough…

  13. (Note: I’m out of town for a few days and might not be able to update the site…)

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