42 – Black Light

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(Kronic and Soggul have got the two ‘negotiators’ pinned just inside the arena (near Map Area #4). The flashlight-wielder is shooting his pistol at you, while the other mongo is badly wounded and has fallen to the ground. A number of devices are strapped to his chest, with red blinking lights on them. Cobb, Vash, and Thrak are still behind the barricade at the arena entrance.)

(Meanwhile, Sikich and Jumrak are near the gauss cannon (Map Area #2). They’re trying to locate the mysterious figure at the docks, who vanished moments ago before Sikich’s eyes. The Free are at the cannon itself, preparing to reload the artillery.)

(I’m going to do Initiative in a bit of ‘reverse order’ this time, for reasons that you’ll see…)

Dock Shenanigans

Stadium Map

Sikich points to the last known position of the docks interloper and calls out to his companions, “Heee’s iiinviiisiiiible! Yoou caaannot seeee hiiiim! Eeeither heee iiis eeescaapiiing, ooor aataaackiing. Soooo, coooome heeere aaand heeelp meee deeefeend.”

(GM rolls another Perception check for Sikich and gets a 3 +2 = 5. Not enough.)

The Free have started reloading the gauss cannon, but it’ll be a few more seconds before they can fire again.

Seeing (or sniffing, noting, whatever) only a single threat remaining inside the arena, Thrak turns his attention back to the water, where more ominous happenings seem to be transpiring. Noting that the gauss cannon has just fired, and hearing Sikich’s strange yell that the figure near the docks seemed to “disappear”, Thrak moves from behind the barricades towards the shore (and the artillery). Attuning his senses to the area near the dock, Thrak hunts for scents that are unfamiliar to him, but fails to smell anything other than the stale water. (The docks are too far from you to use your scent right now.)

Jumrak can’t quite see what’s going on with the mongo liars in the arena, but it seems like the others have it under control. Accompanying Thrak, Jumrak charges towards Sikich’s position with axe in hand!

Deadly Payload

Meanwhile, inside the arena, Soggul gets a better look at the device attached to the twitching mongoliant on the ground. It’s like a vest made of plastic blocks, with wires connecting everything. In the middle of his chest is an electonic gizmo (a timer?) with flashing red lights.

Soggul vents his rage. “BETRAYERS! CLEAR THE AREA! FIRE THE WEAPON FREEMEN!” Soggul charges forward looking for the leader, shield-bashing any that stand in his way. “MRAAG! FACE ME COWARD!”

(Soggul charges the pistol-wielder, rolling a 5 on the shield bash – a miss. The mongoliant then shoots at Soggul as an opportunity attack and also rolls a miss: 5 +2 = 7.)

Charging towards the citadel, Soggul tries to bull-rush the remaining mongoliant. The brute nimbly steps aside as the three-armed mutant approaches and fires at him, but misses. Soggul continues past his foe, heading into the arena…

Vash glances in the direction of the dock. “Soggul! The water!” he shouts, and Soggul changes course (from Area #10 towards Area #6). Soggul’s rage continues as he turns towards the water; he heads for the water howling like a madman, but his hand shakes as he holds the pike. Thinking to himself, the three-armed man doubted this course of action and his ability to follow it through, but anger directed him forward. He was breathing heavily as he scanned the area looking for his target. (You won’t have line-of-sight to the docks until next round.)

Rather ominously, the remaining mongoliant utters an desperate prayer and turns to run, racing back towards the citadel. From a walkie-talkie at his belt you hear a harsh voice commanding “Stand and fight, coward!” The mongoliant ignores the order, and his flashlight casts jittering rays across the former battlefield as he flees.

Taking his cue from the mongo, Kronic races after Soggul and tries to put some distance between himself and the (suspected) bomb.

Behind the barricades, Cobb searches the ground frantically for a large rock to throw at the light. Then he remembers something he ‘stashed’ earlier and rummages through his pack instead… “Come on, come on… YES!!” he cries after finding more ammo for his gun. Loading the flintlock rifle he tries to brace his unsteady limbs against the barricades and takes a shot and the explosive-laden mongo.

(Attack roll is a 4 +4 = 8; a miss.)

Cobb’s arm twitches during the shot and misses badly. Preparing for the worst, Cobb hunkers down behind the barricade…

Vash brings up his laser weapon and aims it steady at the fallen ‘Negotiator’. Maybe if he shot it just right it will go off without killing them. He holds… holds his aim and then pulls the trigger!

(Attack roll is 14 -1 = 13 – a hit, since it’s a (mostly) stationary target. Damage is 17 points, finishing off the twitching mongoliant. Now the GM rolls percentile dice… on a 01-50% you trigger the device immediately, on a 81-00% you deactivate it. The roll is 16%.)

(Ouch. Let the dice fall where they may. Soggul and Kronic ran like hell and are at medium range. Cobb and Vash are at short range, but are behind the barricades and have good cover. Base damage is 25 points. DC 15 Agility checks for all; Soggul gets 11 +5 = 16 and Kronic gets 2 +9 = 11. Kronic burns a Luck Point and rerolls a 13 +9 = 22. Half damage to each – 12 points apiece. Kronic’s at -3 hit points. The fleeing mongoliant rolls a 2 and dies.)

(The barricades provide Cobb and Vash with a +4 bonus for cover; Cobb rolls 15 +12 +4 = 33 and Vash rolls 1 +3 +4 = 8. Vash burns a Luck Point and gets 10 +3 +4 = 17. With Cobb’s ‘evasion’ ability he takes no damage, Vash takes the 12 points. Vash is at -3 hit points.)

(On the plus side, you each get 300 XP for getting rid of these mongos. Sikich and Soggul are eligible for 3rd level.)

Vash’s laser pierces the mongoliant’s vest and suddenly an ominous black light shines from the creature’s prone form. One after another, the plastic ‘blocks’ on his chest crack open and erupt in ebon flame. In complete and utter silence the black rays dance across the arena, illuminating you in a hellish light. Instead of burning, the rays are deadly chill and seem to suck the very life from you – but leave no wounds and have no apparent effect on any objects, only living creatures. After what seems like an eternity (but is only a split second), the black light vanishes.

Kronic screams and collapses to the ground unconscious. Soggul is wounded but still on his feet. Behind the barricades Cobb manages to avoid the black glare entirely. He glances above the barricade and sees his ally on the floor of the arena. “Vash, Kronic needs help!” No response. “Vash?”

Vash, too, has fallen. His crumpled form lies behind the barricades, the laser rifle fallen from his grasp.

What are your actions?


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10 Responses to “42 – Black Light”

  1. (Your allies are unconscious but not dead. There is still a chance they’ll survive if they receive timely first aid. Sikich is your best bet to provide such assistance…)

  2. Hearing the travesty behind him, Thrak stops on his heels and sprints back to the low cover to give what aid he can to his fallen comrades. “Sikich!” Thrakazog calls out as he turns. “Get your ass back here with me! The fallen take priority over that disappearing guy!”

    If Thrak is first back to the downed fellows, he’ll offer what aid he can until Sikich arrives to try to patch these boys up. While engaged in that though, he keeps his nose open for unfamiliar smells that could mean a potentially invisible interloper is about…

  3. “Vash! Dammit!” Cobb crawls over to Vash and quickly scans him for blood or obvious wounds, but not seeing any he’s a little confused (don’t know if Cobb would have known what the hell that weapon was). He calls his name a little louder and gently shakes him.

    “Vash is down too!” he calls to his comrades. Cobb rummages through Vash’s pack and finds his first aid kit. It looks near to empty, with maybe enough to help one of the two fallen. Hell, Vash has been using it to help everyone else. Cobb looks from Kronic to Vash.

    His unsteady limbs seem a little more unsteady. “Damn,damn,damn.” He calls out to the others “I don’t see any blood! What do I do? The first aid kit is almost empty!”

  4. An nervous voice calls out from the Free. It’s an anemic near-human with inky blank eyes named ‘Hex’. “Friends, wait!” he says, “I may be of assistance.”

    Climbing down from from his perch atop the artillery building, he approaches the barricades. “I can pull the sickness from one of the fallen, though I will likely die as a result.”

    The man is clearly afraid; his voice is unsteady and tears run down his face.

    (Sikich and Soggul know Hex but haven’t seen anything ‘special’ from this ex-captive to clarify his offer.)

  5. Hearing Thrak’s call, Sikich abandons his position and runs over to the fallen, Vash and Kronic. When he arrives, he kneels down beside Cobb and grabs the kit from his hands. “Leet meee seee iiit!” He hisses.

    Taking the kit, he flips through its meager contents, then examines one of the men (either Vash or Kronic, depending on who was closer to Cobb at the time.)

    “Whaaat haappened too theem?” He asks as he works, trying to diagnose the best course of treatment.

    As Hex approaches, Sikich tells him to wait. “Staaay baaack,” he says. “Doo nooot toouch theem unleeess iiit iiiis aabsooluutlee neceesaaaree.”

  6. Hex nods at Sikich’s command and appears relieved.

    Leaning beside Vash, Sikich inspects his fallen comrade. He’s barely breathing and his pulse is unsteady – he’s obviously near death. Cobb hands the last of the supplies in the medical kit to Sikich, but With no (new) visible wounds on Vash, the would-be healer is rather stumped as to how to proceed.

    (It’s a DC 15 Treat Injury check, and the roll is 4 +2 = 6. Hmm; I’m going to assume that Sikich spends a Luck Point to reroll. And the check is a natural 20! Let’s roll twice for the number of hit points healed; the total is 4 hp. 25 XP to Sikich; and that’s it for the healing kit.)

    The bandages and gauze won’t do anything for Vash… but in the kit there’s a half-full ready-syringe labeled ‘Epinephrine’ (in the Ancient tongue). Sikich doesn’t know what it’ll do to Vash, but he’s desperate and figures it can’t hurt him any worse.

    Sikich injects the substance into his ally and hopes for the best. A few seconds later, Vash lurches into a sitting position, gasping and clutching at his chest. His eyes bulge for a few moments and you worry that it’s a heart attack – but then his breathing steadies and he relaxes.

    Looking up at Sikich – and the empty ready-syringe – Vash asks “What happened?”

  7. “Eeeeaseee,” Sikich tells Vash. He presses his hand on Vash’s chest and pushes him back against the ground. “Caatch yoour breeaath, aaand ssstaaay quiiiet.”

    Looking over to Cobb, Sikich adds, “Waaatch hiiim. Keeep hiiim caaalm. Dooon’t mooove hiiim uunleeesss weee aaare uundeeer aataaack.”

    Then Sikich then scoots over to Kronic and looks him over quickly. He can see that Kronic’s symptoms are the same as Vash’s. Without the Epinephrine, there may not be much he can do, but CPR would be a good place to start.

    Sikich calls Hex over, and tells him to hold Kronic’s head still with his neck arched back a bit. “Iiif thiiis dooeesn’t wooork,” he tells Hex, “wee’ll haave tooo seee whaaat yooou caaan dooo.”

    Sikich then places his hands over Kronic’s heart and begins to administer CPR, pausing after each 5 presses to breathe for him.

    OOC: you can spend another luck point if needed on this check, too.

  8. (It’ll take you a bit of time to get over to Kronic; I think I’ll the dice rolls for the next post.)

  9. The scarred ex-captive hears the explosion and rolls instinctively, avoiding the brunt of the blast. Looking back he sees his fellows scrambling, knowing instinctively what it meant. A howl of anger tore through the air as Soggul grew even more aggressive. The pain of loss of one or more of his fellows hit deep and hard. All the three-armed mutant felt was that they did not deserve this as they were kind enough to free him. Something had to be done.

    “MRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGG!” Soggul thrust the pike at the nearest Mongoliant, determined to slay every one in his way to killing the new leader of his former tormentors.

  10. Vash sets up with a start, but Sikich is there with his hand upon his chest. He lets out a cough as he catches his breath before squinting around. He looks to Kronic. “He..kay?” He asks. “Heart stopped, don’t have much time.”

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