41 – “Parlay”

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(The mongos are halfway across the arena now, approaching you slowly with their white flag and megaphone. You’ve had enough warning about the mongoliants’ approach to position yourselves appropriately. Also, the Free are at the gauss cannon – and they’ve learned the basics of artillery operation during your rest.)

The Mongos Approach

Stadium Map

The pair of mongoliants walk across the arena towards your location. One is carrying a heavy flashlight of some sort, illuminating the path in front of them. The other carries a large white flag, waving it above his head.

The flashlight-bearer brings a megaphone to his mouth. “We come in peace!” he shouts (in Gutterspeak). “Lord Mraag wishes to parlay!”

Cobb translates to Unislang for the group, then calls to the mongoliants: “Stand where you are. Don’t come any closer. Give us a minute.” Turning to his allies, Cobb then whsipers “What do you guys think? What could he want from us and what could we get from him?”

The mongoliants slow, but don’t stop. They’re inching forward, waving the white flag and trying to look innocent.

Soggul grits his teeth. “The fools want one of two things. They want an… alliance; or they are setting us up for a trap. Knowing them, they have men with far-reaching weapons waiting for us to get in that light.” Soggul wants his revenge, but his liberators deserved to make the choice. His life was theirs now.

Vash jumps down the gauss cannon, leaving instructions to the Free to fire it if needed. Making his way to the low barrier at the arena entrance, he shouts out to the mongoliants (in Unislang): “You didn’t seem to interested in parlaying before! Why should we trust you! Especially with what you did to these people!” Vash still believes that there is strength in numbers, but you can’t invite those who will no sooner stab you in the back. He hunkers down behind the barricades, ready to use his laser rifle. If he sees any funny movement, someone is getting shot.

The mongos respond to Vash: “Do not judge us by Sogor. Mraag the Merciful wishes to parlay.” (They’ve switched to broken Unislang now. Hmm; bilingual mongoliants – these aren’t the usual brutes.)

(Sikich and Soggul are familiar with Mraag. Ambitious, cruel, and utterly merciless, the title ‘Merciful’ is ironic to say the least. Looking carefully at the two ‘peacemakers’, the GM rolls Perception checks. As the mongos draw closer, you recognize them not as soldiers, but Sogor’s surgical ‘assistants’ from the macabre mongoliant medical lab beneath the citadel. Perhaps they were on the wrong side of a power struggle and must now play the role of ‘negotiators’?)

A devious glint is in Kronic’s eye… “Fellows!” he says “This may be an opportunity! We could parlay with this Lord Mraag and get some idea as to where we are, and a better lay of the land! We still hardly know anything about this city or its inhabitants, and the only ones we have found so far we have killed or made enemies of. It may be time to figure out where we are and what we can do about it, this Mraag may have some of that information. I’d also like to get back at those other slavers and perhaps we can get this Mraag in on that deal. A bunch of Mongo’s helping us attack would be nice to thin the numbers of both gangs… It’ll be up to you talkers though, I’m only good to get people hurt. Besides if all else fails it possibly gets us into that citadel and into range of some more swag…”

All that being said, Kronic reloads his rifle (laser rifle, I presume – you’re out of ammo for your flintlock rifle) and flexes his claws.

And the mongoliants still tiptoe forward. You’re pretty close to opening fire due to their slow advance…

Thrak shrugs his shoulders in his new (to him) studded leather armour and likes the feel of added protection. He’s still feeling quite beat up from the action of the past while and, more than anything else, craves rest and healing. But since that doesn’t seem to be in the cards yet, he wants to ensure that at least a show of full strength is put forth.

He cradles his AKM rifle in both hands with the muzzle pointed at the flashlight-wielding interloper. That being Thrak’s only real indication of the location of the new ‘guests’, that’s what he’s aiming at. He sniffs heavily – instinctually – to assist in verifying the location of the two mongos under the white flag. Unfortunately, the Creep-laden pall from the fire of the burning mongos still hangs slightly in the air, and the tang is so sharp in his nose that he physically reels in disgust before refocusing his attention.

Since neither of the two mongos are the new Lord Mraag, Thrak suggests that they should stop at the gate entrance and the group demand that you will parlay only with Lord Mraag in person.

Any sudden or threatening movements will be met with a burst of gunfire from Thrak’s handy new AKM.

Seeing that the mongos have yet to stand down, Sikich joins the others behind the barrier. Drawing his cloak around him, he leans on his energy pike as he stands.

“Weeee caaan taaaaake whaateveeer weee neeeed from theeem,” he argues. “Theere iiis noo neeed tooo neegootiate. Theeey are weeeeak, aaand theeey wiiill kiiill uuus laaater iiif weee doo nooot kiiil theeem noow.” He grins toothily.

“Iiif weee waaant, weee caaan taaake priisoners aaand inteerroogaaate theeem tooo get theee iiinfoormaatioon wee waaant.”

As Sikich speaks, the flashlight-wielding mongoliant shifts his beam upwards from the path ahead of him. The light is almost blinding, and you have trouble seeing into the arena.

With a sudden urgency, Jumrak speaks up: “I can smell that this is a trap. If this guy has just taken over as ‘Lord,’ he’s going to want to assert his dominance and authority as soon as possible as to ensure that anyone who might challenge him for leadership will have to back down. I’ve seen this before in battle with the Futhok tribe (…godless scum…). We would be best not to reveal our position, although firing from that thing (points in general direction of Gauss cannon) might scare them out of their plan…” Jumrak looks around to see if he can spot any movement from behind the group, although his poor vision pretty much makes the attempt useless. “There has got to be more of them sneaking up on us from somewhere.” He grips his axe, ready to fight.

Hearing Jumrak’s words, Soggul scans the flanks and rear with the trained eyes of a scavenger looking for possible attackers.

(GM makes Perception checks for Jumrak, Soggul, and the others; again in secret.)

(You’ve been keeping a pretty close eye on the citadel and surroundings since soon after the battle. There’s been no activity and you haven’t seen anyone sneaking around. If this is a trap, it appears to be isolated to the two mongoliants approaching you…)

“Gooood thiiinkiiing,” Sikich replies. “Iii’ll cheeck thee sooouth. Leet’s kiiil theem quiiickleee.”

He sets off slowly, but still in his awkward angular gate, back toward the river. He will look there for anyone who may be trying to approach. If he sees no one, he will return to the opening in the wall (below Map Area #4) to repel any attack that might come from the arena.

(GM makes one last secret Perception check, this time for Sikich… 25 XP to both Jumrak and Sikich.)

Hmm; that’s interesting. There’s a dark figure creeping out from the arena (at Area #10). He’s heading towards the remaining longboat along the dock… How did you miss him?

You know; the docks are within range of the gauss cannon… Sikich turns to the Free at the artillery, and issues a command: “Thhhe docks. Fiiire!”


Hearing Sikich’s words and suspecting an ambush, the group at the barricade opens fire upon the dupiclitous duo in the arena. (I’ll resolve your attacks in the order that you posted.)

Cobb is caught without ammo, so he holds an action to throw a spear if either of the mongos reach short range.

Soggul is likewise without a medium-ranged weapon; he readies his energy pike for a charge attack if they reach short range.

Out of ammo on his flintlock rifle, Vash takes a shot with his laser rifle.

(Attack roll is 11 -1 = 10; a miss.)

Suspecting that he’ll see action after all, Kronic readies an action to charge and attack with his claws.

Thrakazog tries out a burst on his new assault rifle, aiming at the bright light.

(Attack roll is 17 +2 = 19; that’s a hit for 16 damage. With the flashlight, there’s no penalty for Thrak’s night blindness.)

Thrak riddles the mongoliant full of bullets, but the the flashlight is undamaged and the mutant turns it on you again.

Sikich figures that his heavy pistol doesn’t have the range to reach the docks, so he waits to see how the artillery shot works…

(Attack roll is 14 -4 = 10; not good enough. The Free begin reloading the gauss cannon.)

With a mighty “PLINK”, another section of the dock disappears into a splinter of wood, shattered by flechettes. (GM rolls some dice.) The skulking figure is unhurt – and before Sikich’s very eyes, he appears to waver, shift, and vanish! What strange effect is this?

Meanwhile in the arena, the flag-wielding mongoliant drops his peaceful facade and charges towards the barricade, seemingly unarmed but clutching his chest (and drawing charge attacks from your group). The flashlight mongo keeps the beam fixed upon you, drops his megaphone, and draws a concealed pistol from a back holster (GM rolls some dice), shooting at the big glowing guy that just shot him (sorry Thrak; you might as well paint a target on yourself).

(The pistol shooter rolls an 11 +2 = 13; a miss. The charging mongo reaches short range, triggering everyone else’s held actions.)

(Cobb lobs his spear; the Attack roll is 6 +4 = 10; a miss. Soggul charges and rolls 18 +2 = 20; definitely a hit. Damage is 7 + 10 subdual. Kronic rolls an 8 +2 +9 = 19. Another hit; this time for 13 damage!)

Cobb’s spear falls short, but Soggul and Kronic charge from behind the barricades to skewer the attacker. Their attack drops the mongoliant to the ground, twitching but not dead. Strapped across his chest is a vest of explosives! A red light blinks ominously…

What are your actions?


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13 Responses to “41 – “Parlay””

  1. “Aaaaauuuuugggghhh!” Sikich yells, startled by the disappearing figure on the docks. “Heee deeessaapeeeaared!” He shouts out in warning to the others. Then he backs up defensively, away from the docks and toward the building with the artillery gun.

  2. “BETRAYERS! CLEAR THE AREA! FIRE THE WEAPON FREEMEN!” Soggul charges forward looking for the leader, shield-bashing any that stand in his way. “MRAAG! FACE ME COWARD!”

  3. Vash glances in the direction of the dock. “Soggul! The water!” He shouts before turning back to the “Negiotators”. He brings up his laser weapon, aiming it steady. Maybe if he shot it just right it will go off without killing them. He holds…holds as aim and then pulls the trigger!

  4. Cobb searches the ground frantically for a large rock to throw at the light. “Somebody take out that light”!

  5. (Warning: The explosives strapped to the other mongoliant should knock the flashlight out if you don’t do something about them pretty quickly!)

  6. Sikich keeps his eyes on the dock area, including the water and the land between the dock and the artillery building. But he positions himself near the door of the artillery building so that he can defend it if anyone tries to take it.

  7. (Can Cobb use his “Stockpile” ability to rummage through his gear for any forgotten ammo?)

  8. (Yes, he can. It’s a DC 15 Luck check, and the roll is 12 +3 = 15. Cobb looks into his pack and manages to find enough ammo for 3 more shots from his flintlock rifle.)

  9. Seeing (or sniffing, noting, whatever) only a single threat remaining coming out of the gates, Thrak turns his attention back to the water, where more ominous happenings seem to be transpiring. Noting that the gauss cannon has just fired, and hearing Sikich’s strange yell that the figure near the docks seemed to “disappear”, Thrak attunes his senses to the area near the dock hunts for scents that are unfamiliar to him. Finding any, he will fire in hopes exposing the interloper.

  10. Cobb rummages through his pack, “Come on, come on…”, and cries out after finding more ammo. “YES!!” Loading thr flintlock rifle he tries to brace his unsteady limbs against the barricades and takes a shot and the explosive laden mongo.

  11. Soggul’s rage continues as he turns towards the water on Vash’s command. He heads for the water howling like a madman, but his hand shakes as he holds the pike. Thinking to himself, the three-armed man doubted this course of action and his ability to follow it through, but anger directed him forward. He was breathing heavily as he scanned the area looking for his target.

  12. Sikich notices Soggul advancing on the water and dock area. He calls out to him, “Heee’s iiinviiisiiiible! Yoou caaannot seeee hiiiim! Eeeither heee iiis eeescaapiiing, ooor aataaackiing. Soooo, coooome heeere aaand heeelp meee deeefeend.”

  13. I can’t quite see what’s going on with the mongo liars, but it seems like Cobb, Kronic and Soggul have it under control. I will charge towards Sikich’s position with my axe in hand!

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