38 – Swag Mini-Update

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(It looks like you’re going to manage to get off Mongoliant Island alive, much to my surprise. Perhaps I’ve been to soft a GM… I realize not all of you have had a chance to respond yet, but here’s a ‘mini-update’ with details on the loot that you find scattered outside the arena.)

(By the time I add up all the XP, I suspect that most of you are going to level up. Some of you might even qualify for *two* levels. Let me know what classes you want to advance in, and I’ll start updating your character sheets once you reach the safety of your hideout.)

The Captive’s Tale

Sikich nods his head in understanding as Soggul and Jumrak tell him their plan to recover a boat. “Goood!” he says encouragingly as he smiles more toothily than Soggul and Jumrak have have probably ever seen.

While he waits, he inspects the cannon appreciatively, learning how to operate it. “Niiiiice,” he says in approval.

(Time passes. Sikich notes Soggul and Jumrak returning with a boat, and turns his attention from the gauss cannon to his captive.)

Sikich hops down and kneels beside his mongo prisoner. “Heeeey, Yoooou,” he begins, “Teeell meee sooomethiiing tooo sssspaare yooour liiiife.”

Sikich stands up and grabs the energy pike, sliding it under the mongo’s chest. Then, pressing his knee down on his back, he continues.

“AAAAlll Iiii haaaave too dooo,” he says, “iiiis ssswiiiitch thiiiis on aaaand yoooou wiilll beeee iiin veeery muuchh paaiin. Maaaybee eeeven diieee.

“Nooow, Iiii waaaant tooo beee niiice. Sooo teell mee somethiiing. Liiiike, wheeere iiis yooour treeasuure? Hooow maaany ooof yooou wiiil cooome aaafteer uuussss?”

With pure fear in his (many) eyes, the mongoliant begins to blubber. “Lord Sogor!” he mutters. “Sogor will avenge!”

(You realize he probably doesn’t know the events that occurred inside the arena.)

“And colonel Mraag! Mraag too!” he says quickly. The mongoliant glances at his fingers; you note an extra digit on each hand. “They would lead the twelve chosen warriors!”

(Now does he really mean twelve, or is that just as high as he can count, given the number of fingers he has?)

About a dozen officers does correspond to the number of trained and loyal soldiers that Sikich saw amongst Sogor’s ‘elite’ troops. Of course, recent events have eliminated close to that number…

“oookaaay,” Sikich says, “Iiii woon’t kiiiil yooou,” Sikich says. Then he moves to the edge of the roof and calls out to the others.

“Heeey! Caan Ssssomeooone cooome heeere? Weee haaave a moongooo priiiisooner. Weee haave to moooove hiiim.”

Scav’s Swag

Vash has already grabbed the obvious stuff from the palisade gates, while Sikich and Thrak grabbed some gear from the artillery gunners. With a little bit of searching however, you’re able to round up some more swag.

(I’m making Scav Scan checks for Cobb, plus supplemental rolls from the other PCs. I assume you’re staying away from the ex-captives and mongo civvies at this time.

The bodies of the mongoliant guards don’t produce much in terms of usable gear. There’s a suit of studded leather that might fit Thrakazog, if he wants to upgrade his armour. The greataxe and greatclub are servicable, and a couple of knives and clubs are also of decent quality. Oddly, one of the mongo guards was wearing a men’s hairpiece – carefully preserved from Ancient days.

The submachinegun was ruined when it was thrown to the ground and subjected to a grenade blast; you might be able to trade it to someone for parts, though.

In addition to the ready-meals that Vash already grabbed, Cobb finds a bag of packaged oatmeal and two cans of unidentified food (with the labels peeled off). Amongst the rubble, he also finds a carelessly-discarded magnifying glass (still in good shape).

Inexplicably, stashed in the corner of the artillery building is a bulky gorilla suit. It would fit Thrak and maybe Sikich, but is too big for the others. Also in the building is an Ancient comic book, something called ‘Cerebus’.

Ominously, there are ten body bags (empty, luckily) in a box near the arena entrance.

(Hmm; random swag tables are fun to roll on. Let me know how you want to distribute the ‘loot’.)

The Boat Returns

Over at the docks, Soggul smiles. “We have boats enough to travel. Let’s go back to the group to let them know.” The big, scarred man starts moving back towards the shore, shaking when he exits the water. “I used to swim a lot when I was younger. Was one of my favorite things to do.” He looks to Jumrak and his face shows that he wishes he could be back where he came from again.

(You return back to the rest of your party without incident.)

Soggul and Jumrak row their large mongoliant longboat up to the ‘beach’ near the gauss cannon. Vash meets them at the shore. Climbing out of the vessel, Soggul sees the shield strapped to Vash’s back. He looks to his shield and smirks. Perhaps the three-armed man would ask once he knew the man’s name. “What do we do now? These are good men,” Soggul said while gesturing to the once-prisoners, “and owe you a debt of gratitude. These,” indicating the mongoliants (still lurking amongst the rubble), “are nothing more than butchers and demons. They should be rounded up and slaughtered like the animals they are.” He spits on the ground in the direction of the one Sikich is holding.

Vash turns and looks to Soggul before offering his hand to him. “Thanks for the help. I’m Vash. Have you meet the others?” He asks. He pauses before offering the shield. “I think you could use this better than I can.” Vash rubs his hand along his new Laser Rifle. “And I think I can use this.” He whispers to himself with a smile. (Vash has seen enough of the rifle in action to guess at its capabilities – see your character sheet for details.)

Vash nods to the new person. “I agree. As a group, we can survive better.”

The three-armed man bows as he is given the shield. “See, our saviors are kind!” He replaces his shield and gives his old one to one of the former prisoners. “We should follow them as they found the courage to fight against our tormentors!” Soggul continues to try and encourage his former cellmates into joining the cause. After he makes his speech he grips Vash’s shoulder and smiles. “Wish this shield, I will guard you from the blows of your enemies.”

Vash gives a smile to Soggul. “Well, I can’t use the shield, so I figure you can use it better. And in a world like this, you need to be able to help others.” He smiles for a moment, remembering how he use to help his village…well until. The last thoughts steal the smile. He sighs and turns towards Sikich. “Right, I’ll come up and have a look.” He moves to climb the turret to get a look at the gun, seeing if it can be removed. He does look at the power source in surprise. “This definitely might be useful.”

Vash looks to the former artillery piece and to Sikich who is yelling. “Anything up there salvagable? Maybe we can take it too?” He turns back to Soggul about the Mongos. “Maybe we can get some useful information out of them? You mind give him a hand?”

Sikich listens to the others talk below him from the roof. When Vash asks about possibly salvaging some equipment, he replies, “Theee guuunn miiiight gooo, buut iiit wooulld taake maaaneeee tooools tooo freeee.”

Eyeing the mongoliant captive with a wicked smile, Soggul heads towards the brute, remembering those who ruined his body with the torture they put him through. Knowing the none of the others could understand except for the fellow captive Sikich, the three-armed man offers his assistance in killing or hurting any who gave the fork-tongued mutant an answer other than the one he desired. Soggul looks to Sikich and smiles. “Let us begin the interrogation…” Again, the smile twists cruelly and Soggul waves the Energy Pike with warning.

When the three-armed man comes up to the roof to help with the prisoner, Sikich says, “heee doo nooot seeem tooo knooow muuch. Heee saay thaaat Sooogar, Mraag, and tweelve moongooo guaards wiiil attaaaack uuus noow. Buut Iiii thiiiink weee kiiiled theem alreeaadeee, riiight?” Sikich screws his face up in an expression of worried puzzlement as he asks this last question.

Soggul thinks for a moment, counting in his head the number of guards he saw slain by his new allies, and comparing the number to the mongoliants that he is aware of… “I’m not sure, Sikich.” he says. “I think there are still a number of the elite soldiers inside the citadel. Sogor and Mraag kept their most loyal troops close at hand, and I don’t recognize them amongst the dead.”

(Soggul’s best guess is that at least a half-dozen ‘elite’ troops remain.)

(I’m still not sure what your plans are for the former captives or the mongo civilians. Ignore them? Kill ’em all and let the gods sort them out. Rescue the slaves and kill the mongos? Force everyone into servitude?)

(One or two of the mongo civilians may have already been able slip into the arena while your group has been scavenging the area.)

One of the former slaves to the mongos, a doughty-looking female, chokes back her fear and calls out to your group: “What of us? What will become of the rest of us?”

What are your actions?


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12 Responses to “38 – Swag Mini-Update”

  1. Soggul stands up and speaks, addressing his former cellmates, his only companions for quite a long time. “You have your freedom. You have the choice to leave or stay. However, I encourage you to stay. There is still much to be done here. Some of Sogor’s men still breathe air. We never will be truly free until they are gone from this world. Take up arms and fight, one last time, for true freedom. This opportunity will come only once in life. If you pass this up, you may regret it in time to come.” The scarred man’s face is stern, but the softness of his eyes relays true compassion for his fellows.

    Turning to the group who freed him, Soggul makes a loud proclaimation for the benefit of all watching. “I shall see this through to the end! Death to the tormentors!” He raises his pike to the air and lets out a loud ‘Hoo!’ sound.

  2. Vash looks around at the others. “Can we handle another fight? We do have some injured. I can help those that I can, but I will be needing more medical supplies. They are weaken state now. What happens when we do beat them finally?” He asks.

  3. Sikich steps away from the interrogation and walks over the edge of the roof. Standing there, he addresses the others on the ground:

    “Iiiii saaay weee kiiil them aaall. Iiii thiink weee shooould toorturre theeem sloowleee, maake theem paaaay foor whaaat theeey diiid. Whaaateeever haaapens aaafter iiis noone of ooour conceeern. Whaaat weee neeed noow iiis reeevenge.”

  4. Looking to Vash, Soggul grits his teeth. “They must pay. Look upon my body…” He gestures to the many scars and burns that cover his form. “This is what they will do to you if they do not die. You killed their Lord Sogor. They will hunt you down and do things to you that even I wouldn’t be to bear.” The three armed man points inside the complex. “Down there they have the resources they need to come at us. They also experiment upon their slaves down there, twisting them into terrible things you cannot even imagine.” Soggul swallows hard and musters the courage to contine, but he takes a few breaths before he can.

    “The best plan of attack is to force them out on the field, within range of their raining death.” The scarred man points to the gauss gun. “The liberators should proceed inside, while I organize forces up here to spring the trap.” In actuality, the last thing that Soggul wanted was to be in those tunnels again. The memories rushed at him and he cringed reflexively as he warded them off again.

  5. “I think your revenge thinking is good Soggul, but I too have revenge to take on another group of slavers. Men who deal with these mongo’s and probably delivered many of the slaves to them. We should tell the prisoner if they want revenge they can come to our slaver camp and try and take it. The other trick may be for us to take some of these slaves and try and use them… mock selling them to the slavers to get some trush with that group and find a way to infiltrate them and then destroy them from the inside!” If we take over that larger gang we can then use them against the mongo’s and liberate this whole darn city from the wretches that be, set us up a good little empire if we can control the gangs… heck we appear to have possibly crippled one of the strongest forces in the city.

    We can be kings! All we have to do is take it!

  6. As the adrenalin starts to wear off in the moment of relative peace, I start to realize how banged up I really am. I’m used to taking a beating, but I can’t imagine going into battle without at least a full day’s rest. Looking around, I think I’m not the only one who needs a break. “How about we discuss this somewhere safe where we can bandage up and recover? My axe feels like it’s getting heavier with every swing.” The last thing we need is to get overwhelmed in our current state.

  7. Vash nods his head slowly to Jumrak. “We could organize now. We can rest here, help those who are wounded.” He looks to Soggul and Sikich. “Would you two like to organize the Free? You can find those who are hurt?” He offers. He looks to the building that the cannon is on. “We can use this as our base and shelter for now.” He looks to the others. “I know you want to hurt those who were cruel and evil, but if we rush in, we could rush into a trap. We must act wisely.” He points to the water. “We have shelter out there. Safety. We can fall back there if need be. What do you think, guys?”

  8. “Hmmm… You are right. We do need to wait.” It didn’t take much to sway Soggul’s opinion when more than one person other than him agreed. “I can organize those here in order to make sure we don’t lose this ground. If we fall back now, our chance at finishing the tormentors off is gone. The water is a grave when taking on the raining death. They regain that weapon, then all is lost. I will make camp here in order to ensure that does not happen.” With a nod, the three armed man walks over to address the freed prisoners in order to organize a resistance.

    He gathers the weapons and armor off the fallen and begins to distribute them amongst the group. In a booming voice, Soggul tries to encourage them into defending the area. “You are slaves no longer! We shall have our retribution! We will organize, defend this ground, then move forward to eliminate the tormentors ONCE AND FOR ALL! HOO!” He raises the pike with a pump and lets out a shrill noise into the air.

  9. Sikich listens to the conversation, then hops down from the roof with a scowl on his face.

    “Theeey aaare noot ooorgaaaniiiziiing a traaap,” he says. “Weee onleeey nooow eeescaaapeed. Theeey haaave nooo tiiime tooo laaay a traaap. Iiii saaaay weee gooo nooow. Iiiif weee waaait, theeey wiiiil haaave tiiime tooo ooorgaaniiize tooo.

    “Iii caannooot gooo alooone, buuut I saaaay wee shoouuld gooo nooow.”

    Sikich then steps over beside Soggul, and raises his voice in harmony with his to rally the survivors.

    “Liiisteen too hiiim!” Sikich cries, “Weee aaaall suuuffeered aaat theee haaands of theee baaastaaard mongooos. Iiif weee cooome tooogetheer nooow aaand fiiight, weee caan stooop theeem fooreeveer mooore! Nooow iiis ooonly a reest. Weee muuust taaake the fiiight tooo theem iiiif wee waant tooo staaay freee!”

  10. Soggul slaps Sikich on the shoulder and grips it hard. “Thank you for your support in this. The bastard tormentors deserve worst than death…” His voice trailed off as his eyes began to water.

  11. (So just that I’m clear on your intentions… Soggul and Sikich will help ‘motivate’ the former captives to finish off the mongo civilians. It’s agreed that the party needs time to rest and has the penthouse suite in the flooded quarter available.)

    (Will Soggul remain here with the ex-captives to make sure the mongoliants from the citadel don’t try anything funny? You could bring a boat close to shore and escape quickly, if the need arises. Or will *everyone* go back to the flooded quarter?)

    (Also, between Vash and Sikich you should be able to easily sabotage the gauss cannon. Or maybe you could just spend some time taking potshots with the artillery and use up all the ammo.)

    (One other reminder: all of the ex-captives would have originally been sold to the mongos by the slavers – the mongoliants do not go on slaving raids themselves. So *all* of you would have reason to hate the slavers as well.)

  12. Soggul begins to organize those willing to help in order to move things around to provide cover for the organized resistance. Ideally, he was hoping to create a small semi-circle of a makeshift wall in order to allow attacks to be taken at range from behind cover. Additionally, Soggul will look for any good sized stones to be used for throwing and place them behind the wall in order to provide another method of attack if needed.

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