37 – An Eerie Calm

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(You’ve now dealt with all of the hostile mongoliants; the only remaining combatant is a artillerist who is surrendering. Vash and Sikich are near him at the cannon (Map Area #2); Kronic remains by the arena (near Map Area #3); Soggul, Jumrak, and Cobb are along the roadway; and Vash is by the palisade gates (Map Area #1). The ex-captive humanoids and mongo civilians cowering amongst the rubble, waiting to see what happens next.)

Mongo Captive

Stadium Map

Thrakazog is unable to see what’s going on closer to the palisade gates, and figures that his slender companion is still (probably) inside the artillery building. Seeing the fullblade fall at his feet (with an inner grin, considering how adept he is with one), Thrak trains his senses on what he knows to be the last standing mongo on the roof of the building. He wants to make the remaining bullet count, so if there is nothing else that will interfere with his assumption that the mongo presents a threat, Thrak will take the shot.

(Same deal as before; roll is 4 +3 = 7. It’s a miss.)

(Also – Thrak is too laden with equipment now. I’ll assume that he’ll drop his chains for the fullblade, leaving the last vestiges of his bondage at the slaver stockade on the ground.)

Thrakazog smells his opponent’s fear and fires his last shot, but senses nothing that suggests that the bullet hit.

Meanwhile, Sikich climbs up the ladder (just as Thrak shoots!) and orders the surrendering mongo to lay down.

(DC 15 Charisma check by Sikich is 13 +10 -8 = 15; after a moment of hesitation, the mongoliant complies with your slurred request. Thats 125 XP for each PC, plus 25 XP to Sikich. Sikich makes sure to keep the energy pike off when using it to cut a strip from the mongo’s rag-tag military uniform – he wants him immobile, not dead!)

Sikich kneels on his back and uses the edge of his energy pike to cut a long strip of cloth from the mongo’s clothes, which he uses to bind his arms behind his back. The mongoliant alternates between begging for mercy and praising the capabilities of your group in an obvious attempt to curry favour.

Sikich ignores him and scurries around the roof, picking up the pistol and ammunition, plus any other supplies that the mongo artillery men were using. Next, he steps forward and mans the big gun, swinging it around to scan the battlefield. Finally, when he realizes that the rest of the hostiles are down, he jumps up and down pumping his fists and yelling, “Yeeessss! Yeeessss! Ha ha ha ha!”

(The mongo’s pistol is large and clunky – it looks like it packs quite a punch. It seems to take a different caliber than most of the other weapons used by the mongoliants. Sikich scrounges a single box of ammo with seven bullets from his captive.)

(Sikich can read the Ancient words printed on the artillery piece – they read ‘G-55 Gauss Cannon’. Six cannon needles remain in the ammo crate beside the cannon. The cannon is hooked up to some kind of power device; it’s about the size of a suitcase and says ‘K-Tel Fusion Generator’ on the side. There’s also an oversized deck of playing cards and assorted meat jerky of dubious origin on the building roof.)

(Well, you’ve got yourself a mongoliant captive now. What are your plans for him?)

On the ground, Thrak picks up the fullblade (leaving his chains behind as well as the polearm), and heads towards the rest of the group to catch up on what’s going on. Exhaustion is starting to set in (for everyone, presumably), and the group needs to rest and recover from the many and varied wounds that have been received. Plus, a few formal introductions need to be made, especially if any significant level of trust is to be gained, although, to be fair, shared battle does a lot of that on its own.

An Eerie Calm

After making a killing blow against his former tormentors, Soggul is filled with mirth. “Victory!” He clangs his pike against his shield causing a single sharp noise to fill the air. “We are free and we have these fine people to thank!” He gestures to the party, showing the other former slaves they owe their freedom and fealty to the group who took on Lord Sogor… and defeated him.

The three-armed mutant walks over to Jumrak, smiling the whole time. “Victory is ours today friend!” Even now, after combat is over, Soggul still shouts the words. “What should we do now?”

“Yes, victory is ours!” Jumrak proclaims. “Perfect time to get out of here and back to our hideout.”

“Hideout?” wonders Soggul.

Meanwhile, Vash crouches down near the palisade gates, collecting some of the salvageable gear. He unslings his back pack and starts collecting some of the food packs. A nice place to stay, water, food. This city might be something they can use. He will have to research it more later. He lifts up the recharger and blinks in surprise. He looks around quickly before shoving it in the pack. “I have some food packs. I’ll see what else I can find.” (Does he grab the plastex riot shield too?)

An eerie calm has fallen over the battlefield, sending a shiver up Vash’s spine, and he joins the others.

Back near the arena, Kronic moves from cover and greets Thrakazog, who is wandering towards him. He explains to the glowing mutant the current situation and the duo rejoin the rest of the group along the roadway. Surveying the battlefield, Kronic suggests that they should go get some of the boats to get off this island and back to the apartment on the water. “Perhaps someone should stay here and loot this area, while a couple of us get the boats over to us?” he says.

Vash looks towards Kronic, nodding agreement.

Cobb would prefer to snag some of the gear from within the arena before leaving, but acquiesces to the party.

Sensing a group consensus, Soggul tosses his shield and weapons to the ground. “I will scout the water for us friends. You won’t find a better swimmer than Soggul!” With that, he begins to scan the area with a trained eye, moving forward towards the water. (+25 XP to Soggul for offering his services.)

Jumrak greatly appreciates Soggul’s initiative towards checking out the water “I’ll cover you while you’re checking out the water.” says Jumrak “Although I’ll admit my sight is a bit lacking.” I’d like to get out of here before those in the arena decide to survey the damage. “If we can get the boat, or maybe a few boats, ready to go, it will be better for the others who have some time before they can get here.” I can’t quite tell where everyone is, but I’m assuming we’ve got the jump on them.

All around you, amongst the rubble, mongoliants and humanoid ex-captives watch in silence. Their eyes stare at you expectantly. A few of the braver mongoliants start to move slowly in the direction of the arena, trying to avoid detection by creeping slowly along…

(What of the ex-captives? And the mongo ‘civilians’? There are no more hostile foes, but you’re far from alone on the battlefield…)

(While Soggul and Jumrak head to the docks, I assume that the rest of you will spend some time scavenging about and getting to know one another – unless you decide otherwise.)

Amphibious Survey

As Soggul and Jumrak make their way to the water, they notify Sikich of their plans. The lanky mutant has perched himself on the artillery. In addition to keeping an eye on his captive, Sikich has spent the past few moments inspecting the gauss cannon in more detail.

(The GM rolls a ‘Use Technology’ Intellect check for Sikich. The roll is 11 +10 = 21; pretty good. The cannon is perched atop a swivel mount that can be rotated by turning a crank. A gunner sitting at the cannon can aim and fire only within a small arc without a second gunner to do the cranking. The ammo needles are quite heavy and also require someone to load them before firing. The whole device is extremely heavy and won’t be moved without some serious tools.)

(However, Sikich figures that he could fire the cannon with the support of a few strong allies. The range is pretty awesome. Another 25 XP to Sikich.)

Soggul and Jumrak reach the shores of the mongoliant ‘island’. It appears that the water between your current location and the docks is shallow enough that you’ll be able to wade across without getting your more delicate equipment wet. The duo take a moment to strip off non-waterproof gear, then begin wading across.

(Jumrak can’t see too well, so Soggul uses his ‘Scav Scan’ ability and makes a Perception roll. Result is 8 +1 = 9; not too stellar. You don’t notice anything too interesting.)

The two make their way easily to the docks. The murky water is less than thigh-deep close to the stadium wall, and the ground seems to be level. The docks still bear the damage from the gauss cannon during your previous engagement, but your little rowboat as well as the larger mongoliant longboats still float nearby.

Adrenaline from the battle still courses through your veins. The Lost City remains strangely silent, making you jittery. Working quickly, you choose one of the larger vessels, Soggul and Jumrak grab some oars and begin rowing back to their companions…

What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “37 – An Eerie Calm”

  1. Sikich nods his head in understanding as Soggul and Jumrak tell him their plan to recover a boat. “Goood!” he says encouragingly as he smiles more toothily than Soggul and Jumrak have have probably ever seen.

    While he waits, he inspects the cannon appreciatively, learning how to operate it. “Niiiiice,” he says in approval.

    Then he hops down and kneels beside his mongo prisoner. “Heeeey, Yoooou,” he begins, “Teeell meee sooomethiiing tooo sssspaare yooour liiiife.”

    Sikich stands up and grabs the energy pike, sliding it under the mongo’s chest. Then, pressing his knee down on his back, he continues.

    “AAAAlll Iiii haaaave too dooo,” he says, “iiiis ssswiiiitch thiiiis on aaaand yoooou wiilll beeee iiin veeery muuchh paaiin. Maaaybee eeeven diieee.

    “Nooow, Iiii waaaant tooo beee niiice. Sooo teell mee somethiiing. Liiiike, wheeere iiis yooour treeasuure? Hooow maaany ooof yooou wiiil cooome aaafteer uuussss?”

  2. “Lord Sogor!” mutters the mongoliant. “Sogor will avenge!”

    (You realize he probably doesn’t know the events that occurred inside the arena.)

    “And colonel Mraag! Mraag too!” he says quickly. The mongoliant glances at his fingers; you note an extra digit on each hand. “They would lead the twelve chosen warriors!”

    Now does he really mean twelve, or is that just as high as he can count, given the number of fingers he has?

    About a dozen officers does correspond to the number of trained and loyal soldiers that Sikich saw amongst Sogor’s ‘elite’ troops. Of course, recent events have eliminated close to that number…

  3. “oookaaay,” Sikich says, “Iiii woon’t kiiiil yooou,” Sikich says. Then he moves to the edge of the roof and calls out to the others.

    “Heeey! Caan Ssssomeooone cooome heeere? Weee haaave a moongooo priiiisooner. Weee haave to moooove hiiim.”

  4. Vash looks at the shield and tries to sling into his back, seeing how much actually can go on his back. He gathers as much food as he can before looking one more time for anything might be useful before gathering the others. “What shall we do about this poor slaves? Maybe there are more buildings are usuable? We can link them together, form a useful community?” He offers before going back to looking to see if there is anymore tech out there.

  5. Soggul smiles. “We have boats enough to travel. Let’s go back to the group to let them know.” The big, scarred man starts moving back towards the shore, shaking when he exits the water. “I used to swim a lot when I was younger. Was one of my favorite things to do.” He looks to Jumrak and his face shows that he wishes he could be back where he came from again.

    When returning to the group, he sees the shield strapped to Vash’s back. He looks to his shield and smirks. Perhaps the three-armed man would ask once he knew the man’s name. “What do we do now? These are good men,” Soggul said while gesturing to the once-prisoners, “and owe you a debt of gratitude. These,” indicating the mongoliants, “are nothing more than butchers and demons. They should be rounded up and slaughtered like the animals they are.” He spits on the ground in the direction of the one Sikich is holding.

  6. Vash turns and looks to Soggul before offering his hand to him. “Thanks for the help. I’m Vash. Have you meet the others?” He asks. He pauses before offering the shield. “I think you could use this better than I can.” He says before spotting the Sniper’s Laser Rifle. “And I think I can use this.” He says with a smile. He nods to the new person. “I agree. As a group, we can survive better.” He looks to the former artillery piece and to Sikich who is yelling. “Anything up there salvagable? Maybe we can take it too?” He turns back to Soggul about the Mongos. “Maybe we can get some useful information out of them? You mind give him a hand?”

  7. The three-armed man bows as he is given the shield. “See, our saviors are kind!” He replaces his shield and gives his old one to one of the former prisoners. “We should follow them as they found the courage to fight against our tormentors!” Soggul continues to try and encourage his former cellmates into joining the cause. After he makes his speech he grips Vash’s shoulder and smiles. “Wish this shield, I will guard you from the blows of your enemies.”

    When asked about questioning the mongoliants, Soggul smiles. “It would be my pleasure…” The scarred man heads towards the mutants that ruined his body with the torture they put them through. Knowing they could not understand him, but they could understand Sikich, the three-armed man would assist by killing or hurting any who gave the fork-tongued mutant an answer other than the one he desired. Soggul looked to Sikich and smiled. “Let us begin the interrogation…” Again, the smile twisted cruelly and Soggul waved the Energy Pike with warning.

  8. Sikich listens to the others talk below him from the roof. When Vash asks about possibly salvaging some equipment, he replies, “Theee guuunn miiiight gooo, buut iiit wooulld taake maaaneeee tooools tooo freeee.”

    When the three-armed man comes up to the roof to help with the prisoner, Sikich says, “heee doo nooot seeem tooo knooow muuch. Heee saay thaaat Sooogar, Mraag, and tweelve moongooo guaards wiiil attaaaack uuus noow. Buut Iiii thiiiink weee kiiiled theem alreeaadeee, riiight?” Sikich screws his face up in an expression of worried puzzlement as he asks this last question.

  9. Vash gives a smile to Soggul. “Well, I can’t use the shield, so I figure you can use it better. And in a world like this, you need to be able to help others.” He smiles for a moment, remembering how he use to help his village…well until. The last thoughts steal the smile. He sighs and turns towards Sikich. “Right, I’ll come up and have a look.” He moves to climb the turret to get a look at the gun, seeing if it can be removed. He does look at the power source in surprise. “This definitely might be useful.”

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