36 – Surrender!

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(Thrakazog and Sikich are inside the building with the artillery cannon on the roof (Map Area #2); Kronic is still behind cover near the arena (near Map Area #3); Vash has ventured into the open along the roadway; and Soggul, Jumrak and Cobb are in melee with the rubble-armed mongo. The only other hostile mongos remaining are the artillery gunners atop their building (Map Area #2). There are also the ex-captives and mongo civilians cowering amongst the rubble.)

(The PCs are on Initiative count 19, the artillery gunners are on 18, the other mongo guards are on 13, while the NPC captives and mongo civilians will act on 6.)

Artillery Collapse

Stadium Map

Sikich bounces backward off the wall of the small room in his effort to dodge the bullet shot at him. “Daamm Yooou!!!” He calls up to his opponents (in Gutterspeak). “Ffor thaat, I wiill kiiill yoou sssslooowleee!” Continuing his taunt, he yells, “Cooome doown heeere aaand fiight meeee!” Then, Sikich takes up another position from which he can jab his polearm at the head of the first mongo who comes into view through the hole.

(Sikich holds an action to strike the first mongo within range of his energy pike.)

Sensing his companion’s annoyance, Thrakazog thinks a new tactic is called for. He signals to Sikich that he’ll quietly and quickly make his way back outside in order to present a two-pronged attack against the mongos on the roof of the low building. Thrak intends to retrieve his polearm and renew the initial attack that seemed to work so well before the stalemate inside started.

(Sikich barely notices Thrak leaving the room, giving the man only the barest nod of his head in acknowledgment – a gesture that Thrak cannot see.)

Hoping that Sikich understands what he intends, Thrak matches the slimmer mutants annoyed tone of voice, trying to lull the mongos into a sense that their attackers are distracted by a battle for leadership. “Oh, shut up already! I know I hit him that time,” Thrak says as he starts backing out the way they came in. “If you didn’t see that then stick your scrawny head up there and lure him out so I can pop him again!”

(Unfortunately, the attempt at trickery fails since Thrak speaks only Unislang, and these mongos only understand Gutterspeak.)

Trying to be quick about attacking again from outside, Thrak keeps in mind that if the polearm won’t reach for an attack on the mongos on the roof, he still has his pistol in his hand, and he’ll pick the weapon most likely to strike true. If he sees an opportunity to call Sikich up through the ladder to attack from below (assuming Thrak distracts both the mongos), he’ll shout as loud as he can for his new friend to scurry up and strike.

The mongoliants on the roof are too distant for Thrak to use his polearm if he were to retrieve it (it’s too far away right now), so he instead relies on his keen nose to point his revolver in (more or less) the right direction.

(Thrak rolls 12 +3 = 15 on the Attack, and 58% on the concealment check; a hit! The fullblade-wielding mongoliant is hit for 8 points of damage and is downed! That’s 125 XP for everyone +25 XP to Thrak. There’s only 1 bullet left in the revolver.)

The pungent odour of mongoliant is enough to guide Thrakazog’s hand. (Lucky mutant!) The brute wasn’t expecting a shot from outside the building, and the bullet pierces his vitals. He goes down with an odd gurgling noise; the fullblade falls from his grip atop the building and lands at Thrakazog’s feet. Only one of the artillery gunners remains…

…and upon seeing his companion fall to Thrak’s shot, he drops his pistol and raises his hands in a gesture of surrender.

(The gesture is totally lost on Thrakazog, of course, in the darkness. Sikich sees the surrender; the foe is out of range of his polearm and he loses his held action.)

Final Victory

Startled by the mongoliant laying at his feet, Cobb hops back a step and spears him again for good measure, hoping that is enough to finish the tough mongo off.

(Automatic coup-de-grace. Cobb finishes off the dying mongoliant.)

Mutant Mongoliant

Meanwhile, Soggul feels the rush of fear surge through his body as he is knocked to the ground. He sees the rubble coming for his head at the last moment and rolls out of the way at the last moment. Time seemed to slow again as thoughts of another close brush with death flood his mind. “No!” He said the word as if he was a child trying to keep his parents from disciplining him.

“NO!” He shook his head and shouted the word again, but this time with more conviction. Soggul swung the weapon in a low arc while laying prone on the ground, aiming for the back of the Mongoliant’s ankle. He hoped this would either trip the beast or bite deeply into its flesh.

(Soggul gets a -2 to the Attack roll since he’s still on the ground; roll is 12 -2 = 10; not good enough.)

The swing misses, and the scarred three-armed warrior begins to bring himself up from his precarious position, protecting himself with his shield as he did. A slight tremor began to show as the combat began to wear on Soggul’s shaky nerves.

Jumrak covers Soggul as the mutant rises to his feet, then brings his axe down hard on the misguided creature trying to bludgeon his three-armed ally.

(The roll is 13 +5 = 18; a hit for 11 +3 +1 = 15 damage. I was forgetting to apply Jumrak’s ‘Tech Foe’ bonus to previous hits…)

Jumrak calls upon all the might of his gods to augment his strength to battle these evil foes. “We will prevail!” he shouts. “If I can just keep fighting, I know we will get out of here!”

This mongoliant has had enough. He drops his chunk of rubble and turns to run.

(Free attacks from Jumrak and Soggul as the mongo withdraws from melee range. Jumrak gets 4 +5 =9; a miss. Soggul rolls 19! A crit for 12 damage + 4 subdual. The mongoliant falls; 150 XP to everyone + 25 XP to Soggul.)

“Curse you, barbarians!” shouts the mongo as he attempts to flee. Jumrak isn’t quick enough with his axe to catch his foe, but Soggul reaches with his pike and catches his former tormentor in the spine! With a loud “ZAP!”, the mongoliant stiffens for a moment then falls unconscious to the ground.

In the distance, Kronic cheers his allies, but remains safely behind cover.

With the way clear, Vash raises from behind his cover and proceed slowly forward towards the gate, his rifle ready. Along the way, he attempts to procure a few gates from the down Mongos. “Okay, where is everyone else?” He keeps the newly freed covered, knowing they probably open the gate and run.

(There was a fair amount of supplies laid crudely about near the palisade gates. Much of it was ruined in the grenade blast, but Vash spots the sniper’s laser rifle and an intact plastex riot shield; there are also a lot of ‘ready-to-eat’ power meals here with intact packaging. Of greatest interest to the savant, however, are the energy clips plugged into a device that looks suspiciously like a charging device… Has it been damaged?)

You’ve cleared the entire area of hostile foes (though you still have one surrendering mongoliant to deal with)! The mongo civilians and humanoid ex-captives remain silent behind cover, waiting to see what happens next…

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “36 – Surrender!”

  1. We should go get some of the boats to get off this island and back to our apartment on the water. Someone should stay here and loot this area, while a couple of us get the boats over here maybe?

  2. (Looking towards the docks, it appears that the water is shallow enough that you’ll be able to wade across without getting your more delicate equipment wet. Of course, someone will have to test that… and who knows what defenses the mongoliants have placed in the water.)

    (The other option is to go back through the arena – and hope the citadel snipers don’t get you. Cobb reminds the party that there is some loot still scattered around the arena. In particular, the beltpack that he scavenged from Lord Sogor was connected to some sort of ‘vest’ that you didn’t have time to swipe. He’s got a suspicion that Sogor’s ‘energy shield’ requires both the beltpack and the vest.)

  3. Thrakazog is unable to see what’s going on closer to the pallisade gates, and his slender companion is still (probably) inside the artillery building. Seeing the fullblade fall at his feet (with an inner grin, considering how adept he is with one), Thrak trains his senses on what he knows to be the last standing mongo on the roof of the building. He wants to make the remaining bullet count, so if there is nothing else that will interfere with his assumption that the mongo presents a threat, Thrak will take the shot.

    After that, he wants to pick up the fullblade, leave the too-long polearm where it is, and rejoin the rest of the group nearer the gates to catch up on what’s going on. Exhaustion is starting to set in (for everyone, presumably), and we all need to rest and recover from the many and varied wounds that have been received. Plus, a few formal introductions need to be made, especially if any significant level of trust is to be gained, although, to be fair, shared battle does a lot of that on its own.

  4. After making a killing blow against his former tormentors, and being out of combat, Soggul is filled with mirth. “Victory!” He clangs his pike against his shield causing a single sharp noise to fill the air. “We are free and we have these fine people to thank!” He gestures to the party, showing the other former slaves they owe their freedom and fealty to the group who took on Lord Sogor… and defeated him.

    The three-armed mutant walks over to Jumrak, smiling the whole time. “Victory is ours today friend!” Even now, after combat is over, Soggul still shouts the words. “What should we do now?”

    When the issue about checking out the water is brought up, Soggul tosses his shield and weapons to the ground. “I will scout the water for us friends. You won’t find a better swimmer than Soggul!” With that, he begins to scan the area with a trained eye, moving forward towards the water.

  5. When Sikich sees the mongo on the roof drop his weapon and raise his arms in surrender, he climbs as quickly as he can up the ladder and orders the mongo to lay down. There, Sikich kneels on his back and uses the edge of his energy pike to cut a long strip of cloth from the mongo’s clothes, which he uses to bind his arms behind his back.

    Then he scurries around the roof, picking up the pistol and ammunition, plus any other supplies that the mongo artillery men were using. Next, he steps forward and mans the big gun, swinging it around to scan the battlefield. Finally, when he realizes that the rest of the hostiles are down, he jumps up and down pumping his fists and yelling, “Yeeessss! Yeeessss! Ha ha ha ha!”

  6. Vash crouches down, collecting some of the salvageable gear. He unslings his back pack and starts collecting some of the food packs. He looks towards Kronic, nodding. A nice place to stay, water, food. This city might be something they can use. He will have to research it more later. He lifts up the recharger and blinks in surprise. He looks around quickly before shoving it in the pack. “I have some food packs. I’ll see what else I can find.” He finally answers the man.

  7. “Yes, victory is ours!” I proclaim. “Perfect time to get out of here and back to our hideout.” Soggul’s initiative towards checking out the water is greatly appreciated. Towards Soggul, “I’ll cover you while you’re checking out the water. Although I’ll admit my sight is a bit lacking.” I’d like to get out of here before those in the arena decide to survey the damage. “If we can get the boat, or maybe a few boats, ready to go, it will be better for the others who have some time before they can get here.” I can’t quite tell where everyone is, but I’m assuming we’ve got the jump on them.

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