35 – Slow Work

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(Thrakazog and Sikich are inside the building with the artillery cannon on the roof (Map Area #2); Kronic and Vash are still taking cover behind various pieces of rubble near the arena (near Map Area #3); while Soggul, Jumrak and Cobb are in melee with the greatclub and rubble-armed mongos along the roadway. The sole laser-armed sniper stays behind cover near the palisade gates (Map Area #1), and the artillery gunners are atop their building (Map Area #2). And there are also the ex-captives and mongo civilians cowering amongst the rubble.)

(The PCs are on Initiative count 19, the artillery gunners are on 18, the other mongo guards are on 13, while the NPC captives and mongo civilians will act on 6.)

Melee Onslaught

Stadium Map

Not appreciating the way the greatclub-wielding mongo hurt our new ally, Jumrak brings his axe down on him as hard as he can. Jumrak is really hoping to get a chance to recover some time soon, as he’s starting to feel a bit beat up. Jumrak wasn’t sure about my armour before – it’s likely some kind of damned concoction of the Ancients – but it’s saved my butt here! We need to soldier on towards the opening in the wall…

(Jumrak attacks with a natural 20! Damage is 11 +6 = 17 points! He takes out the mongo; 150 XP for everyone, plus an additional 25 XP to Jumrak.)

Since he can’t seem to get around greatclub, Jumrak goes through with his axe! The mighty outlander hacks the giant mutant down and proceeds towards the palisade gates… but is blocked this time by the rubble-armed freak.

Soggul reels from the greatclub hit. The blow from that wicked, but simple weapon rattled through Soggul’s bones with a wave vibration that made him second guess himself. He instinctively took a step back, worried about making another strike and the consequences of that action.

However, one of the brave warriors that rescued him charged forward again, gritting his teeth and swung his axe again. He did not give up the fight. In fact, it seemed as he was fighting more intensely now. Why? How? Where did this man get his strength. The fighting spirit from Jumrak flowed through the three-armed man’s heart, forcing him to swallow his fears and make another attempt at combat.

After Jumrak downs the first mongoliant with his axe, Soggul rushes forward to the next foe. Feigning a strike with the lance, he instead charges forward with his shield. He attempts to bowl the large mutant over (though Soggul was unsure if he had enough muscle to do so). “ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!” The loud growl was intended to be fierce, but it squeaked in the beginning just like a teenager going through puberty.

(I assume Soggul will proceed to the next foe now that greatclub is down. I’ll treat Soggul’s feint with the lance as a DC 15 Charisma check, with a +2 on the Attack if successful. Charisma check is 5 +1 =6; no luck. The shield bash is a natural 20, though! 8 points of damage, and an opposed Strength check to knock him prone. Soggul’s roll is 18 +3 = 21; mongoliant’s is another natural 20! Soggul is knocked prone instead! +10 XP for the attempt, though.)

(The dice are smoking tonight!)

The mongoliant laughs as Soggul’s ‘mighty shout’ ends in a squeak and badly underestimates his foe’s deadly intent! Soggul rams into the mongo, who is momentarily winded – but the brave mutant is then pushed down by the powerful brute, who mutters “Down, slave!” (in Gutterspeak).

The creature raises his chunk of rubble above his head then brings it down on Soggul (attack roll is a 2 +5 =7), but the mutant rolls to the side and avoids the hit.

Grenades & Guns

Back at the corpse of the greataxe-wielding guard, Cobb reaches down to the dead mongoliant’s holster to survey the remaining grenade. Hefting the final one, he yanks out the pin and immediately hurls it in the direction of the palisade guard. It’s only after throwing the grenade that Cobb notices the mongoliant ‘corpse’ twitching – he’s not dead yet!

(There was only a single grenade remaining. Cobb’s throw is 17 +2 = 19. It falls adjacent to the laser-armed sniper, who rolls a 9 +1 = 10 on his Agility saving throw. Not good enough; he suffers the full 21 points of damage!)

The grenade flies from Cobb’s unsteady hand in an arc high and true, and detonates on impact – catching the surprised mongoliant in the blast! Another blast wave shudders the battlefield, and a cloud of smoke rises above the palisade. The wounded sniper makes a dash to a more secure location…

A few of the mongo civilians were also caught in the blast radius. The survivors run screaming curses at the “manling devils” and seek safer cover.

Vash remains low in his cover, turning back around to take the time to load another shot into the muzzle. By the time the grenade is thrown, the gun is ready and he brings it back up to aim for the guard.

(Vash’s attack is 19 +2 = 21! The GM switches to a less lucky d20 for the players. Damage is 11. Bloody hell; all these dice are in your favour today. 150 XP to everyone, plus an additional 25 XP to Vash.)

“Headshot!” yells the tech-savant as he takes out the final mongoliant sniper. Now that those who can take shots at him are down, Vash can finally venture out and grab up what they’ve left behind.

Kronic peeks from behind his cover as well; one last mongoliant and the path to the palisade gates has been cleared!

In a Dark Room

Meanwhile, back in the artillery shack… “I hit him!” says Thrakazog, mistaking Sikich’s psionic bolt for his own shot.

“Hssssss!” Sikich says with an irritated snarl. “It’s wassss meeee! You verily skwaatched the mongooo witthhh your gunnn.”

Glancing quickly back up through the hole in the roof, he adds, “Curssess! Thhey liive ssstilll. Sshooot agaain wheen IIII Sssaaay.”

Sikich continues to hold his action, this time waiting to strike a head with his energy pike. Then a massive blast erupts from outside, and Sikich sees a shadow moving above in response. He readies his pike he whispers “Now!” to Thrakazog…

(The pistol-armed mongo had a held action to shoot at the first person he sees below. This time it’s Sikich; the mongo’s attack roll is 13 -2 = 11, a miss. Sikich rolls 13 -5 = 7, a miss. And Thrakazog rolls 11 +3 = 14 on the attack and 86% on the concealment chance; a hit! Damage is 5 points.)

…Sikich barely dodges aside as the mongoliant fires down at him, ruining his pike attack. The mongo’s bullet glances off metal studs on his armour! The sound of the shot above is enough to allow Thrakazog to aim, and he lodges a bullet in the artillery gunner!

“Did I hit him?” asks Thrak.

“Nnno.” lies Sikich, annoyed again. “I hhhhits hhim.”

The mongoliants above are both wounded, but this is slow work!

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “35 – Slow Work”

  1. With the way clear, Vash raises from behind his cover and proceed slowly forward towards the gate, his rifle ready. Along the way, he attempts to procure a few gates from the down Mongos. “Okay, where is everyone else?” He keeps the newly freed cover, knowing they probably open the gate and run.

  2. (Whoops; I slmost forgot about the boulder-armed mongo that’s still threatening Soggul. The way isn’t *completely* clear; I’ve edited the post slightly to make this more obvious.)

    (Vash could still proceed with this action, though, as long as he stays out of melee range of the remaining guard.)

  3. Startled by the mongoliant laying at his geat, Cobb hops back a step and spears him again for good measure, hoping that is enough to finish the tough mongoliant off.

  4. Soggul feels the rush of fear surge through his body as he is knocked to the ground. He sees the rubble coming for his head at the last moment and rolls out of the way at the last moment. Time seemed to slow again as thoughts of another close brush with death flood his mind. “No!” He said the word as if he was a child trying to keep his parents from disciplining him.

    “NO!” He shook his head and shouted the word again, but this time with more conviction. Soggul swung the weapon in a low arc while laying prone on the ground, aiming for the back of the Mongoliant’s ankle. He hoped this would either trip the beast or bite deeply into its flesh.

    After making the swing, the scarred three-armed warrior began to bring himself up from his precarious position, protecting himself with his shield as he did. A slight tremor began to show as the combat began to wear on Soggul’s shaky nerves.

  5. Sensing his companion’s annoyance, Thrakazog thinks a new tactic is called for. He signals to Sikich that he’ll quietly and quickly make his way back outside in order to present a two-pronged attack against the mongos on the roof of the low building. Thrak intends to retrieve his polearm and renew the initial attack that seemed to work so well before the stalemate inside started.

    Hoping that Sikich understands what he intends, Thrak matches the slimmer mutants annoyed tone of voice, trying to lull the mongos into a sense that their attackers are distracted by a battle for leadership. “Oh, shut up already! I know I hit him that time,” Thrak says as he starts backing out the way they came in. “If you didn’t see that then stick your scrawny head up there and lure him out so I can pop him again!”

    Trying to be quick about attacking again from outside, Thrak keeps in mind that if the polearm won’t reach for an attack on the mongos on the roof, he still has his pistol in his hand, and he’ll pick the weapon most likely to strike true. If he sees an opportunity to call Sikich up through the ladder to attack from below (assuming Thrak distracts both the mongos), he’ll shout as loud as he can for his new friend to scurry up and strike.

  6. Sikich bounces backward off the wall of the small room in his effort to dodge the bullet shot at him. “Daamm Yooou!!!” He calls up to his opponents. “Ffor thaat, I wiill kiiill yoou sssslooowleee!” Continuing his taunt, he yells, “Cooome doown heeere aaand fiight meeee!” Then, Sikich takes up another position from which he can jab his polearm at the head of the first mongo who comes into view through the hole. He barely notices Thrak leaving the room, giving the man only the barest nod of his head in acknowledgment (a gesture that Thrak cannot see, no doubt).

  7. If I can just keep fighting, I know we will get out of here! I will call upon all the might of the gods to augment my strength to battle these evil foes. I will bring my axe down hard on this misguided creature trying to bludgeon our three-armed ally. We will prevail!

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