34 – Fragmentation

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(Thrakazog and Sikich are inside the building with the artillery cannon on the roof (Map Area #2); Cobb, Kronic, and Vash are still taking cover behind rubble outside the arena (near Map Area #3); while Soggul and Jumrak are in melee with the greatclub and greataxe mongos along the roadway. There are still some stunned humanoids on the road too, though many ex-captives have joined the cowering mongo civilians amongst the rubble. There are two mongoliants firing from cover near the palisade gates (Map Area #1), and the artillery gunners remain atop their building (Map Area #2).)

(The PCs are on Initiative count 19, the artillery gunners are on 18, the other mongo guards are on 13, while the NPC captives and mongo civilians will act on 6 – though by this point I’m going to be rather loose with the Initiative order.)

Artillery Assault

Stadium Map

(To recap: Sikich and Thrakazog are within a simple concrete building (Map Area #2), perhaps used for storage before the Fall. The structure is dark, with very little light filtering in through the single window and doorway – though Thrak’s glow provides some illumination. There is a single sturdy ladder inside, ascending through a hatch in the ceiling that provides access to the artillery cannon above. On the roof, the one gunner clutches at an incongruously small pistol, while the other (wounded) mongoliant holds a much larger sword.)

After leaping aside into the shack to avoid a pistol shot from above, Sikich steps gangily to the side of the ladder, pole arm in hands. He positions himself there, out of a direct line of sight, but ready to strike at whichever mongo sticks his head out first to look into the room.

(Sikich holds his attack action, waiting to use his kinetic blast psionic power.)

Thrakazog holds a revolver in one hand, a heavy wrench in the other. “Damn it, Slim!” he mutters. “I can smell them up there, but I can’t see a damned thing!” He sniffs, trying to pinpoint his opponents, and raises his firearm. “You gotta tell me when to shoot…”

(Thrak also holds his action, waiting for Sikich’s order. He’ll still have a 50% chance of missing even on a good attack roll since he’s effectively shooting blind, but Thrak figures it’s still worth a shot.)

(Also – I’m going to go out of Initiative order here and resolve the artillery gunners’ attacks now.)

While the swordsman (swordsmutant?) waits to decapitate the first person to climb the ladder to the roof (held action), the ham-fisted pistoleer leans into the opening to fire at the glowing mutant below…

“Sssssshoot!” whispers Sikich as the mongoliant’s head appears silhouetted in the hatch above, then lashes out with his mind.

(The PCs’ held actions take effect. Sikich’s rolls 17 on his kinetic blast, a hit for 7. +10 XP for successful use of his mutant power. Thrak’s shot is 12 +3 = 15; a possible hit… percentile check for his night blindness: 75%. It does hit, but for only 3 damage.)

The mongoliant fires, then utters a stream of obscenities. (Roll is 2 -2 = 0.) He is so stunned by the wave of force that pulses through him that the shot ricochets off the roof; he’s assumed that the kinetic blast is the gunshot and doesn’t even notice Thrak’s glancing bullet!

“I hit him!” says Thrakazog, who also assumes the mongoliant’s reaction was due to his shot.

Along the Roadway

(Meanwhile, Soggul and Jumrak stand along the roadway, halfway between the stadium (Map Area #3) and the palisade gates (Map Area #1). Behind them stand a gaggle of stunned humanoids, their brains reeling from a brutal psionic assault. Ahead stand two mongoliant guards, one armed with a greatclub and the other with a greataxe. The greataxe-wielder appears to be in a state of shock from the death of the mentalist mongo, whose body lies at Jumrak’s feet.)

The three-armed Soggul breathes heavily as he enters combat. He looks like he is charging ahead forcefully, but his eyes tell a different story. They told of the fear that was in his heart and the fact that being forced into fighting, yet again, discomforted him. However, seeing Jumrak charge forward bolstered Soggul for a brief moment; enough to force him into melee combat.

Gripping the energy pike with two hands on one side and the lone arm holding a small shield on his left, he follows the other outlander’s strike with one of his own. Secretly, Soggul hoped that the weapon’s longer range would keep the foe at bay as Jumrak was able to hack him apart with his axe.

(Soggul attacks the greataxe mongoliant; roll is 15. It’s a hit for 6 +3 = 9 regular damage *plus* 6 subdual damage!)

The stunned mongoliant stands inert as Soggul lances him. Though grievously wounded, he simply holds the greataxe loosely in his deformed hands and looks with horror upon the corpse of the fallen mentalist mongoliant. “Brother?” he whispers (in Gutterspeak).

His hand reaches towards a grenade in the holster at his chest…

Not hearing him – and realizing the significance of his action – Soggul yells: “F-Freedom is at hand! We n-need to push… to push on-onward!” The stuttered words were said loudly, but in a flat tone that showed the three-armed man’s uncertainty. In his mind, Soggul only wanted to be out of this chaos as soon as possible. (+25 XP for the in-character description.)

Jumrak thanks the gods that his armour blocked what originally looked to be a lethal blow (last round) and swings again at his foe…

(Ouch; a 2 +5 = 7 on the attack roll. Miss.)

…but the mongoliant will not be caught unaware this time!

A look of grim vengeance is in his (many) eyes as he pulls the pin on the grenade…

Sitting Ducks

(Cobb, Kronic, and Vash have remained behind cover (near Map Area #3) – hiding behind a low rubble wall and taking shots at their foes. Kronic is confused by his new high-tech toy, while Cobb and Vash have gotten a few good shots in.)

“Cursed Techno Junk!!” Kronic spits. He shoulders the laser gun and goes back to his trusty smoke powder rifle. He takes careful aim again at the Mongos firing from the palisade gates. (He feels much shame for not charging into combat with his claws but in his current state he fears he is no match even for a ranged armed mongo… “Survival first.” thinks the practical pit-fighter.)

Keeping his head low to avoid being hit, Vash looks to Kronic and his trouble with the his laser. He offers his own rifle to trade. “I might get it to work. Here, use mine until then. I don’t have many shot left.” He offers. But the self-absorbed Kronic is already aiming with his own gun…

(Kronic’s tries again for the laser-armed mongoliant. His attack roll is 19 +5 = 24; a hit for 6 damage. That’s Kronic’s last shot.)

Cobb has a similar ammo issue. “Damn, that’s my last shot.” he mutters. Cobb looks out onto the scene to survey the battle and decide where to make himself useful. Seeing the mongo reach for the grenade, Cobb alerts his friends in a low tone, “Heads up guys! That mongo’s got a grenade. Get ready to make a break for it.”

(“What was that?” asks Soggul. He thought he heard something.)

Peering carefully at the mongoliant, Cobb waits to see when he’ll throw – planning to charge out from behind cover and attack him at that time.

(Held action for a charge attack when (and if) the grenade leaves his hand. I assume Cobb will pull his spear out for the attack.)

With a covetous eyes, Vash still scrutinizes Kronic’s laser rifle and plasma pistol… “I can work the techno junk!” Vash reminds him, pointing to the blasters while trying to keep his head down. (“Why doesn’t he choose to wield the might of the Ancients?” wonders the techno-savant.)

Then Vash hears Cobb mention a grenade and looks back to the Mongos. Snapping alert, he checks to see if anything is being thrown…

(Held action to run like hell away from anything grenade-like. Probably a good idea.)

…and not surprisingly, he doesn’t like what he sees.

Mongoliant Response

The greatclub-wielding mongoliant guard swings at Soggul with his weapon. (Attack roll is 14 +8 = 22; a hit for 10 damage.) The mighty giant knocks Soggul’s shield aside and bludgeons the three-armed mutant!

Meanwhile, the other guard steps back a few steps and tosses his grenade towards his brother’s murderer!

(Okay, lots of held actions here. The grenade is aimed at Vash, attack roll is 3 +2 = 5. It misses, but it’s a fragmentation grenade and the blast radius is still pretty large. Base damage is 8 (a *very* low roll!). Agility saves for Cobb, Kronic, and Vash: Cobb gets 11 +9 = 20, Kronic gets 19 +9 = 28, while Vash gets 3 +9 = 12. Cobb takes no damage (evasion class ability), while the other PCs take 4 damage (due to cover in Kronic’s case, and distance in Vash’s case).)

(Meanwhile, both mongoliant snipers were holding actions to wait for targets to leave cover before firing! The laser rolls 6 -2 = 4 at Cobb and the sub-machinegun rolls 11 -2 = 9 at Vash. Two misses.)

As soon as the grenade leaves the mongoliant’s hand, Cobb and Vash bolt from cover, trying to run from the blast. Kronic just hunkers down behind his cover and prepares for the worst. With a tremendous “BOOM!”, the fragmentation grenade erupts. Vash and Kronic take some shrapnel, but Cobb manages to outrun the explosion. A few nameless mongo civilians are also caught by grenade and run screaming. The smell of burnt hair fills the air, and a black cloud rises above the battlefield.


While Vash takes cover behind another chunk of concrete, Cobb traverses the distance between him and his attacker, spear in hand!

(Cobb’s attack roll is 12 +2 +2 = 16. A hit for 6 damage, which is enough to bring him down. Another 150 XP apiece, +25 XP to Cobb for making it look easy.)

Mutant Mongoliant

Seeing the failure of his assault, the mongoliant crumples to the ground and proves an easy target for Cobb’s spear. The weapon ends the pathetic creature’s life.

One of the mongoliant snipers curses, “Damned tools of the Ancients!” (in Gutterspeak) and throws his weapon to the ground. (GM rolls a d20 in secret; the sub-machinegun is likely damaged.) Gripping a piece of rubble, he moves towards the roadway melee. (The one with the laser stays near the palisade gate.)

The grenade explosion was enough to shock the stunned humanoids back to their senses. They join their companions in taking cover amongst the rubble.

What are your actions?


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5 Responses to “34 – Fragmentation”

  1. Not appreciating the way the greatclub-wielding mongo hurt our new ally, I bring my axe down on him as hard as I can. I’m really hoping to get a chance to recover some time soon, I’m starting to feel a bit beat up. I wasn’t sure about my armour before, I think it’s some kind of damned ancients’ concoction, but it’s saved my butt here! We need to soldier on towards the opening in the wall…

  2. The hit from that wicked, but simple weapon rattled through Soggul’s bones with a wave vibration that made him second guess himself. He instinctively took a step back, worried about making another strike and the consequences of that action.

    However, one of the brave warriors that rescued him charged forward again, gritting his teeth and swung his axe again. He did not give up the fight. In fact, it seemed as he was fighting more intensely now. Why? How? Where did this man get his strength.

    The fighting spirit from Jumrak flowed through the three-armed man’s heart, forcing him to swallow his fears and make another attempt at combat. Immediately after Jumrak swung his axe, Soggul feigned like another strike with the lance was coming, but instead rushed forward with his shield. He attempted to bowl the large mutant over, though Soggul was unsure if he had enough muscle to do so. “ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!” The loud growl was intended to be fierce, but it squeaked in the beginning just like a teenager going through puberty.

  3. “Hssssss!” Sikich says with an irritated snarl. “It’s wassss meeee! You verily skwaatched the mongooo witthhh your gunnn.”

    Glancing quickly back up through the hole in the roof, he adds, “Curssess! Thhey liive ssstilll. Sshooot agaain wheen IIII Sssaaay.”

    Sikich continues to hold his action, this time waiting to strike a head with his energy pike.

  4. Cobb reaches down to the dead mongoliant’s holster to survey the remaining grenades. Hefting one, he yanks out the pin and hurls it in the direction of the palisade guards. If there are any more grenades, he’ll grab them up and make for cover again.

  5. Vash remains low in his cover, turning back around to take the time to load another shot into the muzzle. Once it is ready, he brings the gun back up and aim for the remaining snipers. Once those who can take shots at him are down, he can finally venture out and grab up what they leave behind.

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