33 – The Action Continues

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(Thrakazog and Sikich have moved to attack the artillery cannon (Map Area #2), while the other PCs (including Soggul) are still taking cover behind rubble outside the arena (near Map Area #3). The freed captives are standing along the roadway, either psionically stunned or shamelessly begging for mercy. Greatclub mongo is providing cover to mentalist mongo along the roadway, and have just been joined by greataxe mongo as well. There are two guards firing from cover near the palisade gates (Map Area #1), and the artillery gunners are panicking atop their building (Map Area #2). And there’s still all the civilian mongoes trying to stay out of trouble, hiding amongst the rubble.)

(The PCs are on Initiative count 19 (acting more-or-less in the order that your comments came in), the artillery gunners are on 18, the mongo guards (including mental mongo and friend) are on 13, and the NPC captives act on 6 – although all they seem to do is either drool or cower.)

Stadium Map

Cobb carefully loads his last shot into the rifle, glancing at three armed mutant. “You want to make yourself useful? How about taking out a few of the bad guys!” he yells, exasperated. “Start with those guys!” he says, gesturing towards the mentalist and his bodyguard. (A direct command is enough to kick in Soggul’s ‘Pack Mentality’ flaw. He’ll follow the suggestion from his new ‘friends’, though it’ll take a few seconds for him to respond.)

With the mongoliant blocking his shot on the mentalist, Cobb reloads and braces himself for his last shot, and takes aim on the laser wielding mongoliant that almost nailed Thrakazog, muttering to whatever spirits of luck might be watching. “Come on, come on, steady Cobb old boy…”

(It’s a tricky shot since the guards have taken cover. Attack roll is 16 +2 = 18. It’s a hit, even with the cover. Damage is 7 points. That’s his last bullet!)

While Cobb’s shot grazes the laser-wielding mongo, Kronic shouts: “THRAK!! keep on the attack!! I’ll pin those guys down!!”

Seeing the brave assault on the cannon run into a snag, Kronic then readies his laser rifle to fire at the first mongoliant palisade gunner to pop his head up. (Your laser rifle can’t do ‘continuous stream’ mode, but you can do the ‘held action’ and negate your foe’s cover.)

“Cobb, Vash…” Kronic whispers, “Keep on that thing over there but watch for grenades or a charge from axe boy!”

Vash reloads his musket and follows Kronic’s suggestion, trying to fire at the mentalist mongo again despite his cover. ‘If I miss,’ he figures ‘at least I’ll have a chance of hitting the brute with the greatclub.’

(Attack roll is a natural 20! Damage is 21! I’ll be damned, a headshot! 150 XP apiece for killing him.)

Taking the time to reload and aim carefully, Vash manages to catch the mongoliant mind mage at a vulnerable moment and blows his foe’s psionically-endowed brains out the back of his head. (50 XP bonus for a sweet shot.)

Soggul is hard-of-hearing, so it takes a while for Cobb’s command to kick in. When he finally understands what’s expected, he hustles at top speed down the roadway – completely in the open and exposed! Plowing through the subdued captives (and within short-range of the nearest mongo foes), he emits an eardrum-shattering bellow that sounds like a sonic boom.

(Base damage is 10 points. Greatclub and greataxe mongos make DC 15 Endurance saves: 8 +10 = 18 and 16 +10 = 26. They save for half damage and are not deafened.)

Although his targets avoid having their eardrums blown, they’re still affected by the blast. Seeing the success of Soggul’s charge, Jumrak follows with axe held high. Continuing forward past his new loud-mouthed ally, he charges the greataxe-wielding mongoliant.

(Attack roll is 12 +5 +2 = 19. Hit for 9 +3 = 12 damage.)

Brave Jumrak delivers a mighty blow to his opponent, but is now a prime target for retaliation.

Artillery Assault:

(Note that Sikich and Thrak will need to use a ‘double move’ action this round to get inside the building.)

Sikich and Thrakazog’s assault on the artillery gunners have completely disrupted their reload sequence. Thrak reels back from his polearm attack and snarls a vile string of obscenities back in the direction of the gunfire that caught him. He hates that he can’t see who did this to him.

Still, sensing the danger of being exposed to gunfire from behind and from above, he knows it’s time to change tactics and abort the full frontal assault.

Not yet knowing his gangly companion’s name, he calls out to him. “Hey Slim! Let’s get out of the way of this pesky gunfire. Get up on top of this hovel and take out the gunners at their own level. Sound good to you?” He assumes there’s a doorway in the immediate vicinity that will lead to the roof and so to the gunners. As soon as he finds one, he’ll drop the unwieldy polearm in favour of the pistol in one hand and heavy wrench in the other, knowing that the long weapon would only get in the way in such close quarters.

(Thrak switches weapons, leaving his polearm on the ground outside the artillery building.)

With his first intent being to take out the gunners, Thrak’s second goal is to take over the artillery piece and turn its hot muzzle on the mongos…

Sikich can’t help but twitch and duck as the machine gun fire hammers into the wall beside him, a few of the rounds cutting deep into his new found ally. “Yyeesss!” he cries in response to Thrak’s suggestion that they locate a door to assault the last standing gunman on the roof. “Weee gooo! Weee Kiiilll!”

Sikich moves awkwardly forward, turning the corner behind the building and looking for some way up to the roof. He keeps his pole arm clenched in his fists in front of him. The building itself is little more than a simple concrete ‘box’. Moving around the corner, Sikich sees a gaping window – large enough to crawl through – in the west wall.

It’s dark inside, but Sikich can make out a large, sturdy ladder that ascends to an opening in the roof. There’s also an open doorway along the south wall.

(GM rolls a Perception check, in secret. Other than the ladder, the interior seems empty.)

Sikich looks through the window, but decides to enter the building through the southern door. “Sschaaaloow mmmee,” the nearly lipless mutant calls out for Thrak’s benefit, and steps through the doorway. The two plus-sized mutants enter the building and move towards the ladder…

Mongoliant Actions:

…and are met by a pistol-wielding mongoliant waiting patiently, aiming his gun down the ladder. (He could see your actions as you circled the building. Sikich was in the lead, so I assume that he’ll take the bullet. Mongo’s attack roll is 11 -2 = 9. A miss!)

Sikich isn’t so foolish as to walk into an ambush, so he quickly steps aside (and the shot misses) when he realizes the mongoliants expect him. He also caught a glance of the other mongo, who has retrieved his fullblade and is also waiting at the top of the ladder, watching intently with his myriad of extra eyes.

“Wellll; wee’fe hass cover from the sssnipers.” Sikich explains to Thrakazog. “Cept’ mongosss up topsss know wee’re in hhheere and it ssshan’t be an easssy assscent …”

Meanwhile in the field of battle, the greataxe mongoliant responds to Jumrak’s attack with a swipe of his own. (Attack roll is is 13 +8 = 21. Hit for 16 damage… I assume Jumrak will spend a Luck point for a reroll: 5 +8 = 13. Miss.) The outlander’s tire tread armour barely blocks the axe blow aimed at Jumrak’s heart.

The greatclub mongo also steps forward to take a swing at Jumrak. (Attack roll is 3 +7 = 10.) Jumrak steps aside as the brute swings his club, and it smashes harmlessly against the pavement.

The laser-wielding mongoliant sniper pops up to take a shot, and draws Kronic’s held action…

(Kronic rolls a natural 1! He can’t even figure out how to fire the bloody laser! It’ll take some inspection – outside of combat – to learn how to use it.)

…but he was going to fire at Thrak, so holds his shot and instead notes that Soggul and Jumrak are in the open now.

The submachine-gun wielding mongo, on the other hand, sees a line of fire and sprays the ‘ranged attack’ PCs (Cobb, Kronic, and Vash) with bullets. (Burst attack; attack roll is 2 -2 -4 = -4.) Bullets fly wildly, nearly hitting mongoliants instead of the intended targets.

The stunned captives still stand inert (the psionic power affecting them does not require concentration), but the ones that were previously begging for mercy suddenly decide that it’s a better idea to dive for cover instead. In more than one instance, there is now a humanoid captive and a mongo civilian hiding behind the same piece of rubble!

What are your actions?


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10 Responses to “33 – The Action Continues”

  1. After leaping aside into the shack to avoid the ambush attempt on his life, Sikich steps gangily to the side of the ladder, pole arm in hands. He positions himself there, out of a direct line of sight, but ready to strike at whichever mongo sticks his head out first to look into the room.

    [Held attack action. When he does attack, it will be with kinetic blast.]

  2. Vash looks to Kronic as he has trouble with the his laser. He offers his rifle to trade. “I might get it to work. Here, use mine until then. I don’t have many shot left.” He offers. He keeps his head low to avoid the shots.

  3. “Cursed Techno Junk!!” Kronic will spit… He shoulders the laser gun and goes back to his trusty smoke powder. He takes careful aim again at the Mongo’s firing at us from range. (He feels much shame for not charging into combat with his claws but in his current state he fears he is no match even for a ranged armed mongo…) Survival first.

  4. The three-armed man breathes heavily as he enters combat. He looks like he is charging ahead forcefully, but his eyes tell a different story. They told of the fear that was in his heart and the fact that being forced into fighting, yet again, discomforted him. However, seeing Jumrak charge forward bolstered Soggul for a brief moment; enough to force him into melee combat.

    Gripping the energy pike with two hands on one side and the lone arm holding a small shield on his left, he follows the other Outlander’s strike with one of his own. Secretly, Soggul hoped that the weapon’s longer range would keep the foe at bay as Jumrak was able to hack him apart with his axe.

    “F-Freedom is at hand! We n-need to push… to push on-onward!” The stuttered words were said loudly, but in a flat tone that showed the three-armed man’s uncertainty. In his mind, Soggul only wanted to be out of this chaos as soon as possible.

  5. (Greataxe mongo looks with horror upon the corpse of the fallen mentalist mongoliant. “Brother?” he whispers (in Gutterspeak). His hand reaches towards a grenade in the holster at his chest…)

  6. “Damn, that’s my last shot.” Cobb looks out onto the scene to survey the battle and decide where to make himself useful. Seeing the mongo reach for the grenade, Cobb alerts his friends in a low tone, “Heads up guys! That mongo’s got a grenade. Get ready to make a break for it.”

    Cobb holds his action to see where the mongo throws it. As soon as he throws it Cobb will charge out from behind cover and attack him.

  7. (Note that you wouldn’t have enough time to *prevent* him from throwing the grenade on a held action like that. You’d be able to put some distance between yourself and the grenade blast, though – assuming he doesn’t throw it straight at *you*.)

  8. Soggul replies to Cobb’s warning, though probably not in the manner he would hope to…

    “What was that?!?!”

  9. Right. I don’t want to prevent him from throwing it, I just don’t want to be there when it lands. When it leaves his hand, I’m off.

  10. “I can work the techno junk!” Vash tells Kronic, pointing to the laser gun, trying to keep his head down. He hears Cobb mention a grenade and looks back to the Mongos. If he sees anything being thrown, he justs out of the way.

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