32 – Soggul Joins

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(Your group is has taken cover behind some rubble outside the arena (near Map Area #3). Most of the newly-freed humanoids are stunned on the roadway, shocked and awed by the mentalist mongoliant and his greatclub buddy. There are three armed guards at the palisade doors (Map Area #1), and several more civilian mongos hiding amongst the rubble. There’s also two mongoliants madly trying to reload the artillery gun (at Map Area #2) and aim it for another shot. They’re on top of a sturdy single-storey concrete building.)

(The PCs are on Initiative count 19 (acting more-or-less in the order that your comments came in), the artillery gunners are on 18, the mongo guards (including mental mongo and friend) are on 13, and the NPC captives act on 6.)

Stadium Map

(Paraphrased from last post…)

Your new companion, Sikich, crouches down beside your group. “Wee mussst kiillzz them beefore leeaviing! I ssssssay we take the big gunn, theeere! Wee russshh now, weeee oveeer-poweer! Thhheen, cha-ka cha-ka cha-ka zooom!”

“Sseveral sseconds to reeload, sseveral more to aim.” he elaborates.

Thrakazog starts a bit at the rather unexpected arrival of the ascetic mutant, but squints to get a good look as he listens to what the tall fellow has to say. It bears a striking resemblance to common sense, given the group’s current predicament.

Thrak closes his eyes briefly to collect his thoughts as he hears what’s happening to the other recently freed mutants near the palisade gate. This rubble won’t hold back much of anything for long, and he may as well have a bull’s eye painted above his head! Close as Thrak and company are to that gun, he’s pretty sure it can be taken out.

Thrakazog, a little irritated at being shot at by the thing anyway, takes it into his head to do something about that gods’ damned big gun!

“Good idea, Slim,” Thrakazog says. “Let’s go! You lead, and I’m two steps behind you… I need you as my eyes for a bit.” He tightens his two-handed grip on the long polearm. “Boys,” Thrak adds to the rest, “me and Slim here are going for the gun, turn the tide of battle a bit. May need some help…”

With that, and not waiting for a definite response, he eggs the leathery, robed mutant over the rubble and into a run towards the gun.

“Yeesss!” Sikich says with glee when Thrak agrees to help charge the gun. Standing, he raises his pike aloft and shouts to the others, “Schaaarrgch!” Then he runs toward the emplacement, his lanky angular frame looking more and more awkward as he picks up speed, like a marionette whose puppeteer pays little mind to how he jerks the strings. But there is nothing random about how the energy pike’s blade slices the air in front of him as he moves, suggesting that blood will be spilled if any enemies should stand in his way.

Thrak follows, charging with the polearm aloft.

The duo reaches the artillery building, and are confronted with the problem of reaching their targets. Luckily, both Sikich and Thrak are very tall and armed with reach weapons. They poke at the mongoliants.

(They still get -2 on the Attack rolls, though. Sikich rolls 5 -5 -2 = -2. Ouch, nasty miss! Thrak rolls a natural 20! Critical hit for 19 damage!)

Sikich hefts the energy pike above his head, but his straining muscles let him down. He’s not able to lift his weapon high enough to hit either of the mongoliants. Thrakazog, on the other hand, has no trouble connecting with his target (now that he’s close enough to smell where the mongoliants are). The jagged blade of his polearm cuts a slash across the back of the mongo trying to load the flechette round into the cannon, who shouts and drops the ammo when hit.

Trigger Happy:

With Thrak and “Slim” running for the gun, Vash peeks out to see if there are any shots he can take to cover the two.

Cobb points at the deformed mutant that produced the strange effect on the humanoids, not knowing exactly how he caused it. “Vash! Take that one out! He has some way of affecting their… their minds, or something.” He sounds unclear as to the cause, but his tone is urgent.

Cobb tries to brace his unsteady limbs as best he can and lines up a shot from his black powder rifle at the strange mutant.

“Gotcha!” Vash answers, swinging his old musket around to aim at the mentalist mutant. He aims and pulls the trigger!

(Attack rolls for Cobb and Vash… Cobb gets 18 +2 = 20. Hit for 6 damage; he’s down to his last shot after his next reload. Vash gets 17 +2 = 19. Another hit, this one for 8 damage.)

Two shots echo in the space between the arena and the palisade, and the mongoliant ‘shaman’ growls at the hits. His ‘victims’, the stunned captives, don’t seem affected by his injuries (he doesn’t need to maintain concentration on this power).

Soggul’s Offer:

From nearby, the large three-armed mutant – the one who you took to be the leader of the mongoliant’s captives – ducks behind the rocks, watching the course of actions. He chooses to address those that freed him in a deep, baritone voice. “Words cannot begin to express my gratitude! My loyalty lies with you!” Looking to the other freed slaves, the apparent leader bellows loudly. “Follow the words of our friends! They will lead us to freedom and victory! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” The last three exclamations break through the sounds of combat as he pumps the energy pike he retrieved from his captors.

Looking back to those that freed them, the three-armed man waits for orders. “What would you have Soggul do for you in battle?”

(Doublenix – I need to get your PC stats before being able roll for your actions! And 10 XP for the good post.)

Mongoliant Response:

Greataxe Mongo

Thrak’s attack disrupted the one mongoliant’s artillery reloading process, but the other mongo draws a clunky-looking pistol from a thigh holster and fires at the glowing giant! (Attack roll is 9 -2 = 7, miss.) The shot goes wide, missing Thrakazog.

Along the roadway, the greatclub-wielding mongoliant moves to block his psionic ally – providing cover against your shots. (GM rolls Luck checks for Vash and Cobb; the rolls are 2 +1 = 3 and 5 +2 =7, respectively.) The mentalist, still grimacing in pain from being shot locks gaze with Vash and concentrates deeply.

(The mongo needs to succeed a DC 29 Endurance check to be able to manifest a power this round; roll is 18 +11 = 29! Now Vash needs to make a DC 17 Charisma save against the mind-influencing effect; roll is 12 +9 +2 = 23. He’s okay.)

Vash feels a sensation like heat prickles across his scalp, but by focusing deeply on his surroundings he is able to resist whatever effect the mind mongo is trying to produce. Angered by Vash’s strong will, the mongoliant shouts (in Unislang!) “I will crush your minds, puny manlings!”

Meanwhile, the guards near the palisade doors were waiting for a clear shot at a foe before firing – and the artillery attack of Sikich and Thrak have given them a chance to fire. (GM rolls Luck checks for Sikich and Thrak; the rolls are 19 +3 = 22 and 2 +1 = 3, respectively. Thrak; I don’t think you’ve made a Luck roll yet! Both mongos fire at you; rolls are 16 -2 = 14 and 3 -2 = 1. One hit for 10 damage.) A spray of bullets from a submachine gun catch Thrak, grazing him but sparing his life. The brilliant laser line misses him, luckily, and instead burns a perfect black circle on a nearby wall. The two guards then duck back down behind cover to reload.

The third door guard, armed with a greataxe (and grenades), rushes forward from cover along the doorway and hides behind one of the metal ‘pillars’ (that originally hid mental mongo and friend) that flank the road. (He could reach your group in a single round now if he charges.)

A handful of the captives – the ones that weren’t stunned – raise their arms in submission or fall to the ground and wail for mercy. The remainder are still standing slack-jawed in the middle of the roadway.

What are your actions?

(I’ll assume that the other PCs use their actions this round to make sure they have proper cover, to reload or prepare any weapons that they want to use, and to generally try to figure out what the heck they’re doing.)


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6 Responses to “32 – Soggul Joins”

  1. Cobb carefully loads his last shot into the rifle, glancing at three armed mutant. “You want to make yourself useful? How about taking out a few of the bad guys!” he yells, exasperated. “Start with those guys, ” he says, gesturing towards the mentalist and his bodyguard.

    With the mongolint blocking his shot on the mentalist, Cobb braces himself for his last shot, and takes aim on the laser wielding mongoliant that almost nailed Thrakazog, muttering to whatever spirits of luck might be watching… ‘come on, come on, steady Cobb old boy’

  2. Thrak reels back from his polearm attack and snarls a vile string of obsceneties back in the direction of the gunfire that caught him. He hates that he can’t see who did this to him.

    Still, sensing the danger of being exposed to gunfire from behind and from above, he knows it’s time to change tactics and abort the full frontal assault.

    Not yet knowing his gangly companion’s name, he calls out to him. “Hey Slim! Let’s get out of the way of this pesky gunfire. Get up on top of this hovel and take out the gunners at their own level. Sound good to you?” He assumes there’s a doorway in the immediate vicinity that will lead to the roof and so to the gunners. As soon as he finds one, he’ll drop the unwieldy polearm in favour of the pistol in one hand and heavy wrench in the other, knowing that the long weapon would only get in the way in such close quarters.

    With his first intent being to take out the gunners, Thrak’s second goal is to take over the artillery piece and turn its hot muzzle on the mongos…

  3. “THRAK!” keep on the attack!! I’ll pin those guys down!!”

    Kronic seeing the brave assault on the cannon run into a snag will (if he can reach) ready his laser rifle and hold an action to take careful aim and shoot at the first gunner to pop his head up and fire at the gunner assault team. Once one pops up I will keep a as stead a fire on them as I can (supression fire on thier location).

    “Cobb, Vash… keep on that thing over there but watch for grenades or a charge from axe boy!”

    Kronic grits his teeth through the pain of running at full speed to engage the gunners.

  4. Sikich can’t help but twitch and duck as the machine gun fire hammers into the wall beside him, a few of the rounds cutting deep into his new found ally. “Yyeesss!” he cries in response to Thrak’s suggestion that they locate a door to assault the last standing gunman on the roof. “Weee gooo! Weee Kiiilll!”

    Sikich moves awkwardly forward, turning the corner behind the building and looking for some way up to the roof. He keeps his pole arm clenched in his fists in front of him.

  5. (The building itself is little more than a simple concrete ‘box’. Moving around the corner, Sikich sees a gaping window – large enough to crawl through – in the west wall.)

    (It’s dark inside, but Sikich can make out a large, sturdy ladder that ascends to an opening in the roof. There’s also an open doorway along the south wall.)

    (GM rolls a Perception check, in secret. Other than the ladder, the interior seems empty.)

  6. Sikich looks through the window, but decides to enter the building through the western southern door. “Sschaaaloow mmmee,” the nearly lipless mutant calls out for Thraks’s benefit, and steps through the doorway.

    (Edited by the GM from ‘western door’ to ‘southern door’)

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