30 – Out of the Arena

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(Your group is still on the arena floor, moving towards the exit (Map Area #3).)

(The armed slaves are nearly finished with their mongoliant guards now, though they are still chained. A handful of mongos are trying to hide in the stands, and mongoliants have taken positions in the citadel towers (Map Areas #11C). The citadel’s wooden gates are now closed.)

(There were a few mongos also milling about outside the arena. They’ve taken cover after seeing you.)

Stadium Map

With a shout of victory, the chained slaves take down the final mongoliant guard. Of the twelve armed humanoids, however, only six still stand. The three-armed mutant (the slave’s ‘leader’?) grabs an energy pike, while two other large individuals retrieve the other ones. A small swarthy mutant triumphantly produces a key from a necklace worn by one of the mongoliants and begins hurriedly unlocking the shackles of his companions.

Now that Kronic has been an escaped slave he is game to free some of the tougher ones… But a bit of a hard-nosed bastard, Kronic doesn’t really care about the sick, weak, etc. The pragmatic mutant also decides to head into the group of slaves so that they can provide cover from any potential ranged attacks. (Without the key or a large slashing weapon to chop at chains, Kronic doesn’t really have any way to help free the slaves.)

(Ha; what a dick! That’s awesome. Kronic gets 25 XP for his in-character actions.)

Kronic still keeps an eye on those mongos on the outside and see if they try and return, but all of them appear to have taken cover outside the arena and remain unseen. “Perhaps the group could move that artillery piece over here.” thinks Kronic. “Let the bastards suck on some of that as we blast the towers and doors down. That could be a lot of fun!”

Either way, Kronic is going to need some more medical treatment or a rest soon… “Any of you slaves got any medical abilities?” he shouts (in Unislang). He also asks them if there are any other ways into the citadel; trash exit, back door, sewers, drainage tunnels… anything that might get us in and surprise the buggers inside?

Kronic’s questions are ignored for the moment, as the captives are too busy freeing themselves to answer.

Jumrak follows Kronic into the slave herd, using his mighty axe to break their chains to free them faster. Seeing as time is running out while the Mongoliants mobilize, he concentrates on a few of the stronger-looking slaves and tries to move the crowd out towards the exit at the animal pens. There is nowhere to hide from the guys on the towers, so we need to move fast!

With a final ‘clang!’ Jumrak frees the last of the surviving six arena slaves. All appear relatively strong and fit (if somewhat beat up and undernourished) and are armed with energy pikes, spears, swords, and daggers.

(For some reason, the GM then rolls an Endurance check for Jumrak… he gets 16 + 10 = 26, and the GM doesn’t say anything about it.)

While Kronic and Jumrak are freeing the chained slaves, Thrakazog moves toward the pen and see what he can do about the slaves still contained in there. Eight women are kept caged here, and they don’t look as well taken care of as the arena fighters – they were probably bound for a mongo stewpot. Using his heavy wrench, he busts open the cages and sets them all free! Cheering, they run towards the other freed slaves.

Thrakazog thinks there was a LOT of temptation in what Cobb has to say (about whatever Sogor may have had stashed away under lock and key in the citadel), but his sense of justice demanded that his fellow mutants (and non-mutants, if any) be freed from the clutches of the mongos for their amusement.

(The PCs share the experience for freeing the slaves. Twelve were freed, at 100 XP apiece. That means 240 XP per PC.)

Vash has learned the hard way of trying to take on a group by himself. It’s why he is here. “To even consider taking the citadel or artillery, we need numbers.” He says, moving to follow his companions and the freed slaves. He looks back at the wood gate. It can be taken down.

“Guys? Guys!?” Cobb calls as his allies move away. “I see you need some time to think about it” he says. “I’ll come along while you do.” Cobb carefully stows the key on his person and reluctantly follows the group, watching the tower guards for signs of attack…

(GM makes some Perception rolls for the PCs who were keeping an eye on the citadel.)

“HEADS UP!” Cobb shouts, as he sees one of the tower guards aiming a rifle in your direction. (Attack roll is 3 – 2 = 1.) A brilliant line of light shoots from atop the tower, and a small patch of sand is turned to glass near your current location. Looks like they’ve got energy weapons!

“Everybody out of the arena!” shout Thrak. He wants to stick to the plan to get out of the grounds with the freed slaves and take stock of the overall situation then. If we can do something with the artillery piece at that point, we can decide what to do then.

Palisade Ambush

As everyone runs toward the exit (Map Area #3), the citadel mongoliants shoot again at your group. (Attack roll is 14 – 2 = 12. One of the slaves is hit!) Screaming, one of the women is brought down by the laser pulse as you are leaving the arena. Your group pauses (but only for a moment) to glance back; several of the mongos in the tower appear to be armed with rifles.

As the freed slaves run outside the stadium, the sounds of more gunfire and blasts erupts from ahead of you! (Attack rolls are 5 – 2 = 3 and 17 – 2 = 15. One hit for 11 damage.) Another of the women, running ahead in fear, is killed by laser fire! While you cautiously appraise the situation on the outside, many of your new allies scream in fury and charge ahead.

The area around the stadium is scattered with debris and ruined buildings (which can provide cover, if desired). A tall wooden palisade surrounds the mongoliant complex; it is nearly ten feet tall (and cannot be surmounted easily). The walls possess only one gate, consisting of two huge doors, currently closed (Map Area #1).

Crouching behind a crumbling wall near the doors are three mongoliants. The first is armed with a submachinegun, the second with a laser pistol, and the third with a huge, crudely made greataxe. More mongos – perhaps a dozen in all – are hiding behind the building ruins and assorted debris in the area. They appear to be unarmed and trying to stay out of the conflict.

The artillery gun – situated atop a swivel mount – (Map Area #2) has rotated to face your direction, though it has not fired yet.

What are your actions?


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5 Responses to “30 – Out of the Arena”

  1. (Attention lurkers! Here’s your chance to join the game. Send me an e-mail – or leave a comment – if you’d like to play one of the freed mongoliant captives.)

  2. If we can “psyche out” the mongoliants inside the arena, we might have a window to charge the citadel gate and break in. Pouring out of an exit that is guarded makes us an easy target. “If we can take a moment to hide here at the exit, making the guards inside think we’ve left, it might give us a chance to double back and break in!” I quietly suggest to the group. “Do you guys think we have enough strength to break down the gate?”

  3. (There’s enough rubble between the arena entrance and the palisade gate that you can take cover out of the line-of-sight of both the Citadel guards and the palisade guards.)

    (The Citadel gate is pretty sturdy; it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to break it down without some significant firepower or explosives. The palisade gate will be easier to get through since you are approaching it from the inside.)

  4. Thrakazog listens to Jumrak’s suggestions, but instead opts for taking cover behind the rubble outside near the pallisade. He wants to get away from the mongos in the citadel, not closer to them. The cover aimed for will also, hopefully, provide some protection from that artillery piece.

    Then the group can plan the next step, which will probably involve getting outside the pallisade. Perhaps through the crumbling wall by the gates? Just have those pesky mongos to take care of, peeking through with their cowardly, beady eyes!

  5. Just then, one of the slaves slips forward, out of the pack, and crouches down beside Thrakazog. “Wee mussst kiillzz them beefore leeaviing! I ssssssay we take the big gunn, theeere!” He points to the artillery gun. “Wee russshh now, weeee oveeer-poweer! Thhheen, cha-ka cha-ka cha-ka zooom!”

    The slave who spoke stands 7’6″ tall, and would make for an intimidating figure if he weren’t so incredibly thin, the bones of his face and body pressing outward against his tautly drawn skin – and what skin it is! Vaguely reptilian in texture, but even tougher, the skin is a mottled pattern of browns, mustards, and olive greens. His large yellow eyes, glittering with an unnerving, piercing intelligence, rest beneath heavy brows, and his hair is a tangled mass of wavy black. His thin dark lips are much too wide for his face, appearing almost to divide his skull into upper and lower halves, revealing several rows of sharp jagged teeth. He speaks only with difficulty, sounding for all the world as if he were indeed some kind of fork-tongued reptile.

    He wears a dark robe over his studded leather armor, suggesting some kind of monkish aspiration, but the ease with which he handles the energy pike that he robbed from the corpse of a guard suggests that he is no stranger to the business of inflicting pain. Indeed, there is something slightly unnerving about his appearance, as if he were constantly on alert for any signs of weakness to exploit. Both fascinating and repellant, etherial and raw, he seems almost to compel attention.

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