29 – Decisions…

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(Mostly a ‘discussion’ post this time; we’ll stop the initiative count. All of you are on the arena floor near the citadel (Map Area #11).)

(The three polearm guards are being torn to pieces by the chained slaves, but they’re still landing some good blows with their fists. Most of the remaining mongos have fled out of the arena, though there seem to be a few that have chosen to hide in the stands instead.)

(You can hear shouts from inside the citadel, but can’t see any mongoliants within.)

Stadium Map

Realizing now that he lacks an audience, Thrak lowers the head to the ground. He shoulders the polearm, places the pistol back in his satchel and retrieves the discarded firearm for future use.

Hearing the angry mob from inside the entrance to the citadel, he suggests that may not be the best path to take. Instead, he lobs their former master’s head towards the citadel gates (Attack roll is 11 + 3 = 14; close enough), and it bounces inside – dispelling much of the fledgling morale that they may have mustered in the brief time since the giant mongoliant’s death.

Thrak suggests that a hasty retreat out the exit between the animal pens may be the best bet. Gather up as many of the fresh slaves as possible to make the group more threatening – but he disagrees with trying to suborn any of the injured mongos. “Untrustworthy and best to kill off to keep them out of the way…” he thinks, “or make ‘em run for their mammas.”

Thrak also suggests that the group can also foment some disorder among the animals, open the pens and leave them to cause a distraction among whomever may come after our victorious crew. Once outside, then we can see (carefully!) if that artillery emplacement is assailable.

Kronic speaks up: “I’ll wager those other mongoliants have more good items for sure but I love the idea of hitting those punk slavers with artillery from here… that’ll stir these two factions against each other!” Kronic grabs the decapitated remains of the once “great” Sogor and gives it a nice toss towards the angry mongoliant shouts mustering from the citadel. (That’ll take a pretty hefty DC 25 Strength check. Kronic rolls 7 + 11 = 18.) Kronic manages to toss the body a few feet, where it lands in a heap. Then he takes his rifle in hand and covers that area, waiting to shoot any mongoliant that comes out, and backs away covering his comrades.

As the group moves past the still-struggling slaves, Cobb suggests that you rally them to clear this place out for good. Then we can lock up and figure out what we’re going to do next.

Jumrak is hesitant with that idea. Now that he can hear the shouts coming from within the citadel, he’s less inclined to lead a victory march in that direction. He agrees with Thrak on leaving by the animal pens, although we might want to hold up a minute to see if the freed slaves decide to take on whatever comes out from the citadel. It may be good to keep track of where all the spectators go – either to avoid them or try to sneak anonymously through them. That might be tough given your unique appearance and new found fame, however!

Undaunted, Cobb can’t really contain his curiosity and he brandishes the key for the rest of the crew to see. “I found this among Sogor’s things. What sort of things do you suppose a powerful mutant lord would find valuable enough to keep under lock and key?”

The group stops, and Cobb pauses to let the idea sink in…

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of scraping through life. I’ve always wanted to find a big score to live comfortably for awhile. Whaddaya say? We leave, and some other rabble makes off with whatever tribute this Sogor guy commanded. We stay, and we have a chance, maybe a small one, but a chance at least, to find something worthwhile.”

Cobb smiles, but with that greedy scav gleam in his eye he resembles a shark more than a scruffy albino.


Ahead, you see a few mongos congregating outside the arena, apparently trying to decide what to do next. Upon seeing your stalwart group, they scramble for cover.

Inside the arena, the chained slaves continue to rip their captors limb from limb; the mongoliant guards are just trying to escape their grasp now. One of the slaves – a brawny three-armed mutant – pauses from the assault to give you a formal salute as you cross the arena. Then he indicates his shackled ankle; it appears that he wants your assistance in freeing himself and the others. (There are also the other slaves caged in the pens; they have been unable to free themselves.)

Jumrak comments: “I’d like to make sure all the slaves are freed. After that, I’d like to find some way out of this evil place.”

“We’d better decide quick.” says Kronic, still keeping an eye on the citadel. “Looks like they’re shutting the gates on us.” Sure enough, the heavy wooden gates to the citadel are being pulled closed by mongoliants (who are being very careful to keep cover behind the doors). (GM rolls some Perception checks, in secret.) Also, several mongoliants have taken positions atop the citadel ‘towers’ (labelled “C”on the map), although from here you cannot see whether they are armed.

You’re still at ‘medium’ range from the citadel, though you could get to the gates pretty quick if you leave the slaves behind. You could also probably make it to the citadel gates before they close, if you ran for it.

What are your actions?


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5 Responses to “29 – Decisions…”

  1. Well. Now that I have been an escaped slave I am game to free some of the tougher ones… I had to fight my way out of slavery so the ones too sick, weak etc… well Kronic just doesn’t really care. I’m also pretty banged up so I will head into the cover of the slaves so those guys in the tower don’t pick out the short guy with the gun, and shoot me. I will start to free slaves and ask them if there are any other ways into the citedal… trash exit, back door, sewers, drainage tunnels… anything that might get us in and surprise the buggers inside.

    The other trick would be to watch those mongo’s on the outside and see if they try and get inside. The other one is to move that artillery piece over and let the bastards suck on some of that as we blast the towers and doors down. That could be a lot of fun!

    Either way I am going to need some more medical treatment or a rest soon… any of these slaves got any medical abilities?

  2. Seeing as time is running out as the Mongoliants mobilize, I’ll help Kronic free a few of the stronger looking slaves and try to move the crowd out towards the exit at the animal pens. The citadel doors will be closed and there will be nowhere else to hide from the guys on the towers, so we need to move fast!

  3. If Kronic and Jumrak start to free some of the chained slaves, Thrakazog will move toward the pen and see what he can do about the slaves still contained in there. He thinks there is a LOT of temptation in what Cobb has to say about whatever Sogor may have had stashed away under lock and key in the citadel, but Thrak’s sense of justice demands that his fellow mutants (and stock humans, if any) be freed from the clutches of the mongos for their amusement. Slaves first, then we’ll see about a next step, keeping an eye on those mongos in “area C”.

    If the citadel doors are closing, then Thrak wants to stick to the plan to get out of the grounds with the freed slaves and take stock of the overall situation then. If we can do something with the artillery piece at that point, we can decide what to do then.

  4. “Guys? Guys!?” Cobb calls as they begin to move away. “I see you guys need some time to think about it” he says. “I’ll come along while you do.” Cobb carefully stows the key on his person and reluctantly follows the group, keeping an eye on the tower guards for signs of attack.

  5. Vash has learned the hard way of trying to take on a group by himself. It’s why he is here. “To even consider taking the citadel or artillery, we need numbers.” He says, moving to help follow the group to free the rest of the captive slaves. He looks back at the wood gate. It can be taken down.

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