24 – Blood for the Blood God

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(Okay; you’ve pushed up into the dome entrance at Map Area #8. The two mongoliant guards have withdrawn to the entrance of the arena, one of them is moderately wounded. Jumrak and Kronic face them in melee, and the other party members are approaching from behind. Cormac’s back up on his feet, but he’s not in the best of shape.)

(Current party initiative is Jumrak 15, Vash 10; then Cobb, Thrak, Kronic, and Cormac all at 5. The two mongoliants will act on Initiative 11.)

Stadium Map

The noise from inside the arena continues to grow, sounding like a combination of shouts and chants…

“I can’t believe that we’re pushing into this dome!” thinks Jumrak “I don’t want to get gunned down, but who knows what’s in this place?” He takes another crack at the bastard who bayonetted him (Attack roll is 13 + 5 = 18; hit for 11 + 4 = 15 damage!), and his axe bites deep into the mutant’s torso! Jumrak has to push the stunned mongoliant back with his foot to jerk his weapon free, but amazingly the brute remains standing!

…for a moment at least. After a brief pause, the mongoliant drops his firearm and grips the gaping wound at his side, then flees screaming into the arena. (We’ll count that one as ‘defeated’ for XP purposes; he’s down to 1 hp! 1,200 XP total, which works out to 200 each.) The remaining mongoliant continues backing into the arena, but remains wary and ready to strike with his large greatclub. (A held action to attack the first opponent in melee range.)

Vash holds his action as well, waiting for the best opportunity to contribute. “I wouldn’t go into the open. Try the sides, make them come to use. Use the terrain.” he offers up.

“More rifles for the party is a good thing.” thinks Kronic as he obliges the remaining mongoliant by forcing his way into the arena, securing a beach head for the party. (Mongoliant swings with his club, Attack is 19 + 7 = 26. Oh yeah, that’s a hit. Damage is 16 points!) Ouch! With a sickening “crunch!”, Kronic is batted aside like a hockey puck. Crouching for a moment to regain his breath, he wonders whether any bones were left unbroken, then his pit fighter instincts take over. Howling like a wildcat, he springs on the mongoliant and swipes the bastard with his claws. (Attack is 17 + 8 = 25; hit for 4 + 3 = 7 damage.) “Mongoloid scum!” he mutters at the brute, then staggers back several steps in a daze.

(That knocks Kronic down to 6 hit points. I’m giving Kronic 25 XP for having the guts to walk up to a mongoliant and ‘clear a path’ for the party.)

Vash is going through his first aid kit pretty quick now; he sees an opportunity and steps forward to apply aid to the injured Kronic. (Treat Injury check is 6 + 9 = 15; heals 2 hit points and gets 10 XP. Kronic’s up to 8 hp.) “Better than nothing, I guess.” Vash thinks as he applies band-aids to broken ribs and crushed vertebrae.

Thrakazog, Cobb, and Cormac edge their way forward and enter the arena, sticking to the wall to avoid the reach of the mongoliant’s club. Wielding his improvised car door shield in one hand and a pistol in the other, the first thing that Thrak notices is that the torches and bonfires set up around the arena floor make it possible to get a clear shot at the freak who just beat up on Kronic! (It’s a bit too far to throw the car door, so he keeps a hold of it. Attack roll is 16 + 3 = 18; hit for 2 damage. Snake eyes, sorry Thrak.) Apparently his vision is not quite clear enough to shoot properly. He thinks it hit, but the mongoliant didn’t seem to notice.

As the party progresses a little farther into the dome, Thrak moves to take cover as quickly and defensibly as possible. He calls for Vash to bring up the polearm with him so Thrak can put some distance between himself and the larger mongoliants, but the medically-inclined savant is tending to Kronic. (By the way, Thrak, he’s not a mutant – Vash is a stock human.) It appears like the room to your right would make a good place to hole up and determine the severity of your situation while fending off attackers… (You move towards Map Area #7. 20 XP to Thrak for the plan and in-game description.)

You’re also able to actually take a look around the dome…

Oh Sh*t

It looks like the mongoliants were just sitting down for an evening of entertainment. Scores of gruesome mutants fill the stands, mostly mongos but with some other genotypes present. The crowd is thrilled by the action in your corner; they are reacting as if it’s all part of the evening’s entertainment.

There are about a dozen chained slaves in the middle of the arena armed with spears and swords. They are all uninjured and staring in awe at your group. You realize that those bound and definitely non-mongo slaves would likely make some very willing allies in this current struggle. But how best to free them to join the fracas has yet to present itself…

The slaves are guarded by three mongoliants. They wield some sort of Ancient polearms that arc with electricty at their tips. To your left (Map Area #9) there are another three mongoliant warriors, and two more mongoliants guard the main entrance (Map Area #3).

(Eight armed mongoliants on the arena floor, plus the one near your party, plus the one running away, plus who knows who else hidden from your view. You’re outgunned and outnumbered.)

Even with the threats surrounding you, you take a moment to stare in awe at the citadel (Map Area #9). This huge area appears to literally be a “castle” jutting from the back wall of the collapsed stadium. Two tall towers (almost half the height of the stadium dome) overlook the stadium arena, while two huge wooden gates bar entrance.

The two large fenced-in areas (Map Area #5 and #5a) are slave pens. One of the pens is mostly empty, but the other one (#5a) contains caged women. Next to the slave pens there is another fenced-in area that appears to be a sheep pen (!) (Map Area #4).

“Oh sh*t.” summarizes Cobb, surveying the scene. He remains close to Cormac and Thrak, trying to keep away any of the mongoliants. (Readied action to attack any foes in melee range) He also translates the Gutterspeak chants he hears for the benefit of the others.

“Blood, they’re chanting.” he says. “Blood for the Blood God.”

Cormac limps along carefully, feeling slightly better thanks to Vash’s assistance. He sticks with Cobb, trying to keep from getting hit again.

From your current location, you also get a decent look into Map Area #7. This old building, now heavy damaged and decayed, was once the concession stand. The interior smells of rot, and no foodstuffs remain. Only broken glass, old faded posters (depicting sports heroes from the times of the Ancients), and rusted water pipes litter the place.

“Quick! Into the concession!” shouts Thrak.

Jumrak replies: “Be cautious going into that place. I don’t particularly want to get trapped or cornered!”

Looking around the arena at the foes present, then back at Thrak and Jumrak, Cormac gasps. “The concession? Are you frikkin’ blind!?!” he asks. Then he remembers his companions’ mutant deficiencies. “Oh, sorry, I forgot.”

What are your actions?


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8 Responses to “24 – Blood for the Blood God”

  1. (By the way, the mongoliants in the arena are not surprised by your entrance – they heard the gunfire and battle sounds from outside. I’ll be rolling initiative for them next post.)

    (There’s still the rifle on the ground, left behind by the fleeing guard. And Vash hasn’t had time yet to hand over the large polearm to Thrak.)

    (Note that although armed, the captives are still chained to one another.)

  2. Starting to back into the concession area to provide some means of defense, Thrak begins to see an element of hopelessness in their current situation. He clenches his jaw in frustration and just barely stops himself from firing in anger at the mongo who seemed to shrug off the last shot he took. Ammunition has to be rationed as preciously as food!

    Realising that holing themselves up in an effort to fight all the mongos that are in the dome would be little more than a delaying action to their assured demise, Thrak starts to apply more thought to the current situation than the rage he’d been feeling. Cobb is a step away from the walking dead, and Kronic, ferocious as he is, is little better after that hit from the mongo club. It can’t be more than a matter of a little time before a concerted effort is brought to bear against this small party. If there’s that sort of artillery up above the dome, there’s probably something similar in here, for sport.

    Perhaps, though, the mongoliants have some degree of honour that recognises bravery in battle and Thrak hopes that it can be used to advantage in the current situation. The mutant slaves have been armed for the mongoliants’ sport, after all. What are the odds that the bravest of the victors are rewarded? Then again, he thinks to himself, perhaps those are the ones who suffer a terrible fate at the hands of the mongoliants themselves. No time to reason it all out now!

    Keeping a wary eye on the nearest mongoliants, Thrak shares the beginning of an idea with Cobb.

    “Cobb!” Thrak says. “With the mutant games these guys have going on, they must have some degree of respect for skill and honour in combat. Something we’ve demonstrated a whole helluva lot of just now! But seeing how much firepower is out there, and how much we have left to us in here, I think our options are to die honourably, or try to figure something else that’ll keep us alive a while longer. I’m all for the ‘living’ option. Can you shout out to these guys something about how our bravery and skill at arms has earned us an audience with this ‘Lord Sogor’ fellow of theirs? If we can talk to him, at least we won’t knock off, you know, right away. Are you strong enough to do that?”

    Hoping Cobb can contact somebody with at least a little brain power, Thrak keeps his improvised shield raised and the pistol aimed, in case things continue to go south for the group. And if he can get his tail around the rifle that the guard dropped, it’ll be that much harder – and costlier – for the mongos to bring down the motley group of mostly mutants…

  3. Thrak’s idea needs some action to really hit the point home. I muster every ounce of strength to take out the remaining Mongoliant who clubbed Kronic. I hate to give the spectators blood for their “Blood God” but I know that their blasphemous attempt at satisfying false idols is disrupted by our valiant display. I’ve heard stories of the ancients and their ritual sacrifice – I can see now that this place is a temple of evil. This is a chance to shine a ray of righteous light on this dark place.

  4. Also, Thrak uses his “Exploit Weakness” skill to observe the opponents in order that he may add his INT modifier to attack rolls with the pistol he’s carrying.

  5. (Hey Thrak; do you mean Cormac instead of Cobb? Not that Cobb isn’t a great guy, but Cormac’s probably your best bet if you want to incite the crowd or impress the mongoliants with wordplay. Vash isn’t to shabby at that kind of work, either. But Cobb’s about as charismatic as an albino junkie vampire…)

    (Oh; and you *can* grab the fallen firearm with your tail.)

  6. (Yeah, Cobb can speak the language and translate if one of the more charismatic types want to tell him what to say.)

    “Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of trying to free those slaves to provide a distraction for our escape.”

  7. Vash moves forward to make sure the polearm is given to Thrak before returning to the walking wounded. “If this place worships fighting, maybe we just proved worthy to be allowed to leave.” He considers outloud. “Still, I can set up shop in the stand over there. Maybe we can make some new friends if I can help with their wounded as well?” He looks to the group before shrugging. “It’s just a thought. Again, I’ll be over here.”

  8. Kronic readies his rifle and does a held action to shoot any mongo that thinks it should act against us.

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