23 – Into the Dome

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(To recap; the party is currently at Map Area #10, there are two mongoliants armed with rifles firing from the dome entrance at Map Area #8. Cormac is badly wounded (0 hp) and can only take partial actions.)

(Current initiative order is Jumrak 15, Vash 10; then Cobb, Thrak, and Kronic all at 5. (Cormac will act whenever he gets some support.) The two mongoliants will act on Initiative 11.)

Stadium Map

Jumrak is one tough mofo and doesn’t even notice his broken nose. Seeing that Cobb and Thrak are taking care of Cromac, the mountain man decides take the lead and try to punish anything that tries to get in your way – although rushing towards snipers he can’t quite see might not be good for his health… However, Jumrak has faith that the gods will protect him from these wretched followers of evil.

(Jumrak moves to melee range of the two mongoliants and swings his fire axe at one as soon as he can see them. Attack roll is 13 + 5 = 19. Hit, for 3 + 4 = 7 damage.)

(By the way, I was forgetting to apply Jumrak’s ‘Tech Foe’ bonus until now; guess it took him a little while to build up to a righteous fury.)

The mongoliant that Jumrak struck was preparing to fire another round at your party, but he didn’t have enough time to reload. His rifle is armed with a bayonet, however, and he attempts to disembowel Jumrak, barely acknowledging the hit with the axe.

(Mongoliant rolls 9 + 7 = 16; hit for 5 + 7 = 12 damage! Ouch; lucky for Jumrak’s ‘Toughness’ mutation. Even he is starting to feel the pain.)

Instead of attacking with a weapon, the other mongoliant simply reaches out to touch Jumrak…

(Touch attack is 7 + 7 = 14; the mutant manages to smear some noxious substance on Jumrak’s arm. Jumrak rolls a DC 14 End save… 9 + 10 = 19.)

Whatever it is, Jumrak only feels a slight tingling where the substance touches his skin.

Back Outside:

Feeling that Cormac could benefit from additional medical attention, Vash digs deeper into his first aid kit and continues to treat his friend’s injuries. (Treat Injury check of 18 + 7 = 25; Cormac is healed another 3 hp – that’s as much healing as he’s able to receive today. Vash gets 10 XP. Once he finishes repacking the kit, he will follow the rest of the party.)

Cobb makes a cursory glance at the mongoliant’s possessions and tosses some rations, food bars, and dirty magazines into his backpack. Thanking his luck, he also pockets an Ancient grenade from the mongoliant’s body! Handing the blaster rifle to Kronic, he then rushes out to grab Cormac, calling back over his shoulder “See if he has any ammo on him!” as he nods to the dead Mongoliant.

Cormac is feeling well enough now to stand on his own; Cobb gives supports him so that he’s able to move. Cobb shouts: “I can help him walk but you guys’ll have to keep them off of me.” Taking a spear in one hand, Cobb helps Cormac move towards the dome.

With Thrak’s vision so gods’-cursed confined, he must trust to the guidance of his comrades for much of his actions. Knowing that, he opts for the action that will see him heft the discarded door and shield Cobb’s attempt to retrieve the injured Cormac.

Cobb, Thrakazog, and Cormac then make their way carefully towards the dome entrance…

(The car door will give the three of you partial cover and a +2 Defense bonus against ranged attacks. Nice work supporting your teammate; 25 XP each.)

Into the Dome:

Kronic takes the blaster rifle from Cobb and quickly glances at the mongoliant’s body for ammo (he doesn’t see any). Kronic feels his skills are better used making dead bodies instead of just searching them, however, so he charges ahead to the dome entrance, joining Jumrak in the melee.

(Kronic takes a swipe with his claws against the same mongoliant that Jumrak hit. Attack roll is 9 + 8 = 17. Hit for 8 + 3 = 11 damage.)

One of the hulking mutants shouts “Oy, boss!” (in Gutterspeak) to someone behind him, and the mongoliants begin to retreat into the dome. Past the creatures’ bulks, Kronic is able to get a glance of what lies inside…

In the middle of the dome is a large open area (Map Area #6) – once the floor of the stadium. It is littered with rotted bodies, bones, and bits of fallen stone. From where he stands, Kronic can see non-mongoliant humanoids bound in chains and armed with spears and swords. It looks like you’ve interrupted some sort of gladiator-style match!

What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “23 – Into the Dome”

  1. (Just a note: Vash is still carrying a mongoliant polearm that’s too large for him to use efficiently – but which Thrak can wield without penalty.)

    (Also: now that Cormac’s back up above 0 hp, he can act normally starting next round.)

  2. Thrak carries his improvised car door shield in front of Cormac and Vash. He calls for the smaller, medically inclined mutant to bring up the polearm with him so Thrak can put some distance between himself and the larger mongoliants in the open space of the dome. At the first sign of a threat in the current circumstance, he intends to lob the car door at the nearest foe and then start firing with the pistol. Once Vash is able to provide the polearm, he’ll decide then what best to use to fend off the disgustingly malformed creatures.

    Also, assuming Kronic isn’t keeping the info to himself about what he sees in the middle of the dome, Thrak realises that those bound and definitely non-mongo slaves would likely make some very willing allies in this current struggle. But how best to free them to join the fracas has yet to present itself…

  3. As the party progresses a little farther into the entrance of the dome, Thrak suggests we take cover as quickly and defensibly as possible. Just inside the doorway, it appears like the room to our right would make a good place to hole up and determine the severity of our situation while fending off attackers. (Room number 7.)

    Of course, given certain sight restrictions, Thrak may not be able to see enough to make this suggestion, so has to rely upon the benevolence of a certain Rat Bastard GM to determine the likelihood of this course of action.

  4. Aye sounds good Thrak! Kronic forces his way in after the Mongoliods to secure a beach head for the party. (the doorway to area 6 from area 8). If I can get another swipe at the hurt fleeing mongoliant I will do that as well… more rifles for the party is a good thing.

    Trying to incite the slaves to join the ruckus would be great as well but once I get to Area 6 entrance I need to take a look around and see what we are dealing with!!! How many Mongoliants do we see? Are they in elevated positions etc?

  5. Vash stays close to Cormac, helping him along as he tries to follow the group into the entrance. He nods to Thrak, ready to hand over the polearm as soon as it is needed. “I wouldn’t go into the open. Try the sides, make them come to use. Use the terrain.” He offers up.

  6. Cobb will remain close to Cormac, trying to keep away any of the BBEG’s. He’ll also translate any of the Gutterspeak he hears for the benefit of the others.

  7. Cormac limps along carefully, feeling slightly better thanks to Vash’s assistance. He sticks with Cobb, trying to keep from getting hit again.

  8. I can’t believe that we’re pushing into this dome – I don’t want to get gunned down, but who knows what’s in this place? I’ll take another crack at the bastard who bayonetted me, but I’m going to be cautious going in to this place. I don’t particularly want to get trapped or cornered in this place…

  9. I can’t believe we are pushing in either but I am short on options with that Artillery piece waiting to blast any attempt to get away in a boat… I think we are woefully short on options.

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