22 – Counterattack!

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(Onto the next round; the party is currently at Map Area #10, within melee range of a mongoliant guard. Current initiative order is Cormac 20, Jumrak 15, Vash 10; then Thrak, Kronic, and Cobb all at 5. The mongoliant guard acts on Initiative 9.)

(Two other mongoliants are hiding in the dome entrance at Map Area #8; they will act on Initiative 12 – 1 = 11. The artillery gunners are also at Initiative 11, but they don’t have line-of-sight to you at present.)

Stadium Map

With your party out of range of the big guns, Vash points out the two new guards at the dome entrance. “Take them quick before they can send for more help!” he directs.

Kronic looks at the dome guards, then back at his current foe. “Keep on this mongoliant and grab any gear we can from him! FIGHT TIME!” he shouts.

Realizing the threat of the new mongoliants at the dome entrance, Cormac moves into a blocking position between them and the party, using the levitated car door to shield his allies as well. (Partial cover to the party; +2 to their Defense against gunfire while in their current positions.)

Keeping on his current foe, Jumrak swings at the mongoliant with his fire axe (Attack is 7 + 5 = 12; no hit), but the blow slides off the mutant’s thick hide.

(Another round of Luck checks for the party. Cormac 10 + 2 = 12, Jumrak 9 + 4 = 13, Vash Natural 20, Thrak 15 + 1 = 16, Kronic 19 + 3 = 22, and Cobb 18 + 2 = 20. Cormac and Jumrak get to be targets this round.)

Suddenly, there are two loud ‘CRAKS!’ – nearly simultaneous – as the mongoliants at the dome entrance take shots with their rifles at Cormac and Jumrak! (Attack rolls are Natural 20! and 17 – 2 = 15. Jumrak is safe, but Cormac is critically hit for 19 points of damage!) Cormac is hit in the head by the rifle shot and collapses to the ground!

(With a sudden telekinetic burst, the car door is flung through the air and splashes into the water behind you. Kind of in the same motion as Cormac’s head.)

(Okay; let’s wait a minute. I assume Cormac will spend one of his Luck Points to force a reroll on that attack. The new roll is 19 – 2 = 17. Damn; this is still a hit, though not a critical due to the floating shield. Let’s reroll damage; 14 points. Still enough to drop Cormac)

Seeing his ally drop in the mongoliant counterattack, Vash shouts “Fools! I told you to take out the snipers!” and rushes to apply first aid. (Treat Injury check is 15 + 7 = 22. Success, for 1 point healing.) Stanching the blood flow, Vash realizes that the wound is not as brutal as it first appeared; it grazed the side of Cormac’s head but did not penetrate the skull – must have ricocheted off the rusted door. “He’s alive!” shouts Vash, “But is going to need some more attention!” (Cormac’s at exactly 0 hp and barely conscious. He can only take partial actions, and any strenuous activity will knock him down again. 75 XP to Vash for saving him.)

Laughing at your party’s misfortune, the wounded mongoliant guard uses the rifle butt of his blaster as a makeshift weapon and tries to rearrange Jumrak’s face. (Attack roll is 12 + 7 = 19; hit for 2 + 7 = 9 damage. Ouch!) With a sickening crunch, the mongoliant manages to break Jumrak’s nose!

Still focused their current foe, Thrakazog, Kronic, and Cobb surround the mongoliant (flanking bonus) and renew their attacks with a savage intensity. (Thrak rolls 9 + 8 = 17; Kronic gets 16 + 8 = 25 and 19 + 8 = 27 (crit!); Cobb rolls 19 + 4 = 23. You all hit, for a whopping 7 + 4 + 9 + 4 = 24 damage, plus Cobb’s tearing bite.) Assaulted from all sides, the snarling mongoliant is brought down by your combined assault!

(Good work; another 1,200 XP for the group. That’s enough to bump Cobb up a level, next time you have a chance to rest.)

The mongoliants’ gunshots have aroused shouts and roars from within the arena. “Time to take one of their boats?” Kronic asks. “We can scuttle the rest and dominate the navy in these parts!”

Above the din, Vash shouts: “We aren’t going anywhere with those two big guns hanging over our heads. There’s only one way – through the dome!”

Kronic smiles. “I’m game. Let’s roll ’em all and let whatever gods they have sort them out!”

The two mongoliants are crouched on either side of the dome entryway, at short range from your party’s current location. You can’t see the artillery gun from where you are – which means that the gunners can’t see you. In his current condition, Cormac can only crawl slowly. You’ll have to carry the semi-conscious mutant (or leave him behind) if you want to flee or press the attack.

What are your actions?


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8 Responses to “22 – Counterattack!”

  1. By the way, there looks to be some gear stowed behind the low barrier that the mongoliant guard was hiding behind. (Rations and miscellaneous supplies, it’ll take a round to take a half-assed search.)

    Oh; and who grabs the guard’s fallen blaster rifle?

  2. Cobb makes a cursory glance at the contents of the pack and slings it over his shoulder. Handing the rifle to Kronic he rushes out to grab Cormac, calling back over his shoulder to Kronic “See if he has any ammo on him” as he nods to the dead Mongoliant.

    Cobb will grab Cormac in a fireman’s carry and rush back to the wall.

    “I think I can carry him but you guys’ll have to keep them off of me.” With that, he brandishes his spear in one hand to (hopefully) keep any attacker at a small distance as they move through the complex.

  3. If Thrak is able to make out the two guards crouching in the doorway to the dome, he will pull out his pistol to provide covering fire for the rest of the party. At this close range he should be able to prove effective.

    If he can’t spy the guards well enough to take a couple of confident shots, then Thrak runs out with Cobb to retrieve the wounded Cormac. Assuming (with the Luck re-roll) that the floating door didn’t fly back as far as with the first shot, Thrak will pick up the door to provide cover for Cobb and Cormac.

  4. Well well… I’ll take a look and see if the Mutants with the rifles appear to be reloading. If they are reloading I will charge them and engage in melee (keeping away from any fire that may come from inside).

    If they are about to shoot again I will try and make em pay by firing the rifle that Cobb gave me. I will then move in between the enemy and my comrades… firing as often as the rifle will let me.

  5. Cobb: The supplies are stowed in piles behind the barrier, not a pack on the mongoliant. Looks mostly like rations and food bars, plus some dirty magazines. (GM makes a quick Scav Scan / Perception check for Cobb.) Wait a minute; what’s this?

    The mongoliant guard *did* have something decent on him. An Ancient grenade was tucked into his pants! (10 XP; just don’t ask how Cobb found it.)

    Thrak: I’m afraid that in the darkness of the Lost City, the mongoliants in the arena doorway are beyond your range of vision. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – Jumrak can’t see them either. (You’ll have to trust Vash’s assertation that they’re there.)

    Kronic: Cobb hands you some kind of Ancient blaster rifle; you’ve never seen anything like it before. There’s just something that looks like a battery where you’d expect the ammo to go. Worked for the mongoliant, though – how complicated can it be?

  6. With Thrak’s vision so gods’-cursed confined, he must trust to the guidance of his comrades for much of his actions. Knowing that, he opts for the action that will see him heft the discarded door and shield Cobb’s attempt to retrieve the injured Cormac.

  7. Seeing that Cobb and Thrak have Cormac taken care of, I’ll take the lead and try to punish anything that tries to get in our way. I’ll be quite happy to get out of the way of the artillery! Although rushing towards snipers I can’t quite see might not be good for my health… but I have faith that the gods will protect me from these wretched followers of evil.

  8. Cormac does not, and possibly cannot, resist any action to help get him out of the fray, but unfortunately he can’t assist either. He is mentally drained, and now physically drained. Cormac now has to depend on his strong spirit, even if it has been recently shaken, and his comrades.

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