20 – Dockside Story

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(The map below right depicts the stadium area – click on it for a bigger version. Your motley crew is approaching Area #10 in your boat.)

(For some reason, the GM rolls secret Intellect checks for the party)

Stadium Map

Thrakazog rattles his chains a little and grumbles in what he hopes is interpreted as a sullen but cowed manner. He readies his pistol for action once he can make out the two mutants by the docks, and quietly reminds the rest of boat, especially Kronic, his fellow fake slave, that the mutants on the dock need to be overwhelmed as quickly as possible once the first opportunity arises. As soon as the first of the crew makes a move, all others need to move in concert to swarm.

Kronic snaps back: “Forget about that revolver Thrak! If this goes down all we need is to make a couple loud gun shots to have the whole Mongolian Empire smash down on us. We gotta do this the fun… ugly-way.” *Kronic flashes his claws for a second.*

Thrak acknowledges Kronic’s subtle, kindly advice and eschews the revolver for his hefty, two-handed wrench slung at his side. He keeps the revolver handy, for quick access, in case things turn uglier than they already are. He quietly jokes, “I’d say that I intend to brain ‘em right between the eyes, but I don’t know if that’s the right way to go!”

The boat slowly moves towards the dock, and Kronic continues in a whisper: “Now if we do get a chance to talk to the Mongolian lord how are we going to approach him? He isn’t likely to have a nice piece of work for us to do as misfits and help us out of here, he’ll probably eat or enslave us unless we can defeat them. I ain’t no planner but this looks likes a rumble to me either way… You think we can sort out some sort of beneficial arrangement with this lord guy… it not like we have anything worth trading?”

(Cormac speaks up for a moment – “I think they call themselves ‘Mongoliants’, not ‘Mongolians’…”)

Ignoring him, Kronic goes on: “I say we just roll these two as fast as possible… If they decide to take us to the Lord is there any plan anyone can come up with that couple create a mutually beneficial arrangement with these guys we can use against the slavers? I am still in the revenge game…”

Jumrak agrees. “Let’s take out these demons and get out of here. Enough is enough. If these things try anything, I’ll send them back to hell where they belong.”

Kronic nods. “I figure we try and frame the slavers for this raid. Which means we may have to take something from these freaks and plant it in the slavers camp…” (Kronic gets 20 XP for this clever idea.)

“I’m not much of a brawler guys, but I’ll follow your lead. If nothing else, maybe we can trade ‘Blinky’ for our lives.” Cobb gnashes his teeth in preparation for a surprise bite and waits to land.

Vash looks to Cobb. “Hey now, let’s not give up Blinky just yet.”

Cormac wasn’t too keen on leaving the boat unattended – but now that he’s closer to the dock he spots additional boats there. If he brings up Lord Sogor, these creatures are likely to just do their duty and their guard will be down. Either they will get to meet the head honcho, or the group takes out these mutants silently the moment they turn their backs. Cormac figures this is as good as any other option…

You are approaching very close to the docks now and Cormac shouts to the guards: “You may escort us to Lord Sogor. We will leave a guard at our boat, of course.”

At the Docks


Upon hearing Cormac speak Lord Sogor’s name, the mongoliant guards relax. Peeking into their minds, Cormac knows that they were still debating whether to take you to Sogor or take you up on your ‘offer’ directly, but now they’ve settled on the Sogor option.

Still picking up on their thoughts, Cormac relays to the group that one of the mongoliants (the one with the blaster rifle) will remain behind cover and watch as the second mongoliant (who apparently isn’t armed with an Ancient rifle) approaches the boat and leads the party to Lord Sogor.

You don’t like the idea of having to deal with an armed mongoliant behind cover, but at least this way you’ll vastly outnumber the single guard at the dock. Your unfortunate victim, armed with a large improvised polearm of some sort, stands up and begins marching towards you.

You’re close enough to the docks to get a better look now – and close enough the mongoliant approaching your group can get a look at you. This spot is hidden in a small cove that can’t be seen from the ‘main’ part of the Lost City. The dock itself is made of lashed wooden logs and is very sturdy, and to it are moored three long wooden boats (each large enough to carry ten human-sized creatures, or four mongoliants), complete with oars. You imagine that the mongoliants use these boats to trade with the slavers, and to provide the mongoliants with dominance over this stretch of the river.

As your boat reaches the dock itself, the mongoliant guard walks towards you (but remains at about ‘medium’ range). In crude Gutterspeak, he says “Leave no one. All see Lord Sogor.”

“Let’s take him.” whispers Kronic. “Thrak and I will lead. Wait until we’re close…”

Cormac speaks to the guard. “As you wish. We will tie our boat here and go with you.”

Your group climbs out of your boat and onto the dock. Kronic and Thrak stand in front, clutching their chains, with Cobb and Jumrak behind them acting as ‘guards’. Cormac stands further back, acting as ‘leader’, while Vash lashes your boat to the dock. The mongoliant remains at the far end of the dock, close to land.

You walk up the dock, approaching your foe…

(Your entire group will need to make Charisma checks vs. an Intellect check from the guard, otherwise he’ll catch on that not everything is right. Because he’s not expecting anything from you, you’ll all get a +5 on the roll. If he beats you by more than 10, he figures things out away.)

(Charisma checks, in marching order: Kronic 4 + 3 + 5 = 12, Thrak 17 + 1 +5 = 23, Cobb 18 + 2 + 5 = 25, Jumrak 2 + 1 + 5 = 8, Cormac 11 + 9 + 5 = 25, and Vash 9 + 9 + 5 = 23. Mongoliant rolls Intellect: 6 + 1 = 7. You beat him by 1; he’s flat-footed and completely caught by surprise!)

The hulking freak clutches his weapon as you near him but doesn’t notice your lack of slaver brands, or that the ‘chains’ are just carried, or that the slaves are *armed*. Cormac doesn’t pick up *any* hint of suspicion or fear in the brute’s simple mind. You’ll just have to put the poor fool out of his misery.

(I’ll roll initiative for the whole group, but only the front four combatants will be able to strike at the mongoliant in the surprise round. I assume you’ll all be using melee weapons (for now). Initiative: Kronic 3 + 2 = 5, Thrak 14, Cobb 3 + 2 = 5, Jumrak 15, Cormac 19 + 1 = 20, Vash 9 + 1 = 10. Order is Cormac, Jumrak, Thrak, Vash, then Kronic and Cobb)

The mongoliant stands aside to let your group pass. You’re pressing your luck, getting so close to the mutant. Finally, Cormac can’t take it anymore. “Now!” he says (and holds the rest of his actions in case he’s needed later this round), and you swarm as one…

Jumrak’s hand was resting on his fire axe. In a single smooth motion, he draws it back and swings at the creature’s legs. (Attack roll 17 + 5 = 22. Definitely a hit. Damage is 6 + 3 = 9.) The axe bites into the creature’s calloused flesh, and he growls in surprise!

Dropping the chains and pulling out his heavy wrench, Thrak swings at the mongoliant from the other side. (Attack is 7 + 6 = 13. Hit for 2 + 3 = 5 damage.) Thrak just clips the guard’s shoulder, who doesn’t even seem to notice.

Vash holds his action, remaining back and behind the group, figuring the heavies could handle the big guys. They will need him to patch them up if they get into a serious fight. They will definitely need each other to survive…

Nearly simultaneously, Kronic and Cobb both lunge directly onto the mongoliant, attacking with natural weapons. (Kronic takes two swings as a full attack, rolls are 5 + 6 = 11 and 12 + 6 = 18. One hit for 2 + 3 = 5. Cobb’s Attack roll is 15 + 2 = 17. Damage is 6 + 1 = 7, plus the wound will bleed in subsequent rounds) Their savage attacks nearly bring the hulking freak to his knees, but – howling with rage now – he manages to retain his footing.

Another hit or two and the mongoliant is done!


Above the general panic from the mongoliants, Cormac then picks up a stray thought that disturbs him greatly…

“Dumb bastards.” thinks the guard still in hiding. “Even if they try to escape, the gunners will take them out.”


With a sudden knot of fear in the pit of his stomach, Cormac glances towards the artillery piece that you spotted atop the building near the stadium (Map Area #2). It’s pointing right towards you. You were so caught up with the guards at the docks, you forgot about the big guns!

(Yes, I am a rat-bastard GM.)

In the midst of battle, Cormac clears his throat and speaks up: “Uh, guys. We have a problem…” He points towards the massive gun so that you all can see it.

What are your actions?

(The mongoliants will be able to roll for Initiative next round. From the detailed map above, you’ve got a better idea now of the site layout. Vash still has his held action, in case he wants to use it now.)


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9 Responses to “20 – Dockside Story”

  1. Maybe I’m a rat-bastard GM, but I did make Perception checks last post to notice the gunners tracking your movement, and Intellect checks this post to remember the threat. And before you get mad – you should have *seen* those rolls! I think the highest was a 5!

    I guess it’s just really dark in the Lost City…

  2. Thrak apprises the hulking Mongoliant that’s nearly done in; he glances over at Cormac as the man shouts and points; and he looks up with foreboding at the artillery nest when Cormac raises his arm and points. He can’t see much up there, but he knows it must be bad. Thrak pieces together their discussion in the boat on the way over and applies what perspective he can to where Cormac is pointing and what possible threat could be up there… the artillery piece! It must be manned! He curses to himself and the dark in which they’re mired.

    “Don’t take him down yet!” Thrak shouts to the rest of the group, grasping the only hope that occurred. “Stay between him and the guns, and pray they won’t sacrifice their own!” He resists the urge to pull out his pistol and fire impotently up in the direction of the huge gun.

    “Try and herd this guy over to his buddy with the rifle…”

  3. Get your comments in – I’m writing up a new post tomorrow!

  4. With the dead Mongoliant just laying there, Vash moves to pick up his dropped weapon, bringing it up to level it either at the remaining Mongo or at the gun turret. “To the side of the building. I don’t think it can get us there. The angle is too hard to reach.” The big guys can kill within reach, at least he can cover with distance now.

  5. (I assume this will be your action once the first mongoliant is dealt with…)

  6. Cobb dashes for cover from the big gun’s line of sight. “Damn! That gun might just punch a hole through the damned wall! Okay, I have an idea. How about we hold our fire and pretend that the goons attacked us? They couldn’t have overheard anything from that distance so we’ll tell them that we came in peace, told the guards as much and when we stepped from the boat, the one over here said ‘kill them’ . We just fought to defend ourselves, yadda yadda. We just have to figure out an excuse for their leader.”

  7. Cormac worries that they’re going to end up shot to pieces, and it might be too far to try and reason (ie. trick) the guards at the guns into anything. Being that it’s quite far, and dark to boot, Cormac decides a little camoflauge might be in order. He tries to scan for an object large enough to hide him, but light enough for him so he can use his power to make a moving shield. Hopefully the gunners won’t notice a slowly moving piece of debris…

  8. (There’s some rusted sheets of metal nearby that could provide adequate cover. Note that Cormac will have to break concentration on his ‘Read Thoughts’ power to activate ‘Telekinesis’.)

  9. What are they going on about? I’m trying to take out this abomination here…

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