19 – A Cunning (?) Plan

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The Lost City (Detailed Map)

The blaster fire breaks Jumrak’s silence – it was close enough for even him to see. “We need to take cover – we should strive to get behind anything to avoid being hit by that thing! A direct hit would no doubt infect us with a disease from the Ancients’ time, or maybe even send us directly to hell!”

With rising panic, his voice cracks: “If we keep moving, it will be harder for them to hit us!” and he starts pumping the oars.

Vash, too, is worried. He ducks low into the boat as the light flashes, blowing water into the air. “Don’t shoot!” He yells out. He turns his head and concentrates on the words of the mutant guards, trying to decipher, trying to pick up bits and pieces. He looks back towards the land and yells.

“We are friendly! Not Slavers! Permission to Land!” He really hopes he translates that correctly…

(Vash makes a Cunning Linguist check against DC 15. The roll is 4 + 8 = 12. He garbles the message; did Vash just ask for permission *not* to slave?)

“Shhh!” says Thrakazog sharply. Raising his hand for quiet, Thrak calms Jumrak and Vash (for the moment). “What did they say?” he asks.

Cobb quickly translates for everyone’s benefit. Blackthorn? Mongoliant lands? Thrak’s eyes light up (literally; something with his ‘glowing’ flaw?) and a plan begins to hatch…

“Follow my lead here, guys.” Thrak begins to whisper his plan to the rest of the boat.

Moments Later:


The whispers amongst your group are silenced by another warning. From behind their barrier, one of the guards shouts out: “What did you say? Leave, slavers! We fire now!”

With the boat still moving slowly and carefully towards the docks, Cormac rises to a standing position so the mutants on shore can see him clearly. “Peace, brothers!” the oddly compelling man declares out loud (in Gutterspeak). “No doubt you heard some of the uproar from the stockade yesterday. Some slaves got loose and we were forced to kill most before we had an uprising. But two got out before the gate was barred. We tracked them to the shore and think they may have crossed to hide. Blackthorn sent us to round them up, and sends two slaves with us to give to Mongoliant for your trouble.” He glances at Thrakazog and Kronic, who have hidden their weapons and clutch at chains so as to appear restrained.

Cormac pauses very briefly. “Free to you – for permission to land briefly.”

(A Charisma check for Cormac, at a *minimum* of DC 25 since the guards are suspicious from Vash’s mistranslation. Let the dice fall where they may! 17 + 9 = 28. Ha! That’s enough to at least cause them to pause and consider your offer…)

There’s something about Cormac’s voice that makes you want to believe him. You’re able to hear the guards muttering amongst themselves, but they hold their fire. Your little boat continues towards the docks, and Cormac reaches out with his mind, trying to read their thoughts…

(When you hit medium range, Cormac activates his ‘Read Thoughts’ psionic power, burning 3 ISP in the process. The mutant guards have to roll a Charisma save against DC 16; results are 14 and 11… their minds are open to Cormac!)

The creatures thoughts are crude, but cunning. They are debating between two options: #1, to allow you to land, then ambush the boat (keeping it secret from someone they call “Lord Sogor”) and eat you all. Or #2, allow you to land, then lead you to Lord Sogor for him to figure out what to do. They can’t quite decide – but either way they seem inclined to let you land.

They certainly don’t perceive your group as a threat – that much Cormac can pick up from them…

“It’s working.” whispers Cormac. “They’re going to let us land.” The charismatic mutant resumes his seat and attempts to appear confident-looking.

As the boat approaches the docks, Kronic whispers to Thrakazog. “I’m not too keen about this, freak.”

Thrak’s response is unsteady at best: “I, uh, think I know what I’m doing.” He idly thumbs the revolver he spent time investigating after receiving it from Cobb.

(Fun plan. 50 XP to Thrak for that one, and 25 XP to Cormac for pulling it off (so far). Oh, and 25 XP to Kronic for being a good sport and 25 XP to Vash for making the Charisma check interesting. Cormac will be able to maintain his psionic power until he does something significant to break his concentration.)

You’re still far enough to break off and row away, if you wish. Or you can continue onwards. What are your actions?


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9 Responses to “19 – A Cunning (?) Plan”

  1. I almost forgot. The GM rolls some Perception checks for the party, in secret.

    (Evil grin.) Don’t worry. Everything looks fine…

  2. Thrakazog hears Cormac’s reassurance that the cobbled-together plan seems to be working so far, and his initial fears ease somewhat. He rattles his chains a little and grumbles in what he hopes is interpreted as a sullen but cowed manner. He readies his pistol for action once he can make out the two mutants by the docks, and quietly reminds the rest of boat, especially Kronic, his fellow fake slave, that the mutants on the dock need to be overwhelmed as quickly as possible once the first opportunity arises. As soon as the first of the crew makes a move, all others need to move in concert to swarm.

    Of course, that’s assuming all are close enough to the mutants to attack at once…

  3. Well… nothing ventured nothing gained. If you got their thoughts you keep contact… if they decide to ambush us you yell out. Forget about that Revolver Thrak!!! If this goes down all we need is to make a couple loud gun shots to have the whole Mongolian Empire smash down on us. We gotta do this the fun….ugly-way. *Kronic flashes his claws for a second*

    Now if we do get a chance to talk to the Mongolian lord how are we going to approach him? He isn’t likely to have a nice piece of work for us to do as misfits and help us out of here, he’ll probably eat or enslave us unless we can defeat them. I ain’t no planner but this looks likes a rumble to me either way…

    You think we can sort out some sort of beneficial arrangement with this lord guy… it not like we have anything worth trading?

  4. I still say we just roll these two as fast as possible… If they decide to take us to the lord and we know that before hand is there any plan anyone can come up with that couple create a mutaully benefitial arrangement with these guys we can use against the slavers? I am still in the revenge game…

    Otherwise I figure we try and frame the slavers for this raid…

    Which means we may have to take something from these freaks and plant it in the slavers camp…

  5. Thrak acknowledges Kronic’s subtle, kindly advice and eschews the revolver for his hefty, two-handed wrench slung at his side. He keeps the revolver handy, for quick access, in case things turn uglier than they already are. He quietly jokes, “I’d say that I intend to brain ’em right between the eyes, but I don’t know if that’s the right way to go!”

  6. “I’m not much of a brawler guys, but I’ll follow your lead. If nothing else, maybe we can trade ‘Blinky’ for our lives.” Cobb gmashes his teeth in preparation for a surprise bite and waits to land.

  7. Cormac is not too keen on leaving the boat unattended – there’s no obvious alternative to the boat to get us back to the hideout. If he brings up Lord Sogor, these creatures are likely to just do their duty and their guard will be down. Either they will get to meet the head honcho, or the group takes out these mutants silently the moment they turn their backs. Cormac figures this is as good as any other option – tell the shore guard to escort them to Lord Sogor while leaving someone to stay with the boat, or rid the wicked world of these vile aberrations. It may not be particularly wise to split up the group, but it might be necessary.

  8. Let’s take out these demons and get out of here. Enough is enough. If these things try anything, I’ll send them back to hell where they belong.

  9. Vash has been relatively quiet since his translation flub. He remains back and behind the group, figuring the heavies could handle the big guys. They will need him to patch them up if they get into a serious fight. They will definitely need each other to survive. He looks to Cobb. “Hey now, let’s not give up Blinky just yet.” He says as he follows.

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