18 – Warning Shot

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(Another ‘game style’ question. Do you prefer for me to work all your comments into each post, or to leave the player comments as-written and continue the story from where they left off?)

The Lost City (Detailed Map)

You’ve set up a lair on the uppermost executive level of your tower in the flooded quarter, and stashed some of your gear here for storage (including ‘Blinky’, your pet robot, locked in a desk). Next, you set out to find some water and food.

Following Jumrak’s earlier suggestion, you decide to boil the water from the flooded quarter before drinking it. You make a small fire in the washroom of the first floor above-water and Cobb finds a bucket hidden in a washroom stall (it’s made of some heat-resistant plastic). After boiling the water, you refill all your waterskins, canteens, and water bottles.

Your little group also manages to construct crude fishing rods using debris found amongst the office building. Fishing out of a window on the first storey, you do catch a few small albino cave fish – enough to whet your appetites but not nearly enough for an actual meal. (And the bats don’t return. No albino bat stew for you.) Before too long it’s obvious that unless you want to starve to death you’ll have to venture back out into the Lost City before long.

You also take this time to become better acquanted with on another (see the PC descriptions for each character). Jumrak remains notably silent; though you know much of his history from previous conversations… And Thrakazog manages to avoid most of your questions as well.

Meanwhile, you continue to observe the Lost City from your rooftop lookout. There is definitely smoke, as if from campfires, rising above the mysterious dome. In the dim photoluminescent fungal light you can make out some type of large artillery piece near the dome, as well as some docks. There isn’t any major activity during your watch, but you do hear some moans and howls coming from a barricaded area (map area #11) adjacent to the flooded quarter. There are also some animalistic hoots from the distance, but you can’t make out the source.

Eventually, hunger (and curiousity) wins out and after some deliberation you decide to investigate the dome.

On The Water

Packing yourselves into the small rowboat, you head off again across the water. As you near the ‘island’ containing the dome, you re-aquant yourselves with the view from water level. This part of the Lost City seems particularly silent and dismal; a swamp of marshy ground, ruined buildings, and thick mist rolling in from the underground river cutting it off from the rest of the city. The distant hoots and hollers of unknown city creatures seem lost here. Dominating the cracked and ruined rooftops is a huge domed building in the distance, to the south.

Deciding to make use of the existing infrastructure, you make your way towards the docks. Even from a distance, you can see two large humanoid figures hunched along the shoreline. (The GM makes some Perception checks for the NPCs in secret.) They spot you at long range and immediately take cover behind a low barrier constructed along the shore. You catch a better glimpse of them just before they duck for cover. (The GM next rolls Perception checks for the PCs.)

The two are heineously deformed mutants, larger than man-sized, their gigantic deformed bodies covered in patches of loose stringy hair, loose folds of flesh, and seas of gross, unsightly bumps. Eyes are located randomly across the faces of each individual; knobby teeth sprout abruptly from chins, jaws, and even foreheads. Surprisingly, each appears to be armed with rifles of some sort…

Suddenly, a brilliant pencil-thin beam of light flashes across the bow of your rowboat! The mutants at the docks are firing some type of energy weapon in your direction! The blast strikes the water, which hisses loudly as it suddenly boils. These monstrous creatures are armed with high-tech weaponry from before the Fall!

From behind the barrier, one of the mutants shouts (in Gutterspeak): “Go away! Blackthorn knows not to intrude on Mongoliant lands! We will come to the stockade when we need to trade for slaves!”

What do you do?


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7 Responses to “18 – Warning Shot”

  1. We need to take cover – we should strive to get behind *anything* to avoid being hit by that thing. A direct hit would no doubt infect us with a disease from the ancients’ time, or maybe even send us directly to hell. If we keep moving, it will be harder for them to hit us!

  2. Thrakazog hears only the muttering of his companions at having seen some horribly deformed mutants dive for cover before his own small circle of vision is illuminated by a tiny beam of light directly in front of the unstable row boat. He hears one of the duo warn the group away and a plan begins to hatch.

    “Follow my lead here, guys,” Thrak whispers to the rest of the boat. “I, uh, think I know what I’m doing.”

    With nothing more than that, Thrak rises slowly and carefully to a standing position so the mutants on shore can see his full size. “Peace, brothers!” the huge man declares out loud. “No doubt you heard some of the uproar from the stockade yesterday. Some slaves got loose and we were forced to kill most before we had an uprising. But two got out before the gate was barred. We tracked them to the shore and think they may have crossed to hide. Blackthorn sent us to round them up, and sends two slaves with us to give to Mongoliant for your trouble.” Thrakazog pauses very briefly. “Free to you for permission to land briefly.”

    The softly glowing man resumes his seat and attempts to appear confident-looking. He waits to catch a glimpse of the two mutants on the shore and idly thumbs the revolver he spent time investigating after receiving it from Cobb.

    Again Thrakazog whispers, “So, which of you two want to pretend to be slaves before we get a chance to throttle these guys?”

  3. Excellent plan! Except for one major flaw…

    Thrakazog doesn’t know Gutterspeak! He won’t have any idea what is being said unless someone translates for him.

    (Let’s assume someone *has* been translating. Perhaps Thrak can volunteer as ‘slave’?)

  4. Um, perhaps somebody else gave that speech, or something like it, and I volunteer to act as one of the slaves once we (hopefully) ground the boat safely?

  5. Cormac knows that he can convince these slugs to stop firing at them. Somehow he’s always been a little captivating…

    OOC: I think this plan is just the kind of thing Cormac is all about, so I would say Cormac should be the one giving the speech with Thrak as one of the slaves (great dialog, BTW). If he can get line of sight, Cormac will try to use his “read thoughts” power.

  6. That’s tricky, but we don’t know what these guys do to slaves… they could be food for all we know! Besides our volunteers will have to go in unarmed and without gear. I am not keen on this but that means I am one of the best suited to be slaves, with me claws and all…

    If we get ashore and we can roll these two without alerting the others we should do it, and leave something that would be linked back to the slavers. The mutants may retaliate and if they do we can raid the dome while they attack the slavers.

  7. Vash ducks low into the boat as the light flashes across the distances, blowing water into the air. “Don’t shoot!” He yells out. He turns his head and concentrates on their words, trying to decipher, trying to pick up bits and pieces. He looks back towards the land and yells.

    “We are friendly! Not Slavers! Permission to Land!” He really hopes he translates that correctly.

    (ooc: Also hoping the Cunning Linguist roll goes well)

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