17 – Roof With A View

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(Lots of quick player comments from the last post. I’ve rewritten them into this post and provided some more info to ponder before you decide what to do next…)

Vash checks on Cobb once he is pulled from the debris. He pats him on the shoulder. “Next time you might want to also look up.” He tries to joke.

“Thanks Vash. Sometimes I get a little too excited over this kind of stuff” Cobb chuckles.

With the tower explored, Vash looks around the large decorated office. “Well… what shall we do next? Anyone need to rest?” He points to the couches outside. “We have a nice place to lay up. Maybe even defensible. If not, we can break up the couches and bring up the fabric and cushions with us. They would make nice bedrolls…maybe even coats?.”

Cobb looks around: “You have a good point. This place is very defensible. We could probably stash our stuff here and explore the rest of the ruins, and then find a way out.”

Thrakazog pipes up: “Good idea on stashing the loot here for the time being, Cobb,” he says. “The boat’s sitting pretty heavy in the water as it is and we don’t want to risk ourselves any more than we already are. Or we can just leave the stuff under the overturned boat when we get across the way.”

Kronic says “We’ll probably have to ferry this stuff over in the boat while leaving some people behind… adding the robot and this stuff to an already tips boat spells ruin for our good loot!!!”

Cobb responds: “Nah; I think it’ll be better to keep our stuff here. Maybe get our bearings, and then fetch our swag and hit the road.”

After consideration, the group agrees to set up a ‘hidey-hole’ on the top floor. You can stash your excess gear and swag here and use this building as a secure base to explore the rest of the Lost City from. (I’ll assume that you leave behind the books, the robot, and your broken shotgun here. Any other loot to stash?)

You also take the time to construct a few more crude torches from the debris in the tower. (They don’t burn very long, and sputter with an evil-smelling smoke, but they provide enough light to see by.)

(You take time to identify all remaining building hazards – weak floors and ceilings, loose glass, etc. – on the executive level, and set up a stash here. I’ve added information on your ‘lair’ to the Player Characters page. 15 XP to Cobb for the plan. You also use materials from the furniture to construct bedrolls, as Vash suggested. 10 XP for that idea, by the way, Vash.)

While consolodating your loot, Cobb examines the Ancient revolver further. “This is a nice gun, but I’m not the steadiest shot.” he says. “One of you would probably make better use of it. Any takers?”

Thrak offers to take the hand-gun from Cobb, figuring a revolver is better at close range and not meant for distance shots like the other weapons you’ve acquired (and gods know that Thrak isn’t going to be taking any long shots any time soon).

Thrakazog also casts a leery glance towards the small, blinking machine of the Ancients. He’s all for trading it after this little adventure is over, but having an unknown thing in his presence, surely capable of acts that remain undiscovered, is worth a little caution. Jumrak may be a little over-reactive when it comes to these sorts of relics most of the time, but there will be at least two of this crew that will be watching ‘Blinkie’ out of the corner of their eyes.

You realize that Jumrak has been ominously silent ever since you found the device…

Meanwhile, Vash looks to the books in the executive’s office, trying to decipher them and seeing if they are worth anything of use. Cormac joins him, pulling one from the shelf.

(Intellect checks to decipher script; Base DC 15. Rolls are 12 + 8 = 20 for Vash and 19 + 8 = 27 for Cormac. 10 XP to each of you.)

This poor soul seems to have collected a rather uninspiring collection of texts. You’re able to translate the following titles:

    Getting Things Done: What The Worlds Greatest Managers Do Differently
    Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t
    Ultimate Sales Machine
    The Secret Methods that Turned Ordinary People into Legendary Traders
    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team : A Leadership Fable
    48 Laws Of Power
    You: On A Diet : The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management

Listening to the titles, Cobb figures that there’s nothing here that will command a premium on the market, but any Ancient books still fetch a worthwhile price. There’s probably about sixty books here, mostly hardcovers, but you won’t be able to lug them all out at once, unless you find some porters. (And also assuming you find a way out of the Lost City!)

Thrak wonders aloud if there’s any way you can get up onto the roof of this building, to get your bearings and perhaps spot a way out that has remained hidden at the ground and water level. (25 XP for the idea; I hadn’t thought of that.)

Taking another look at the top level of the stairwell, you notice a trapdoor in the ceiling, offering access to the rooftop. With a little effort, you are able to open the door. It’s an easy climb for Thrak (given his size), and he’s able to help the rest of you up top as well.

The Lost City (Detailed Map)

The view is good, and you’re able to see the city from a slightly different perspective. (Here’s a ‘revised’ map; click on it for a larger image. The numbers are consistent with the map areas that I’ve given so far. GM makes some Perception checks, in secret.)

You’re not quite sure, but you think there might be smoke (as from a campfire) rising from cracks in the dome…

After sightseeing, you descend back to your ‘lair’. You’re out of food and water, and have recently rested, so you’re not too keen on hanging out here for too long. Water won’t be a problem, as long as you don’t mind drinking it from the Flooded Quarter.

What are your actions? Unless you decide otherwise, I will assume that the group returns to the boat and paddle across to the large domed structure…


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8 Responses to “17 – Roof With A View”

  1. “Nice view. Maybe we should take advantage of it for a little while to see if we can catch a glimpse of whatever is holed up in that dome. Looks like more buildings off in the opposite direction too.

    That dome makes me think of a story I heard once when I was a kid. The ancients used to hold contests and games, fights, that sort of thing, in domes like that. Do you think the slavers might do the same with the slaves?” Cobb shudders at the thought. “I don’t like the idea of walking right into the waiting arms of those slavers again. My stomach votes for scavenging some food but my mind votes for a patient watch.”

  2. Stashing his new briefcase of books with the rest of the loot the group intends to come back for eventually, Thrak peers vainly into the haze of darkness in an effort to see any sign of campfire, or even of the dome itself. He nearly convinces himself he can see an outline of the dome, but it’s too far away to be sure. He is sure, though, that he’s hungry.

    “Look, guys, aside from the initial pursuit after we escaped from the slavers (gods rot their foul souls!), we haven’t seen any real signs of life around here. We have this place to stash our stuff, and I think waiting any longer is just going to be a waste of time.” Thrak doesn’t mention how hungry he’s starting to feel, but that plays no small role in his drive to keep moving.

    “And another thing, whether or not we decide to stay here for a little longer, how about we find a box or something – like, with a lid – to stash our little blinking friend in? If we’re just going to leave ‘it’ here while we row across to the dome, I want to know that it’s not going anywhere on its own while we’re gone. I don’t trust something so foreign.”

    With that, Thrak scavenges the executive level looking for a container of some sort to keep the ominously blinking machine confined, and provide himself a little more peace of mind.

  3. Would the corpse’s suit fit Cormac? Even bloodstained clothing is better than the rags he’s wearing now.

  4. Good thinking on this place! Kronic’s not the brightest fellow and is glad he has some smrt friends… He is keen to give those slavers ‘the what for!’ and Cobb’s story about the dome having fighting sort of things definately makes Kronic want to check it out! Might be some good swag there for fightin! Also if those are campfires then someone is cooking. Which means we can get some food!

    If we can not find a box maybe there is a small room we can stuff the blinkie in and bar the door…. (there a closet around here we can stuff him in and jam the door??)

  5. Cormac: The suit fits. (If the suit fits, wear it?)

    Simon, Kronic: Taking a second look at the secretary’s desk, you find the key to the large desk drawer. You put ‘blinky’ into the drawer and lock it tight.

  6. Vash looks at Kronic as he tries to hide Blinkie. “What’s wrong? He’s harmless. No power to little power.” He pauses as it hits him. Is there actually working batteries? He takes a look in a few drawers and even look for a supply cabinet.

    When the search is over, he follows the rest to the roof, looking out to the city. “Is it me, or are there like two or three armed camps out there.” He points to the Domed building, towards a building by the water. “Is that a…cannon?” He says squinting in the low light.

    “Well, One we can go over there and see what’s going on,” He comments. “Two, we can stay here and put a watch to see if we can identify what is going on before we try to make a trip.” He looks to Cobb. “If we can stay, we can try to see if we can anything to eat. Maybe there is fish in that water. Who knows, maybe those Bats you found might be tasty.” He nods his head to the water. “We can try to find a clean source in this building or try to boil some of that water for drinking water.”

  7. Indeed, there does appear to be artillery of some sort set up by the dome. There definitely wasn’t anything like that at the slaver stockade…

    Since I’m in a good mood, I’ll do a DC 20 Luck check for Vash to see if there happens to be some batteries that you ‘missed’ in the previous searches. Roll is 6 + 1 = 7. Nope; you’ve done a good job finding all the decent gear – only junk remains.

    The water outside the building appears reasonably fresh. Better than the silty stuff near the bum’s hideout. Speaking of the bum’s hideout, you saw a fishing rod there – but no one mentioned that they were taking it. There’s probably enough stuff in this building to rig up fishing lines if you’d like.

  8. Upon further inspection, you believe you spot movement amongst the ‘docks’ near the stadium. You’re also pretty sure that you saw the large artillery gun rotate in its turret…

    There are occasional moans and howls emanating from Map Area #12 that sound the same as the mysterious noises you heard after escaping the slaver stockade.

    I don’t think you’re good enough fishermen to support all six of you, so you’ll have to pick a new destination sooner or later… I’ll assume you’re heading for the ‘dome’ if I don’t get any other direction before I write the next post. (I’m heading to wedding this weekend, so I suspect the next full post won’t be until Sunday.)

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