15 – Across the Water

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The Lost City

You decide to recuperate a bit and set up base at the beachfront property. You rest for long enough to get some sleep (setting up a rotating watch), have a meal (1 day’s worth of rations and water), and heal your wounds (1 hp + Endurance bonus, if any, assuming Vash doesn’t use his healing kit; all of Cormac’s ISP are restored).

Your rest period is uneventful and you have a chance to examine the water more carefully. From shore, the lake is strangely beautiful. This great expanse of dark brackish water appears to sit calmly and motionless, reflecting what little light is brought to bear on its surface. The sound of dripping water, and the distant waterfalls, echoes through the darkness at all hours. In the distance the dim silhouettes of old ruined buildings, jutting from the dark glassy water, can be seen just at the edge of vision. (Thrak and Jumrak have to have it explained to them.)

Note that you’ve consumed all the food and water that you grabbed from the slavers. Water shouldn’t be a problem here, – as long as you don’t mind drinking from the lake – but you’ll eventually get hungry. Also, your torch and candles have been expended.

Rested and sated, you continue with your strange journey through the Lost City – this time via rowboat. The little boat is full – almost overloaded – with all six of you aboard. You have to be very careful if you want to maneuver without going overboard. (Agility checks will be required if you encounter anything unusual.)

You set off across the water.

Mysterious Column (Map Area #9)

Your first destination is a small, nearby island.

Rising from the cobalt blue waters of the dim underground river stands this small rubble-strewn island, dominated by the sloping structure of some ancient building. No sign of a dock or landing is at all evident, though bats take to the air at your approach, vanishing into the vaulted cavern air above with a thundering of flapping wings. A gigantic column of steel and concrete, no doubt once tall enough to reach the roof of the cavern, now stands broken somewhere above in the deepening darkness.

Landing on the island would be a treacherous task, because the rubble here extends nearly to the surface of the water, threatening to gut any boat. (It would be a DC 18 Perception check to land here without damaging your rowboat.) You pass the small island and continue towards the larger piece of land.

Silent Stadium (Map Area #10)

This part of the Lost City seems particularly silent and dismal; a swamp of marshy ground, ruined buildings, and thick mist rolling in from the underground river cutting it off from the rest of the city. The distant hoots and hollers of unknown city creatures seem lost here. Dominating the cracked and ruined rooftops is a huge domed building in the distance, to the south.

The streets slope gently into the water here, giving an easy asphalt “beach” to land your boat on (no check required). You decide to carry on a bit further, however.

Flooded Quarter (Map Area #11)

This part of the city has apparently been flooded for decades. Various buildings stand from the cold dark water; their bottom floors vanish into the dark waves, their doors and old storefronts long lost to the rising water level.

Some buildings here are accessible by boat; others are not.

Southern Waterfalls (South of #23)

From the flooded quarter, you hear the noise of rushing water further south.

A deep river of pitch-black waters courses over the rough and broken ground here, forming tiny islands of sand or grainy limestone; ancient rubble, stonework, and broken masonry of old structures litter this waterway at various places along its course.

Mist rises in the distance; you suspect that the river continues south over waterfalls. (You *could* continue further in that direction, if you want to brave the falls.)

(With an evil grin, the GM make Luck checks for everyone. 14 + 2 = 16 for Cobb, natural 20 for Cormac, 14 + 4 = 18 for Jumrak, 18 + 3 = 21 for Kronic, 9 + 1 = 10 for Thrak, and 15 + 1 = 16 for Vash. Damn. Once again, everyone’s over 10.)

Well; you’ve got a lot of options. And if none of these areas seem inviting, you could row closer to shore and check out some of the other areas. What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “15 – Across the Water”

  1. Cobb examines the buildings in the flooded quarter. Do they look safe? Are they looted? Can we get the boat close?

  2. Vash glances in the direction that they came before looking back. “It’s better that we keep going forward.” He squints in the low light at the flooded quarter. “Maybe we can hole up there before heading further down? This river has got to empty out somewhere.”

    He takes a moment to look at everyone one the boat without moving. He doesn’t want to capsize the craft after all. He is just do a quick check to see if anyone is still injured.

  3. (GM makes a Perception check for Cobb; 17 + 4 = 21.)

    With smashed windows and collapsed roofs, most of the buildings in the flooded quarter have suffered severe damage and appear unsafe. However, there’s one sturdy-looking concrete structure that has fared better than the others. The water level happens to be almost level with one of floors; you figure you could maneuver your way to a window and crawl inside.

    Vash: You check out your companions. After your rest, folks are looking pretty good; however Kronic and Thrak could use some patching up.

    (PC status is also summarized on the 0.3 – Player Characters page on the sidebar. You can heal your companions for up to 4 hp using your healing kit.)

  4. Thrak thanks Vash for whatever medical aid he’ll lend. His wrists are still sore and raw from the escape and the struggle with the slaver wasn’t without its consequences.

    Nervous about approaching the sound of rushing water without being able to see any of what’s ahead, Thrak quickly voices his opinion to stay well away from the falls that are obviously to the south. Assuming that there’s been enough of a commentary provided to allow those who are hindered in the dark to get a sense for what has been seen so far, the large mutant suggests that the group can take a quick break in the lone sturdy structure here in the flooded quarter, root through the safe parts of the building to see if anything of value can be found, and then carry on back to the west where that monstrous dome rose by the river. Even Thrak could squint and make out part of its shape. If anything of value is to be found, surely a building so large would be one of the best places to search!

  5. Cormac peers around his allies and quickly surveys the flooded building. “All right then, but let’s not take too long here. And make sure we don’t lose the boat, we don’t want to get stranded out here.” he whispers. He knows that these kind of buildings make popular hideouts for riff-raff in other cities, but you’d have to be pretty comfortable in the water to hide out here.

  6. I can’t really see what’s going on, but I do know that this boat is a sneeze away from tipping over. I don’t really want to make a stop-over, but I don’t really want to take any chances with the others guiding it towards the flooded building. I’ll go where the boat goes, although I worry that this is not the gods’ will…

  7. Cobb is eager to check out the ruined building. Most of the ruins they’ve encountered have revealed nothing of potential value, but one Scav’s junk is another Scav’s treasure, so he prepares eagerly to clamber out of the boat and into the window.

    “I had better check it out for traps since it’s the only solid structure worth hiding anything in.”

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