14 – Prime Beachfront Property

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The Lost City

Your entire group has gathered in the alleyway outside the sports bar. Groans and howls can be heard rising from ruins (mostly towards map area #12), and it sounds like shouting has erupted again from the slaver stockade.

Kronic reloads his firearm (that’s it for his ammo). “Well; gig’s up!” he comments. “We gonna ambush these slavers or try and find some locals that don’t reek of disease and pull guns on strangers?” (He nods his head towards the gruesome body in the alleyway. The stench still hangs strongly in the air.) “…well at least don’t reek of disease.”

Kronic continues: “I say we head down the street some and check things out some more… stay to the sides, don’t cross the street and keep your heads down! Who knows whats in this creepy place. I hope the slicker has some good ideas ‘cuz I am clean out ‘cept brawling out of here.”

(Cormac – your party’s sole slicker – has zoned out again and left the heavy thinking to others.)

Cobb doesn’t like the sound of facing off against the slavers so soon after escaping. “Maybe we should head towards the water after all. We could follow it into the dark a ways and come back later, in a few hours when the dust has settled.”

(Jumrak sends an approving nod to Cobb; he’s happy that someone is listening to his reasonable suggestions…)

Cobb then continues: “Guys, we’re standing in a dream! There could be a lot of salvageable items here. We could make a few very profitable trades and live in a bit of comfort.” A glint of greed shines in Cobb’s albino pink eyes…

(Jumrak’s a bit surprised at Cobb’s assessment of the Lost City; the tech-hating mountain man is certainly uncomfortable in these ruins of the Ancients.) “Let’s get moving.” Jumrak says as he gathers this belongings, cutting off any further discussion.

Your group gathers your gear and (very carefully) proceeds down the street towards the water…

(Here’s an important roll; Luck checks all around. 11 + 2 = 13 for Cobb, 8 + 2 = 10 for Cormac, natural 20 for Jumrak, 15 + 3 = 18 for Kronic, 11 + 1 = 12 for Thrak, and 10 + 1 = 11 for Vash. Everyone’s over 10. Lucky bastards.)

Abandoned Building?

You leave the slaver shouts and mysterious howls behind and prowl onwards through the Lost City. By carefully skulking between buildings and moving swiftly across any open stretches, you avoid contact with the denizens of the ruins.

As you draw closer to the waterfront, more and more buildings have collapsed or suffered massive damage. It looks like the ground in this section of the city has slumped with. As you reach the end of the block, however, you see that the final building – lying precariously on the shores of the greenish underground lake – appears intact. Seems like a reasonable place to explore…

(This is area #22 on the map.)

You find an entry through a side door. As you enter the ruin, a familiar scent assaults your nostrils… It smells like you’ve found the dwelling of the bum that you murdered killed in self-defense.

“Phew!” says Thrakazog. “Maybe we would be better off outside…”

Cobb glances around. “I’d better check it out; make sure things are safe.”

(GM makes a Perception check for Cobb – 14 + 4 = 18. He’s doing a Scav Scan for traps or hazards, unsafe structures, and any useful loot.)

“Looks okay to me.” is Cobb’s assessment (though he is disappointed that there’s no salvage to be claimed).

Although the building is standing at an angle, it is still structurally sound. In addition to the stench, recent habitation is evident in the old blackened fire pit on the bottom floor, rearranged stones and rubble, and boarded up windows. There is a crude fishing rod by the fire, and what appear to be fish bones strewn about. You don’t find any indication that more than a single person was holing up here, nor do you find any valuables.

A side door leads out onto a narrow precipice of wood built on one side of the building, stretching out a short distance over the deep murky water. It’s a small improvised dock, completely hidden from view from the street! A wooden rowboat (oars intact) sits tethered to the dock, still usable…

What are your actions?


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7 Responses to “14 – Prime Beachfront Property”

  1. Is the water safe? We could use the boat to get around.

  2. Cormac peers around the building. It seems reasonably sturdy, but he takes time and care moving and looking to make sure he’s satisfied. He’s seen his share of mishaps from unsupported floors and flimsy walls.

    His attention shifts to the dock and boat. Water travel has never been Cormac’s favourite, but he’s had to put up with it on many occasions. He tries to establish whether this boat will work, how safe the dock is, what the water is like. He notices that there’s a separate part of the city on the other side of the “river” along the wall – that might be a better place to hide and rest before committing to travel plans. He’s ready to act.

    Quietly, he speaks, “alright. Let’s make sure this place isn’t a deathtrap. If the boat’s sturdy, we can sneak off to the other bank and take a break there (pointing). Let’s make this quick, and just as important, quiet.”

  3. I knew the gods would steer me right. It is as if Passic, god of the waters, spoke through me to guide us to this boat. I have faith that this find is proof that He will help us out of here over the underground stream. I think the quiet color-shifter said something, but I didn’t quite catch it. “We must take this boat, this godly offering, and take to the water!” I proclaim softly.

  4. Not wanting to dawdle more than we already have, Thrak steps tentatively into the boat – squinting for leaks and sniffing for rot – and assumes the oars.

    “How’s about somebody who can see a little ways sits at the back there and finds something to steer with? I can still *feel* the stench of that pustulant mutant on me and I want to put some water between me and it. And some space between all of us and whatever slavers are still looking for us would be even better.”

    Unless there are any objections or surprises from further ashore, Thrakazog waits until the rest of the crew boards and begins by giving the oars a few pulls to test the sturdiness of the wood. He mutters quietly to himself under his breath. It’s been many years since he’s gone this long in the dark — and that last time wasn’t by his own choice either.

  5. In answer to Cobb’s question about the water’s safety…

    Jumrak (your group’s outlander) uses his ‘Creep Detector’ class ability… (Perception check is 19 + 3 = 22.)

    “I wouldn’t drink it without boiling it first.” says Jumrak. “But we won’t die of thirst here, that’s for sure.”

  6. (Cormac was asking about the ruins across the ‘river’ in the Out-of-Character comments page…)

    The far side of the Lost City (map location #10) seems particularly silent and dismal; a swamp of marshy ground, ruined buildings, and thick mist rolling in from the underground river cutting it off from the rest of the city. Dominating the cracked and ruined rooftops is a huge domed building in the distance, to the south.

    (Also, note that the water flows very slowly from ‘north’ to ‘south’; not fast enough to impede movement at all. You can row wherever you want (as long as it’s accessible by water).)

  7. Well I don’t know nothing about water gods or providence… but the boat might be a way out of here, but I have to agree with Cobb there might be some loot here to make life easier on the outside in here. I figure we should explore some more but use this spot as a base…. I mean clean it up get it defensible. Then we can sortie out and collect loot and do some bashing! Besides I am pretty beat up still… I could use a break before we go boating… we should keep an eye on the water for a bit first too… there may be more than fish out there.”

    *Lets take the time to get ourselves a bit of a base of operations here and try and get a feel for the city. We know there are nasty creatures and slavers about lets hope they have scared most other hostile things away*

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