Starting Talents

Okay; time to introduce my first ‘retroactive rule change’ for the game. I want to add a 1st level ‘starting talent’ for all characters. You can pick an additional talent for your PC – we’ll assume ‘he always had it’ – but you have to ‘regress’ your character back to 1st level in terms of meeting prerequisites.

The ‘Talents’ pages have been updated with new material:

Many of the descriptions are still sketchy (or, indeed, non-existent), and I haven’t yet updated the Character Creation rules to reflect this change. Still, if you’re interested in a talent with a missing or unclear description, just let me know and I’ll finish off that one first.

Oh; and I’ll give 25 XP if you pick your talent before the next game post. (And if you don’t select one within a reasonable time period, I’ll pick one for you.)


~ by K-Slacker on 16-Jun-07.

5 Responses to “Starting Talents”

  1. Derek – Kronic gets ‘Multiattack’, as we discussed earlier. His character sheet has been ‘updated’ accordingly (which means it’s pretty much the same as it’s always been).

  2. What can you tell me about Tearing Bite? I don’t meet the prerequisites for Stockpile, and I don’t want to waste a Talent on something I’m not going to qualify for for a long time.

  3. Tearing Bite: Bite wounds continue to bleed for 1 hit point of damage per round until tended to (as a full-round ‘Treat Injury’ action; Per check DC 10 to stop bleeding).

    Also note that scavengers get ‘Stockpile’ as a ‘free’ class ability about the same time as you could qualify for it as a talent.

  4. I’m slightly short of INT for the Useful Trivia talent. So Thrakazog will take the Exploit Weakness talent. There’s still no description for it, but he’s not just brawn, you know. There’s a brain behind that big frame of his and he wants to use it just as much as the arms.

  5. Jumrak will pick the “Resist Psionics” talent as his starting talent.

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