New PC Pages

I’ve changed the Player Character sheets from ‘posts’ into ‘pages’. Basically, this means that the PC sheets can now be accessed from the sidebar (under ‘0.2 Player Characters‘) instead of having to hunt for the original post.

Should be more convenient for everyone.


~ by K-Slacker on 13-Jun-07.

4 Responses to “New PC Pages”

  1. Oh – and 25 XP to each player who writes an improved one-line PC description for the Player Characters summary page.

  2. “Stark white skin, sharp teeth, sees better at night than he does in the day? That ain’t no vampire boy! Vampires don’t shake like a junkie. That’s just Cobb, the scavenger.”

    – old merchant friend of Cobb

  3. Shrouded in an unhealthy yellow glow, his nearly eight-foot frame towers over friend and foe alike, his prehensile tail drawing further attention to a mutant who stands out among mutants.

  4. He may be simple, but this mountain man ain’t stupid – Jumrak is one tough customer and he’ll take you out if you’re in his or the gods’ ways (and if he can see you).

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