11 – Safety at Last

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The Lost City

Thrakazog pulls up short with the rest of the fleeing band and wonders what caused the group to stop as abruptly as they did.

“Let’s get hoofing, men! Just because we’re outta the gates doesn’t mean we can dally about outside these walls. They WILL come out to try to kill us, you know!” Thrak is a little irate, considering he was the only one who seemed to possess the appropriate sense of urgency.

“We’ll want to be long gone from here when dawn comes and…” His voice trails off as he picks up some of the wonder from the partially clouded faces of his nearest companions. His own senses contribute to the dawning knowledge that things are out of the ordinary. The alteration in distant sounds, the too-earthy smell, the preternatural darkness.

“By the Ancients…” says Cobb in a low, awed voice, staring in wonder at his surroundings.

Thrak is confused. “All right guys, somebody say something. Where in this gods-forsaken land are we?”

Jumrak, stunned for a moment, ignores Thrak’s question. “Let’s get out of this place” he mutters. In the distance he can hear the sound of running water. “This way!” he calls and starts to move. As he starts to run, there are renewed shots and shouting from within the slaver stockade.

Cobb agrees. “We have to get moving. We have to find some place to hole up and hide. Quickly!”

He starts out as well, looking back to see who else is following. Though some of your companions seem too awed to comment, they follow your lead.

You make your way towards the water. The street is surprisingly clear – free of the wreckage, debris, and garbage that are typical of Ancient ruins. The buildings, too, are remarkably untouched. Although many are in various stages of collapse (or otherwise structurally unsound), they lack most of the barricades, graffiti, and other signs of post-Fall habitation that you are accustomed to. Kronic’s torch makes you an obvious target for pursuing slavers (or worse), but the phosphorescent fungi covering the ‘roof’ of this city doesn’t provide enough light search for refuge by.

Sports Bar Refuge

After running for over a block, Cobb spots a building that may serve your refuge needs. It’s a sturdy-walled single-storey structure. The building’s few windows are boarded up, and the heavy-duty front door is partly open. (GM makes a Scav Scan check for Cobb.) Motioning Kronic forward with his torch, Cobb peeks inside the building. Tables and chairs are scattered about inside, and Cobb can just make out smashed electronics (‘televisions’, he believes they were called). “This should do nicely.” he says.

(It’s one of the unmarked buildings on the map, about halfway between the slaver stockade – #5 on the map – and areas #19/20.)

The group scurries inside and you close the door behind you. Once inside, you see that the roof has collapsed at the rear of the building. Vash (being a city-slicker and familiar with the dangers of Ancient ruins) makes a quick survey of structure. (GM makes a Perception check for Vash.) “I believe this building is safe, though I wouldn’t go poking around the rubble at the back. Looks like it was a bar or something.”

You figure Vash is right. The building consists primarily of one open room, with a central bar surrounded by tables. The place is decorated in wood and has a ‘redneck’ decor going. Smashed big-screen TVs, broken neon signs, and faded sports posters adorn the area. Along one wall (and buried in rubble towards the back) there are areas covered with dusty green carpet and constructed to resemble miniature hills and valleys. On the opposite wall, doorways lead to (smashed and filthy) washrooms. The ceiling has collapsed in on a kitchen towards the rear, but there is a small office (apparently undamaged) near the front entrance.

You do a quick survey of the main area and find nothing of value. Figuring that the room in the front is as good a place as any to make camp, you explore it next. It appears to have once been the office of the bar’s manager; there is a desk and chair as well as a shredded leather couch in the room. Rifling through the desk, you find useless stationary and some hard white balls. Stashed in the back of a drawer are a few candles. Kronic lights them and douses his torch (preserving an hour or so of light for later). Leaning against the wall behind the door are three well-crafted clubs. Weighing one in his hands, Jumrak says “These are small, but will serve us well in battle.” (Equivalent to mastercraft clubs.)

“We can make camp here.” says Cobb. “It should be safe enough for a while, unless the slavers go building-to-building. Even if they do find us here, we can escape out one of the boarded windows while they come through the front door.”

“Good.” responds Jumrak. “After all we’ve been through I need to clear my head. I suspect this whole place is just another devilish creation of the Ancients. No surprise that they would dig towards hell to build a city.”

“Would someone finally explain to me where the heck we are!?!?” asks Thrakazog in desperation.

(You have a chance to rest, heal, and plan here in relative safety. Other than the candles and the clubs, there’s not much swag of note. I suggest you decide on a plan and pick an area of the city (preferably by map #) to explore. Oh, and I’ll assume that someone fills Thrak in on your surroundings at this point.)

(You each get 500 XP for your escape from the slaver stockade, except for Cormac who only gets 250 XP for lack of posts. That means Kronic and Thrakazog level up! And 100 XP to the first person who figures out the ‘secret’ of this bar.)


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5 Responses to “11 – Safety at Last”

  1. A chance to clear my head is much needed. As much as I want to get out of here as soon as possible, I’m starting to feel a little worn out as the excitement of battle has worn off. I could use some rest – I sure didn’t get good rest while I was chained up.

    “What do you guys think about the water? Do you think it might lead out of here? I’ve seen streams go through caves in the mountains before, and there are sometimes passages.” I say. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before, though. “Once we’ve had a break, we should see if there’s a passage where the water goes.”

    Before I wind down, I’m going to check out the hard white balls. These might come in handy down the road. I’ll see how many I can find and take them. I’m wondering if the area with the green carpet is supposed to represent anything, maybe land somewhere above the cavern? At the very least it might be provide a good spot to lay down. I will investigate.

  2. Cobb breathes a sigh of relief and sets about looking for anything of interest. He walks over to Thrak and describes the building to him. “This place looks to have been a gathering place for the Ancients. The pictures on the walls are actually pictures of their greatest warriors and athletes. I guess you could say the place is a shrine of sorts, where the ancients gathered to worship their heroes and celebrate their victories with food and drink. I don’t know if any of the people in the pictures ever came to this place though. They must have had it pretty good until they screwed everything up.”

    Cobb goes on to describe the rest of the building’s general layout to Thrak. “If things get rough and we have to flee, just follow my scent and I’ll lead you to the exit in the back.”

    “For now, maybe we should try and hide ourselves from a cursory look into the building and get a few winks.”

  3. It sounds like you’re planning on lying low for a while. Are you going to set up a watch at the doorway? Any other schemes?

    Remember that Vash filched a first-aid kit. It’s only good for ten uses (and only up to 4 hp per person per day), but it might come in handy for the PCs that got scraped up during the escape…

    Also, who claims the ‘mastercraft clubs’?

  4. I would like to check out those clubs. I’d like to figure out how these could be used in battle…

  5. Now that he has a chance, Kronic will check over the weaponry he has collected (a gun) and make sure it is in good order from its fall from the tower. “I’ll stay near the door and watch out for slavers… Keep your weapons at the ready we only ran a few blocks.” I will set up a sentry location near the door, if I can I will see if I can get a spot where I can look down the street or at least onto the street.

    If that fails I might climb onto the good side of the roof and stay on guard there.

    “If you need me to move anything just ask…I’ll keep an eye out. Or yeah… and if you find anything to drink. Dibs on first sip!”

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