10 – The Lost City

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You’ve spent a couple minutes raiding the slaver barracks, and the action outside sounds like it’s subsiding. Peeking carefully out the doorway, you see that the slavers have surrounded most of the escaped thralls and are rounding them up again into the slave pens. Surprisingly, they’ve left the stockade gates open and (apparently) unguarded, but you suspect that your luck will be short-lived.

At present, all the slavers are occupied with the roundup; your path is (relatively) clear to the open gates.

Deciding to seize the opportunity, you make a dash to freedom!

(GM rolls a bunch of Perception checks in secret against the PCs Agility checks to be sneaky. Then he smiles and starts make Luck rolls for the PCs… )

You make it halfway towards the open gates before the slavers spot you. Yelling and pointing, several armed guards take potshots at your group! (Three shots – two at Jumrak and one at Kronic. Atk rolls are 10 + 1 = 11, 6 + 1 = 7, and 3 + 1 = respectively. Lucky buggers!)

The crude firearms fire wild, ricocheting off the walls around you! Jumrak seems to be the main target, but Kronic just ducks a shot as he grabs the rifle and ammo while running past the fallen tower guard. Your motley party manages to make it out of the stockade before any of the slavers can fully react.

The Lost City

The Lost City

You run out of the gate, escaping the slavers, then stop short in wonder.

Here, outside of the walls of the stockade, you realize why dawn never came while you were trapped in the slave pens. You can see a vast subterranean cavern stretching out from beyond, illuminated dimly by phosphorescent fungi growing on the cavern walls. The cavern is so incredibly huge that you cannot see its entirety, though huge stone columns – as large as ancient skyscrapers – can be seen rising from the cavern floor and into the darkness above.

Even more striking, however, is what lies within the cavern, stretching as far as the light will carry. As you stare, you see the vague forms of old ruins and decayed buildings – before you an entire underground city, buried perhaps by some ancient cataclysm! (Click on the map to enlarge.)

From where you stand (the slaver stockade is #5 on the map), you see various larger buildings at the edge of your sight, but you cannot make their exact details out. In addition to the turmoil within the stockade, you hear strange noises in the distance – hoots and hollow echoes, coming from somewhere within the lost stockade.

From within the stockade, the loudspeaker shouts “Get them! They’re escaping!” in Gutterspeak.

What are your actions?


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3 Responses to “10 – The Lost City”

  1. Thrakazog pulls up short with the rest of the fleeing band and wonders what caused the group to stop as abruptly as they did.

    “Let’s get hoofing, men! Just because we’re outta the gates doesn’t meen we can dally about outside these walls. They WILL come out to try to kill us, you know!” Thrak is a little irate, considering he was the only one who seemed to possess the appropriate sense of urgency.

    “We’ll want to be long gone from here when dawn comes and…” His voice trails off as he picks up some of the wonder from the partially clouded faces of his nearest companions. His own senses contribute to the dawning knowledge that things are out of the ordinary. The alteration in distant sounds, the too-earthy smell, the preternatural darkness.

    “All right guys, somebody say something. Where in this gods-forsaken land are we?”

  2. What is this place? Another devilish creation of the Ancients? That’s my guess, and I don’t like it one bit. No surprise that the Ancients would dig towards hell to build a city. I want out of here. “Let’s get out of this place” I mutter to my comrades. My inclination is to head down the street towards what looks like water – we can duck out in an alley or between buildings for cover. “This way” I call as I point and start to make a move.

  3. Cobb pulls up short and stares in wonder at his surroundings. A city! An underground city! “By the Ancients…” he says in a low, awed voice. This was a Scavenger’s dream!

    “Thrak’s right; we have to get moving.” He didn’t want to leave without checking this place out. “We have to find some place to hole up and hide. Quickly!”

    He starts out as well, looking back to see who else is following.

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