09 – The Gates Open

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Slaver Stockade

(Cobb and Vash are standing outside the slave pens (#7 on map), armed with rifles. Thrakazog is stripping the armour off one of the fallen guards, while Cormac is concentrating on keeping the tower sentry (#2 on map) distracted with his psionics. Kronic and Jumrak are facing off against a slaver outside of a barracks (the #4 closest to #7). The gates leading out of the stockade (#3 on map) are closed but currently unguarded.)

(Initiative order is sentry (21), free slaves (19), Cormac (18), Thrak (16), slavers (15), Cobb (14), Kronic (8), Vash (6), and Jumrak (4). Let’s move this battle along; I’ll determine the events of three rounds then summarize them in this one post.)

Stockades in Chaos…

The stockades are in complete chaos as rebellious slaves run amok, desparately hunting for a way out. A number of slavers have emerged from barracks and mess halls, but have still to react in an organized manner.

The tower sentry, alarmed at the fact that he has been shot at, reloads and tries to find his attacker. (GM makes secret Perception checks.) He doesn’t see you, his mind clouded by Cormac’s powers, and takes shots at the unarmed slaves instead. (First attack roll is 13 + 1 = 14; hit for 9 damage. Second Atk is 3 + 1 = 4; a miss. Third Atk is 13 + 1 = 14; hit for 4.) One fleeing slave collapses to the ground, while another is wounded.

Some of the freed slaves have congregated around the stockade gates (#3 on map) and start removing the heavy metal rods that serve to bar the doors shut. (Another round or two and they should have the gates open!)

Most of the other slaves are still running in a blind panic, but a few are ganging up on lone slavers. (The NPC slaves are able to keep the remaining slavers out of your hair for a while; you can concentrate on the ones you’ve already engaged.)

Cormac – realizing that he is too exposed – takes cover amongst the girders of the water tower (#2 on map). He is able to concentrate in his psionic power from this position without drawing too much attention to himself. (Cormac stays here in relative safety.)

Thrakazog brusquely thanks Jumrak for freeing him from the shackles still clasped to his wrists, and continues to remove the rest of the armour from the felled guard, hoping that it will be useful for one of his new companions, since it seems a bit small for the mutated giant. Finally (after 3 more rounds), he undoes the bindings of the chest armour and gets the greaves off – the guard’s tire tread armour is yours!

The acrid tang of gunpowder hangs thick in the air from the discharge of firearms, muffling the softer scent of fresh powder. Squinting and sniffing intently, Thrak focuses on Jumrak’s scent and follows his trail – it’s still fresh enough.

(Thrak will get 10 XP for recovering the armour. I’m going to post the results for Vash and the slavers out of initiative order, since it makes the story flow better.)

The Sentry Falls…

Cobb and Vash, armed with rifles, take cover in the doorway of the slave pens and concentrate their shots on the tower sentry.

Cobb, continuing to breathe carefully to control his trembling, takes another few shots. (First roll is 7 + 5 – 2 (nervous spasms flaw) = 10; miss. Second shot is 16 + 3 = 19; hit for 6 damage.) “Got ‘im!”, Cobb mutters.

Vash fires as well, testing the rifle’s workmanship. (First roll is 9 + 2 = 11; miss.) “Hmm; definitely tends left.” (Second roll is 16 + 2 = 18; damage is 8.) “That’s better!”

The tower sentry spins as he shot, staggers foward, then clutches the railing for support. (GM rolls some dice.) He twitches for a few seconds, then slumps forward, falling over the railing. His lifeless body falls at Cormac’s feet.

(Cobb, Vash, and Cormac will split the XP for the tower sentry; 100 XP each.)

Cobb and Vash reload, then follow Thrak as he heads towards the others.

At the Barracks…

Meanwhile, Kronic and Jumrak have cornered a slaver as he was exiting the barracks; (GM rolls some dice) there’s one more slaver behind him, still inside the building.

The slaver, armed with a dagger but unarmoured, stabs at Kronic. (Attack is 19 + 1 = 20. Critical hit for 5 damage!) Behind him, the other slaver readies an action with his spear to skewer the first enemy to enter the barracks.

Looking down at his wound, Kronic mutters “You made me bleed my own blood.” He swipes at the slaver in a fury. (Attack rolls are 7 + 5 + 2 (flanking) = 14 and 1 + 5 + 2 = 8. One hit for 10 damage!) The pint-sized brawler fells his foe!

Jumrak charges past to engage the second slaver inside the barracks. The slaver tries to spear Jumrak (Attack roll is 4 + 1 = 5, a miss) but fails, and in response Jumrak wallops him with his club (Attack roll is 14 + 5 = 19; damage is 9 points).

Kronic follows Jumrak and flanks the slaver, claws ready. (Attack is 10 + 7 + 2 = 19. Hit for 8 damage.) Once again, Kronic’s claws dig deep, and the slaver falls limp.

(More combat XP for Kronic and Jumrak; 100 XP each.)

With their immediate foes defeated, Kronic and Jumrak are able to take a look around. This barracks consist of one large open room. It looks like up to a dozen slavers could occupy this space, though you don’t see anyone other than the two that are already slain. Crude bunks line the walls, along with metal drawers and shelves salvaged from the ruins. There is a heavy wooden table in the middle, surrounded by rickety office chairs. In addition to the dagger and spear of the fallen slavers, there are a several other weapons and basic gear scattered around – enough to outfit your current party!

(Each PC can select up to 10 Trade Units (TU) plus your base Luck modifier worth of equipment from the Basic Equipment page. If you wish, you can pool together your TUs to ‘buy’ more expensive stuff. In addition, there is a healer’s kit and one set of scav’s tools amongst the slavers’ belongings.)

(It’ll take at least a couple rounds for you to dig through this stuff; plus remember that donning armour takes a while as well. If I don’t hear from you about the equipment you want I’ll select some reasonable gear for your PC.)

The Gates Open…

Meanwhile, the slaves who were working on escape finally manage to open the gates! Hooting in victory, they dash out of the stockade to freedom! However, about half of the NPC slaves have been subdued and more slavers have entered the fray – about ten armed and ready for combat. Luckily, they haven’t turned their attention to you yet – Cormac takes this opportunity to make a dash for the barracks.

From another building (#9 on the map), a massive slaver in full riot gear and armed with advanced weapons strides forth to takes charge. With a megaphone in hand (a working megaphone!) he issues orders in Gutterspeak: “Round up the slaves! Get that damned gate closed!”

It looks like there’s too many slavers for your rag-tag group to handle in a frontal assault. If you’re lucky, you might have enough time to grab some gear and make a dash for the open gate while the guards are still occupied with the NPC slaves. Or, perhaps if you come up with some clever plan you could settle the score with your captors right now.

What are your actions?


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12 Responses to “09 – The Gates Open”

  1. After surveying the situation Kronic’s survivor side takes over from the brawler and he figures it is time to go.

    “Well it looks like things are going to get out of hand real quick around here… Quickly grab what gear you can! We’ll even the score later…”

    Kronic looks for some light armour, a backpack, sack, torch, flint and steel, any water and food he can find, and a good knife. Also a missile weapon of some sort (short bow and arrows preferred) will be a secondary concern… after all we did grab some guns.

    If we decide to take to the hills Kronic will make sure to see if that tower guard dropped his firearm in grabbing range on the way out.

    He mentions the following to anyone who will listen as he grabs his gear:

    If we do decide to come up with a plan to fight, Kronic figures that the slavers will probably break up once that goofy lookin guy barkin orders is quieted down. If you’re all keen to stay that guy has to go down quick… If we all rush him right away while the rest of the slavers are still rounding up the other slaves we might have a chance!

  2. Kronic finds a leather jacket that will fit him (equivalent to cloth armour) and a well-balanced bowie knife. He also grabs a backpack and duffel bag (= large sack), finds a working butane lighter (= flint & steel), and grabs one of the torches that are burning in a wall sconce.

    No luck for the short bow or other items – now you’re just getting greedy, Kronic!

  3. Heaving a sigh of relief at the relative shelter of the barracks, Thrakazog unceremoniously dumps the load of ad hoc armour he’d hauled off the guard’s body and offers it up to whomever thinks he could make use of it. “I’d make a sad sight, boys, sprinting up to a slaving bastard with nothing more protected than my elbows, shins, and left nut. Still… I’d probably do a better job of him that you guys did with those lousy first shots, eh Cobb? Vash?” Thrak grunts and smirks at his own show of humour, and proceeds to rifle through the possessions strewn about the room in hopes of replacing the rags currently in tatters on his massive frame.

    Thrak dumps several of the metal drawers onto the floor and after rooting about, rises triumphantly with a sturdy outfit that looks like it will yield to his capacious frame. (And, uh, +1 to the old AC.) Some impromptu tailoring to accommodate a fleshy tail, and Thrak, though straining a wee bit at the seams, is clothed.

    A tool-kit yields a large, heavy wrench — the only thing within that bears any resemblance to a weapon. A musty drawer, aside from reeking slightly of whatever liquor bottle is no longer inside, surrenders a sturdy pouch with some welcome rations sealed within. Thrak slings that over a shoulder with the coil of rope that was sitting on the centre table and considers himself ready for the next bit of action.

    He still can’t see for shit, so silently gives himself up to the leadership of the others who can guide his eagerness and steady resolve.

    Time to get out of here.

  4. Thrak gets the following equipment: heavy wrench, quilted armour (equivalent to cloth armour), nylon rope, satchel, rations, and canteen (= waterskin).

    (The satchel is where you found the rations; you had half a TU left over, so I gave you a canteen.)

  5. Remember that the slavers who came out of the barracks were carrying a knife and a spear – you can claim these for ‘free’. The tire tread armour that Thrak brought in is also ‘free’; it is considered medium armour. Plus you already have the flintlocks, chains, clubs, etc. from before.

  6. Cobb chuckles at Thrak’s comment. “That’s true my friend. I’m not much of a combatant. Funny what shackles will make a person do though isn’t it?” The large mutant seemed friendly enough to Cobb. That was reassuring, considering the frightening power that he displayed fighting the slavers. Better to be on his good side.

    Cobb, in true scav fashion, instinctively scans the room for useful items and immediately walks over to a set of scav’s tools on the opposite side of the room. Looking them over and finding them in satisfactory shape, he loads them into the small, dirty tool bag on the floor and takes another look around. His primary concern was ammo, but looking for useful items he manages to come up with a backpack, a 50′ length of rope with a grappling hook on the end, a couple of old canteens (2), and some dry rations.

    The tire armor laying on the floor would be nice if it wasn’t so bulky, so he sifts through the rest of the room and comes up with a serviceable set of cloth armor. Packing his gear and pulling on the cloth armor, Cobb looks around at the rest of the group. It had been a long time since he had traveled with a group of strangers, but he felt secure knowing that they had a common goal to unite them for the time being. Shoving a knife in his belt and grabbing a spear he walks over to peer out the door while the others are preparing themselves.

    “I didn’t see much in the way of clean rags to bind our wounds, but I may have missed them. If any of you find some, we would be wise to take them.”

  7. Done; Cobb’s character sheet has been updated.

  8. “So, I don’t think I caught all your names, I’m Jumrak of Clan Krofoor.” I’ve never been good with strange names, but I better get them figured out fast. “Are you prepared for the gods’ wrath for wielding the weapons of the Ancients?” It would appear that my new allies have little concern for the evil that they are playing with yielding the Ancients’ boomsticks. I don’t want to be punished for the misdeeds of my fellow freedom fighters. I hope that the gods will see that I’m not bowing to temptation.

    There’s little time to waste now, we need to get out of here before they realize what we’re up to – that huge slaver with the amplified voice could be here any minute. I just want to grab a pack, some rations, and see if there’s an axe around here. No time to bother with armour. I just want to make sure that I don’t grab anything that looks like it might be a vile craft of the Ancients.

  9. Cormac does not flinch as the tower sentry’s corpse collapses in a heap at his feet. He felt his light flicker out well before gravity wrested control of his body. Cormac knows he has to get everything he can if the group wants a chance to get out of here – hopefully he can grab the gun and ammo before he rejoins the group.

    Sneaking to the room where the others have gathered, Cormac notices the slain slavers were carrying knives. “Handy,” Cormac thinks as he scoops one up before quietly stepping into the barracks. He is greeted by a maelstrom of looting and stocking up. After Jumrak re-introduces himself and lectures about the wrath of “gods” Cormac carefully removes any technology from sight.

    “Well met Jumrak, my name is Cormac. Let us not worry right now about the opinions of the gods, they are busy and we must make haste.” Cormac tries to grab some armour to hide his “blasphemous” items – some kind of leather wouldn’t offend his sensitive friend. Maybe there’s something here like Kronic’s jacket but a bit tougher. There’s not much left, but Jumrak’s frame seems capable of carrying a few more pounds.

    “Jumrak, I see you have a pack, would you mind if I packed this water and rations with you?” Cormac asks politely as he secures a couple waterskins and a few days’ rations. He also tries to dig around for some rope, as he suspects things might be a little different outside the stockade. Cormac hopes that everyone is ready for whatever awaits us ahead…

  10. Done and done. Jumrak finds a nice fire axe (= great axe) hidden beneath one of the filthy mattresses, plus some rations and water bottles. He also takes the tire tread armour, since nobody else has claimed it.

    Meanwhile, Cormac filches an old wristwatch and a broken cellphone (without Jumrak noticing) and discovers a trenchcoat with hard plastic plates sewn into the lining – it should make servicable armour (= leather armour). He also claims a knife. (Cormac’s rations and water are in Jumrak’s pack.)

  11. Vash didn’t have time for this.

    He just wanted to grab some gear and flee from this place as fast as possible. The prospect of having to face a heavily-armoured and automatic-wielding opponent was somewhat sobering.

    Actually, it was pee-your-rags terrifying.

    Vash quickly trailed behind the lumbering “big-and-glowing” mutant, his musket cradled in his arms, while keeping low to the ground. No sense in catching a bullet to the face, right?

    The mutie ahead cracked some kind of joke, it was met with a slight chuckling, but, Vash didn’t really pay attention. He was more concerned with the cracks of firearms outside, and, in his distraction, nearly tripped into the ad-hoc supply store.

    His first desire, while in the post-apocalyptic candy-shop, was to search for ammunition, but, he quickly concluded that it would be a fruitless search. Not only was there another weapon to contend with, but, there were probably few firearms in the camp anyway.

    His mutant ‘friends’ (HAH!) were busy rummaging through cupboards trying to find useful supplies for the upcoming trip.

    Not a bad idea.

    Vash considered himself lucky that he had the longarm. Though he lacked ammunition for it, he truley needed little else. Still, he went scratching and pawing around for useful things anyway.

    The First-Aid kit immediately caught his eye. Ever cognizant of the shouting and rifle-cracks outside, Vash thought this to be an unprecedented good find. Nothing keeps a person in a group’s good favor (so that they give you food and shelter and take bullets for you) like being the group doctor. Vash had already received medical training, as every initiate into the order must display some competence at medical procedures, and he guessed that the mutant’s physique was similar enough to that of normal humans to allow for treatment.

    He hoped so… He prayed so… Probably not.

    Nonetheless, he snatched up the beaten-up and dirt-encrusted thing, if only because it would make him non-expendable.

    Chatter from behind him briefly drowned out the war-shouts and distant rifle noises behind him. He only half-caught the words said, and they had to deal something with the Ancients and “evil technology”. It sounded just like home.

    He ignored the ramblings, and hunted for a carrier (backpack, tote-bag, or satchel, whatever) that would be able to hold his ‘stuff’. He also needed a good leather suit – like the one that the slavers took from him when they dragged him into this muck-hole. A good and basic leather suit, that could turn a knife and lessen a punch while light for travel, would be a lifesaver right about now.

    Well, now he had to go around and search for these damn things….

  12. Done. Vash’s sheet is updated.

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