08 – The Heat of Battle

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Slaver Stockade

(Well, all the PCs are free now and gathered (more or less) near the doorway of the slave pens (#7 on the map); there a six NPC slaves that are running around the slaver stockade, with another eight on the way. The sentry is still atop the water tower (#2 on the map), a bunch more slavers are coming on scene right away…)

(Initiative order is sentry (21), free slaves (19), Cormac (18), Thrak (16), slavers (15), Cobb (14), Kronic (8), Vash (6), and Jumrak (4).)

The water tower sentry reloads and fires again at the first duo of NPC slaves that fled the scene. (Attack roll 16 + 1 = 17. Hit for 10 damage.) You hear another pained scream from somewhere beneath the water tower; sounds like the sentry has taken care of the initial pair of escapees…

Hot on their heels, however, are others. Several more slaves seem to be heading towards the water tower. Perhaps the exit to the stockade lies in that direction? Meanwhile, a new wave of pathetic thralls – the ones frightened by Vash’s tirade – break out into the open and scatter throughout the stockade.

Cormac – newly freed and full of confidence – strides out of the slave pens and surveys the scene. Assessing the situation, he figures that if you’re going to sneak out, you’ll need to get by the tower guard. Cormac has a few tricks up his sleeve that might help…

Running bravely across the stockade, he approaches the water tower and focuses his mental power upon the sentry. (Cormac spends 1 ISP to manifest his ‘Distract’ psionic power. Sentry rolls 14 – 1 = 13 on his Cha save; fails. 10 XP for the successful use of his psionic power.) The tower sentry stares intently at the bodies of the slaves he’s just fired upon, contemplating their lives and his role in ending them…

Thrak, still lost in the small world defined by the radius of his glow, realizes that Cobb is right about the rifle and hands it to the pale scavenger. Not seeing any other foes within reach, he then sets upon removing the guard’s armour. (It’ll take, say, 2d6 rounds to remove; GM rolls 4.)

Around the stockade, the slavers have been roused to action. From several doorways (the buildings labeled #4) emerge enforcers armed with daggers, clubs, spears, and crude firearms. (GM rolls Perception checks in secret.) There are about four in all that you can see; so far they’re all going after the scattered NPC slaves.

Cobb, reloading the rifle that Thrak gave him, braces himself against his body’s twitches and takes careful aim at the guard in the tower. It wouldn’t do to have him all safe up there and raining lead down on them while they tried to get free. Taking a deep breath and exhaling, Cobb gently squeezes the trigger. (Roll is 5 + 5 – 2 (nervous spasms flaw) = 8. Miss!) Damn! The shot goes wild.

By this point, Kronic’s gone all feral. Looking at his fellow breakers he says: “I figure tis time to end these slavers for good… If you plan on running yell at me! I ain’t too keen on being left behind!”

He drops the rifle and club and races towards one of the slavers emerging from the doorways. (Attack roll is 11 + 7 = 18; hit for 7 damage.) You think you see a smirk on his face as he skewers the hapless fool.

As Vash strides out of the slave pens, he calls out “Hey! You two, with the rifles, hand one over. I need it”. Cobb turns to stare at him near incredulously. It was rare for someone in the waste to gain a rifle for any reason.

Vash continues: “Oh come on, you don’t know whether what you’ve gotten is a matchlock, flintlock, wheel-lock, breech-loader, muzzle-loader, semi-auto, or even scramjet tech. Pointing the open end at someone and pulling the trigger does not technical proficiency with a rifle make. Besides, you all look like you’re doing fine enough as it is, and hey, I already helped one of you out already, so, hand one over”. (Ha! 10 XP for *that* tirade!)

Cobb ignores the insulting tone and points to the rifle dropped by Kronic. “Dude; stop talking and start firing. Take that one!” (It’s a flintlock black powder rifle, by the way. Move action to reload, 2d6 damage, medium range.)

“Oh.” responds Vash sheepishly as he picks up the weapon and reloads it (he can fire next round).

Meanwhile, Jumrak runs up to Thrak. “Hey, big guy – let me see those shackles.” (DC 15 Luck check; roll is 17. Success.) After he unlocks the mutant’s chains, he grabs the club dropped by Kronic. Keeping an eye open for incoming slavers, Jumrak then follows Kronic and blocks the doorway of the nearest building, pinning the slaver at the entrance. Glancing behind him towards the water tower, Jumrak sees two large gates leading out of the stockade. They are closed, but currently unguarded! (#3 on the map.)

(I’ll probably pick up the pace and post another round tomorrow or the next day, with the PCs following a similar course of action and making their way slowly towards the stockade exit. That is, unless there are any changes in plans from you guys…)


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One Response to “08 – The Heat of Battle”

  1. Thrakazog brusquely thanks Jumrak for freeing him from the shackles still clasped to his wrists, and continues to remove the rest of the armour from the felled guard, hoping that it will be useful for one of his new companions, since it seems a bit small for the mutated giant. He squints and notes the direction in which hazy blur defining Jumrak jogs off, intending to follow.

    Thrak hears the discharge from one gun’s muzzle near to him, followed swiftly by a muted curse. “Cobb missed,” he mutters to himself, finally undoing the bindings of the chest armour. Thrak can also hear another rifle being loaded and figures it’s the mouthy one going to take a pot-shot at whomever Cobb just missed. “I hope his aim’s as sharp as his wit,” Thrak thinks to himself. He nearly curses his inability to see what’s going on, but he’s too accustomed to that shortcoming to let it affect his attitude.

    The acrid tang of gunpowder hangs thick in the air from Cobb’s discharge, muffling the softer scent of Vash loading fresh powder into his own newly acquired weapon. But Jumrak’s trail is still more than fresh enough to follow once Thrak can get the greaves off the left leg of the guard here…

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