07 – Slavebreak!

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Slaver Stockade

(Jumrak, Vash, and Cormac are inside the slave pens (#7 on the map, Cormac is still chained); Thrak, Cobb, and Kronic are engaged in melee with the small guard just outside the doorway. A couple of slaves have already made a break for it, and several more look ready to run. The slaver sentry is atop the water tower, #2 on the map.)

(Cormac will act on Initiative 17 + 1 = 18. Initiative order is tower sentry (21), free slaves (19), Cormac (18), Thrak (16), Cobb (14), small guard (also 14), Kronic (8), Vash (6) and Jumrak (4).)

The tower sentry continues shouting “Slavebreak!” in Gutterspeak, and takes another potshot at the fleeing slaves with his rifle (Atk roll 11 + 1 = 12; a hit for 10 damage). From somewhere beneath the water tower you hear a pained scream.

Meanwhile, four more unchained mutants take the opportunity to flee the slave pens. They scatter in different directions, searching in a panic for escape from the stockade.

Cormac shakes his head, as if waking from some dark dream. His eyes burn with renewed focus. “Please, let me free. I can help you if you can help me.” he utters in a rough voice. He reaches towards Jumrak with his shackled hands, helping him find the right key (giving a +2 to Jumrak’s Luck check).

Thrakazog heaves a sigh of satisfaction as the large guard is felled by his new comrades. A sense of kinship is born, fostered by a common goal to unite against the slavers. His world, for the next while, seems like it’s going to consist of a dim globe of poor illumination, and so he sets to work removing from the fallen guard whatever of value can be scavenged.

(The guard’s tire tread armour is a bit too small for Thrak and too large for Kronic, but should fit any of the others. It would take a few rounds (say 1d4) to strip it off the slaver. Thrak’s already grabbed the guard’s club; he takes the black powder rifle and ammo pouch from the lifeless body (a rifle can’t be used in melee combat, though, so it’s not of much use to Thrak). There doesn’t appear to be anything else of value.)

Cobb and his opponent continue their battle. Cobb quickly surveys the ground for something to use as a weapon, wishing he had the gun being fired above him. Seeing Thrakazog grasping the guard’s rifle, he shouts “Hey! If you’re not gonna shoot it, hand it here!”

The small guard glances sideways, looking for the firearm – and Cobb pounces! (Atk roll 13 + 2 + 2 (flanking) = 17. Hit for 6 + 1 = 7!) In true vampiric fashion, Cobb catches the briefly guard’s exposed neck and sinks his fangs in! The slaver screams and struggles for a moment, then slumps to the ground unconscious and bleeding.

(Cobb gets the full 300 XP for this foe! This guard has similar equipment as the other one. Can I assume that Cobb and Kronic will each grab a firearm and that Thrakazog and Jumrak will take the clubs? Do you spend the time to take their armour?)

Kronic, now bereft of obvious foes, warily stands his ground and surveys the scene for additional foes. Assuming that Cobb will take Thrakazog’s newly obtained rifle, he grabs the one from the smaller guard. He also takes the club, planning on giving it to Jumrak once the other chained slaves are freed (since his claws already provide ample protection).

Meanwhile, back inside the slave pens, the now-free Vash takes charge and marches up to the cowering masses who have still not tried to escape. If they’re too scared of the slavers to flee, he figures, all that is required is to provide a greater source of danger from within the slave pens…

(Vash attempts to intimidate the slaves; since there are no more guards outside the DC for the Charisma check is only 15. Roll is 19 + 9 = 28. 40 XP for Vash.)

Launching into a diatribe worthy of a raider king, Vash manages to scare another eight slaves to escape! (Better to face the slavers than this maniac, they figure.) (That’s 14 free slaves now, plus the 6 PCs. The remaining slaves are too weak, sick, or withdrawn to flee.)

Since hearing Cormac finally speak up, Jumrak has spent this time trying different keys in his shackles. (DC 15 Luck check; roll is 9 + 4 + 2 = 16. Success! Another 20 XP for Jumrak.) Working quickly, he frees the iridescent mutant. Next, he turns to Thrakazog and yells: “Hey! Big guy! Let’s get your shackles unlocked – those chains could come in handy.”

The slavebreak is in full swing and shouting around the compound has intensified – sounds like you’re in for more company right away. You see several faces peeking out from doorways (from the buildings numbered #4); the slavers have been roused and will be ready to act! (More slavers will enter combat next round on Initiative 14 + 1 = 15.) You’d better figure out where to get moving to…


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7 Responses to “07 – Slavebreak!”

  1. Cobb wipes the blood from his jaws with the back of his hand and hefts the rifle. He double checks the load and counts his ammo. Looking to Kronic he says, “I’ll watch our backs if you want to start stripping their armor off for us.”

    With that he scans the tower to see if he has a clear shot at the sentry up there.

  2. Cobb figures there’s enough lead shot and black powder for about five shots. Lifting the rifle in his trembling hands, he checks the firing line. The water tower rises above the intervening buildings; it gives the sentry a clear view – but also gives Cobb a clear shot!

  3. Kronic looks at his fellow breakers and says “I figure tis time to end these slavers for good…” and he heads to intercept any slavers that come out of the closest building. If he can get to the door before they can fully get out he can “hopefully” keep several of them inside the building for a few rounds…and even kill a couple face to face in the process.

    “If you plan on running yell at me! I ain’t too keen on being left behind!” he’ll yell as he heads for a brawl. (You think you see a smirk on his face)

  4. Today is a good day.

    Between the allying of oneself with mutant heathens, inspiring mutant masses to revolt, and causing a number of heavily-armed guards to consider killing him, it was still a good day.

    All because he has the chance to be free, and to get a gun in the process.

    Stepping aside from the fleeing mutant ex-cons, Vash stares out from the inside of the building to the outdoors. Framed by the doorway is the only thing that matters – a longarm.

    The albino has one, and the runt too.


    But, then again, neither of them necessarily needs the rifle to survive, for Vash, this is not the case.

    Vash calls out to the duo,

    “Hey! You two, with the rifles, hand one over. I need it”.

    One of them turns to stare at him near incredulously. It was rare for someone in the waste to gain a rifle for any reason.

    Asking nice didn’t help either.

    “Oh come on, you don’t know whether what you’ve gotten is a matchlock, flintlock, wheel-lock, breech-loader, muzzle-loader, semi-auto, or even scramjet tech. Pointing the open end at someone and pulling the trigger does not technical proficienc with a rifle make. Besides, you all look like you’re doing fine enough as it is, and hey, I already helped one of you out already, so, hand one over”.

    Hopefully, this would work…..

  5. Cobb hears the man mildly insulting him but ignores him for the moment, taking his time, bracing himself, and taking careful aim at the guard in the tower. It wouldn’t do to have him all safe up there and raining lead down on them while they tried to get free. Taking a deep breath and exhaling, Cobb gently squeezes the trigger.

  6. If we’re going to sneak out of here, we’re going to need to get by this tower guard. It looks like the guy with the gun is all over that, but I think I can help. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve… I know that if I can get close enough, I can get into his head. He’ll suddenly be daydreaming about oh, I don’t know, maybe that six-breasted conjoined beauty he saw at the ‘rippers in town a few years back. It’ll be hard to notice our guy lining him up when he’s pitching a tent! If I’ve got enough left in me, I’ll see if I can’t coerce his gun into our custody once he’s choking on lead shot. Then we can focus on these guys on the ground.

  7. Once I’m done getting those chains off the big guy, I’ll grab one of those clubs and get to work. It looks like we’ve got more incoming from the other pens, I’m ready to take care of any slavers that think they have a chance against us. But it would be best to get moving – the last thing we need is more slaver scum reinforcements! It seems that the others think that our best chance is toward the water tower, so let’s try to push in that direction.

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