05 – One Step Closer…

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(Okay, everyone but Vash and Cormac are free now. Thrak and Cobb have engaged the guards in melee just outside the slave pens; the others are still inside, a short range from the doorway. Also, two other slaves have rebelled – they roll 19 on Initiative.)

(Initiative order is slaves (19), Thrak (16), Cobb (14), Guards (also 14), Kronic (8), and Jumrak (4).)

From among the subservient mass of ‘non-threatening’ slaves (feces-wallowing man-cadavers, as Vash refers to them), two mutants see a chance for freedom and dash towards the open doorway. Evading the guards (and not bothering to assist their fellow captives), they run past the melee and into the open.

Thrak, half-blind in the darkness, does not notice this. But he does see his chain rebound off the improvised armour of the first guard – and also a pale, feral face hot on his own heels. “Good!”, he thinks to himself, “at least there’s some support being given for this suicide shot…”

Thrakazog turns all his focus to the guard in front of him, wanting no chance for the firearms to come to bear. He attempts to grapple for the club while using his sheer mass to press the slaver to the ground. His tail has always been a useful addition when it comes to close-quarters combat…

(Grapple attempt on the large guard. I’ll give Thrak a +2 on the roll for the prehensile tail plus he gets another +4 for his ‘Plus-Sized’ perk. However, since Thrak doesn’t have the ‘Unarmed Attack’ proficiency, this grapple attempt will trigger a free attack from the Guard.)

(Guard rolls 5 + 3 = 8; a miss. Thrak’s roll is 14 + 11 = 25; Guard is grappled!)

Thrak envelops the slaver in a massive bear hug, his tail grasping the guard’s club. The guard shouts in terror (Gutterspeak – Cobb and Cormac understand it as “My god! The monster’s got me!”), but is unable to escape the mutant’s grapple.

Even with most of his attention on the one guard now, Thrakazog knows there were more than just these two. He tries to keep a wary eye out for slaver reinforcements, but it’s just too dark.

Cobb, on the other hand, can see normally. (GM rolls a Perception check, in secret.) The slave pens are just one building in an area fenced-in with scavenged wooden planks, corrugated iron, chain link fences, and broken stone. Torches burn throughout the stockade, while above stands a great rusted water tower – patrolled by a single sentry. From your current vantage point, this is the only other slaver that can be seen.

The sky is strangely dark.

That’s all Cobb has a chance to see, though, since he’s busy chowing down on the smaller guard.

Slaver Stockade

(The slave pens are #7 on the stockade map – click on the picture to enlarge. The water tower is #2. You can’t see the ‘exits’ (#3) from your current position.)

(Cobb’s bite attack is 14 + 2 = 16. Hit for 4 + 1 = 5 damage.)

This time Cobb gets a bite of shoulder. His teeth pierce into slaver flesh with a satisfying ‘crunch!’. Another bite or two like that, and this slaver is finished!

Screaming in terror, the large guard attempts to break free from Thrakazog, while the smaller guard tries to beat Cobb off with his club.

(Large guard rolls 3 + 3 = 6 vs. Thrak’s 13 + 11 = 24. He’s still grappled. Small guard rolls 6 + 2 = 8 and misses.)

Seeing Kronic and Jumrak racing for the door, the smaller swings wildly and begins screaming for help. (The tower guard has noticed what’s going on now…)

Back in the Slave Pens…

Finally free, Jumrak again bellows “For Stala!”.

Vash, grimacing in distaste at his situation, sighs heavily and begins barking orders to the others.

“That’s nice J, I bet that Shala or whomever is very pleased, but, I think you need to pay more attention to beating the piss out the guards and less to shouting. Just run forward and punch anything that isn’t either glowing or bright white. The glowing mutant is on your left, and the albino’s on your right, the two idiots are in the middle.”

“And you too Shorty! The more people killing the guards – the merrier”.

Ignoring (for now) the disdain in Vash’s command, Kronic extends his mighty claws and rushes towards the melee. Knowing that the large guard holds the keys, he attempts to aerate that particular slaver.

(Since he is extremely skilled in martial arts, Kronic can strike a grappler without penalty. Attack roll is 12 + 7 = 19. Hit for 2 + 3 = 5 damage.)

Cutting through the slaver’s armour, Kronic thinks “It’s like slashing tires!”.

Following in his ally’s footsteps, Jumrak finds his way into battle. It seems like the really big guy is all over the one guard, so Jumrak to catch the smaller slaver with an uppercut (Attack roll of 7+5=12), but misses.

Still chained to the wall, Vash now shouts out to the ‘feces-wallowing man-cadavers’ in an attempt to incite them.

(Thrak already succeeded with two slaves, so Vash needs to make a Charisma check against DC 19… Roll is 3 + 9; no luck.)

Unfortunately, Vash’s tirade of insults and swears (far to graphic to repeat here) serve to frighten the slaves instead of inspire them.

With eyes cast up the skies above, the thick and inky blackness blocking out all light from above, Vash mutters: “Oh Gods. One moment I am fleeing for my life into the Wastes – the next moment I am the leader of almost-men. What a strange world you have rendered here great gods. What a strange world…”

You’re one step closer to freedom. What’s next?

(Cormac’s been missing in action. I’ve had one new person express some interest in taking him over; you guys can also shout out actions for him – or any other character – if it’s necessary.)


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5 Responses to “05 – One Step Closer…”

  1. (Moved from original comment in OoC Discussion Area…)

    Cobb was by no means a cannibal, but the circumstances had changed that for the moment. He was satisfied by the taste of blood and pain of his enemy. To him the guard’s cry was one step closer to despair then he himself was to feedom, but he was working on that. Judging by the cries coming from behind him, Thrakazog was doing the same to the other guard.

    He heard someone yelling from within the pen, but he was too pre-occupied with his own fight for life to pay it too much attention for the time being.

  2. Thrakazog’s world has shrunk to contain nothing but him and his prone opponent. His lack of low-light vision is a hindrance, true, but his focus in these close quarters can’t help but be bolstered by an inability to be distracted by outside influence. (It’s when that influence is an unexpected blow to the head that it becomes a little more than inconvenient, but he’ll deal with that if it comes.)

    Thrak continues to wrest the weapon from the guard with the express intent of braining him with hit after. His nearby foes and companions are hazy at best, and anything beyond that range is accessible by scent alone for the large mutant. One thing at a time, and right now it’s a soon to be short-lived slaver scum.

  3. Within the next day or so I’m going to close comments on this post and move the game along.

    Could somebody post for Cormac; he’s still MIA. (Otherwise I might rule that you leave him behind when you escape!)

  4. Vash needed to calm down.

    His diatribe against the mutant still-slaves still echoing against his ears, Vash let out a great sigh. Apparently, the numbskulls around him didn’t want to escape to the outside world. Apparently, they wanted to be bartered for like cattle or used as “toys” for their masters or whatever happened to slaves in the wastes.

    Vash glanced over at the prisoner next to him: a somewhat frai-looking individual who had deep-set eyes that were bright fear and a nearly-bloodless face that could give the albino a run for his money.

    Vash tried to talk to him, “Hey, you. You look halfway human. You want to get out of here? I could sure use a friendly face in this company”.

    The prisoner said nothing, and made no movement save to pivot his gaze directly at Vash. It were as though his neck had moved along a track, as though he were a machine himself.

    Vash was unnerved by the action and shuddered. He knew that the Ancients had once built fake men (‘Andruids’ or something similar) and that was the cause of thier Fall. To encounter something so similar was offsetting, to say the least.

    Vash turned away.


    He’d much rather take the oddities who wore thier mutations on their outsides; at least, he knew they were weird to begin with.

    Vash let out another sigh.

    Time to try and raise those half-dead louts again….

  5. I won’t be satisfied until I knock this guy out and we get keys and get the heck out of here with as many who value their freedom as possible. The other cowards are on their own!

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