04 – Hell Breaks Loose

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In the stockade, all hell breaks loose. Pained moans, angry shouts, and blood-curdling war cries resound throughout the small rooms of the slave quarters. It’s loud enough to wake the dead.

The guards – standing just outside the open stockade doorway – fumble for their weapons and gape slack-jawed at Thrakazog, his nearly eight-foot frame glowing with an apparently contaminated nimbus. They don’t appear to notice the ghostly white Cobb skulking in the shadows towards them…

And things begin to happen very quickly….

(Initiative checks for the guards and unchained PCs… Rolls are 13 + 1 = 14 (guards), 16 + 0 = 16 (Thrak), and 12 + 2 = 14 (Cobb). Initiative order is Thrak, Cobb (he has high Agility), then the guards.)

Thrakazog – whirling his chains around his head like whips – trots toward the guards, bellowing at the top of his lungs in Unislang, “Come, my fellow free men! Would you be made slaves and die in bondage?! RISE UP!! We are many, and they are few! Take your REVENGE!

(I’m going to treat this as a DC 15 Charisma check for Thrak to incite at least one slave to rebel. For every 2 points above 15, another one will rise up. Roll is 18 + 0 = 18; two slaves. 10 XP for the idea.)

A few of the braver souls amongst the ‘non-threatening’ unchained slaves start to make a break for the open doorway, but the rest look more terrified of Thrak than they are are the slavers.

Not waiting any longer, Thrakazog then charges the guards. He forces his way outside of the slave stockade to attack the larger of the two.

(You just didn’t have enough time to bull-rush one while attacking the other; you swing your chains for 9 + 5 = 14. Not quite high enough.)

(FYI – the guards are wearing improvised armour constructed from studded tires and armed with crude wasteland-built shotguns and clubs. Both are ugly but appear more-or-less human; they have no obvious physical mutations.)

Thrak swings the chain at the guard, but he dodges aside. You realize that you could use this improvised weapons to trip his opponents as well, if you so chose.

Cobb has waited a moment for Thrakazog to engage one of the guards, and now sees an opening. He quickly slips past in his wake, mindful of the twirling chain, and joins the mutant outside. His fangs flash white as he lunges for the smaller guard…

(Attack roll is 19 + 2 = 21. Hit for 1 + 1 = 2.)

Cobb crunches down on the guard’s arm, but the tire armour blunts his attack. (“Blech, tastes rubbery.” thinks Cobb.)

Having caught them by surprise, Thrak and Cobb are now too close for the guards to use their firearms. They’ve unholstered their clubs, though, and try to batter and bash the two of you back inside the stockade.

(Attack rolls are 11 + 3 = 14 against Thrak and 13 + 2 = 15 against Cobb. Both hit. 1 + 2 = 3 damage to Thrak; 3 + 1 = 4 damage to Cobb.)

The guards hit with a few telling blows, but you stand your ground.


While his newfound allies tackle the guards, Jumrak again strains against his bonds, the rusty manacles ripping through the raw tendons of his arms, while blood drips, nearly black in the poor light, onto the floor…

Realizing that he must work quickly, Vash calls to Jumrak. “Listen, J. I can help get you free – but you’ve got to try and get me out of here too, alright?”

Jumrak nods in understanding.

“Excellent. Now, the way you’re straining – it’s wrong. Your cuffs have stress fractures all up and down their left side. If you lean your weight over to your left side and push – you should be able to break them.”

“I know. Looking at those damn shackles is all I’ve been able to do for a couple of days…”, Vash finishes bitterly.

(Another DC 25 Strength check for Jumrak, this time with an additional +4 to the check. Roll is 14 + 9 + 4 = 27. Success! Jumrak takes 2 damage, and Vash gets 25 XP for applying his ‘Useful Trivia’ class ability.)

Following the savant’s advice, Jumrak shouts “FOR STALA!“, and rips his cuffs apart! (With his poor vision, however, he won’t be able to make out what’s happening in the doorway unless he moves closer.)

(Jumrak will come in next round at 4 + 0 = 4 on the Initiative order. If he moves to melee range, he’ll be able to attack normally.)

What happens next?


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7 Responses to “04 – Hell Breaks Loose”

  1. Kronic feeling minorly embarrased that he has been unable to get loose once again tries to break free of his bonds. If he gets loose he will assist in getting anyone loose that is not out yet.

  2. Kronic’s hands are just too big for him to wriggle loose, so he attempts another DC 25 Strength check to break free. Roll is 17 + 10 = 27. Kronic snaps the cuffs loose, taking 2 points of damage in the process!

    You will be able to act next round on initiative 7 + 1 = 8.

    (Edited on May 3rd to reflect that the cuffs broke and Kronic’s hands are free.)

  3. My spirit lifted despite the wounds on my arms, I get to work on my comrade’s cuffs – I’ll do what I can to get him free. I’ll try to take advantage of the weakness in the cuffs. I think I’m going to need his help in seeing what’s going on in here! It’s all a blur by the doorway! Once I can get him free, we should get in there and take out some of these guards. I can wrestle with the best of them! As long as my neighbor can tell me who is who over in that mess in the doorway…

  4. Unfortunately, the stress fractures were only on the one set of cuffs. You could try ripping your newfound allies chains right out of the wall, but your best bet may be to get a hold of the keys carried by the larger guard.

  5. Hanging from the walls of the stockade, shivering from the continual cold pervading the room, and reeking of urine (not his own), Vash was not happy.

    In fact, he wanted to kill someone.

    But, to do so, he needed to get off of this Gods-damned wall.

    And he had to raise the elan and furor of the feces-wallowing man-cadavers next to him.

    And he had to direct the enraged mutant next to him away from his person and twoards the skinheads at the end of the hallway.

    The only thing worse than having to direct an enraged mutant is having to direct a half-blind enraged mutant to the enemy.


    “That’s nice J, I bet that Shala or whomever is very pleased, but, I think you need to pay more attention to beating the piss out the guards and less to shouting. Just run forward and punch anything that isn’t either glowing or bright white. The glowing mutant is on your left, and the albino’s on your right, the two idiots are in the middle”.

    “And you too Shorty! The more people killing the guards – the merrier”.

    With eyes cast up the skies above, the thick and inky blackness blocking out all light from above, he sighed

    “Oh Gods. One moment I am fleeing for my life into the Wastes – the next moment I am the leader of almost-men. What a strange world you have rendered here great gods. What a strange world”

  6. Thrak sees his chain rebound off the improvised armour of the first guard, and also a pale, feral face hot on his own heels. Good, he thinks to himself — at least there’s some support being given for this suicide shot…

    Thrakazog turns all his focus to the guard in front of him, wanting no chance for the fire-arms to come to bear. He grapples for the club while using his sheer mass to press the slaver to the ground. His tail has always been a useful addition when it comes to close-quarters combat.

    Even with most of his attention on the one guard now, Thrakazog knows there were more than just these two. He also keeps a wary eye out for slaver reinforcements, hoping that sufficient prisoners will rise to his call and make shorter work of these first victims so that preparations can be made for the rest.

    First, though, there’s the matter of this slaver to kill…

  7. Well, it looks like these guards are really the pressing matter – anyone who can move their limbs freely better get to work on making the guards’ limbs broken! Now that I know who’s who, it’s time to charge in and tackle these goons. Maybe once they’re down, and it seems like the really big guy is all over the one guard, we can get use these chains to show these god forsaken slavers a taste of their own medicine. We need to get out of here fast though, this stench is driving me insane!

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