02 – Dawn Isn’t Coming

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(The comments are excellent; keep it up! I think it’s better if I leave them as written instead of reworking them directly into the post.)

As more and more time passes and you realize that dawn isn’t coming. The light streaming in from outside comes not from the sun – but from torches burning in the darkness. Through the shattered roof of your prison, you see that the sky remains dark. It’s as if the heavens themselves have been blocked from you. You must be underground, or inside some larger structure. The air, too, is cool and strangely moist as if in a damp cave…

(Cobb is relieved; no cruel sun to burn his skin! Thrakazog is dismayed; without the light of the sun his vision is greatly diminished.)

Your group sits together in one corner of the stockade. It’s odd that you’re together in a group; it’s as if you’ve been segregated from the other slaves.

Cobb and Thrakazog whisper quietly together and establish respect for one another. They begin scheming escape plans, and Vash quickly joins in. Perhaps if you worked as a group?

Kronic and Jumrak size each other up; although very different in appearance each appears formidable in combat.

Cormac listens intently to the plans and nods occasionally, but keeps his thoughts to himself.

Your conversation is cut short as the stockade door opens!

Armed with clubs and crude firearms, two burly mutants march into the stockade. Branded upon their foreheads is the letter “S” – originally a criminal punishment bestowed upon slavers, the symbol is now a badge of pride among the marauders who trade in human misery.

To your dismay, the duo march directly towards your group. Inspecting each of you as if you were livestock. They nod and grin. (You note the set of keys hanging from the belt of the larger guard!) After only a few moments, they march back towards the stockade entrance. Standing just outside the doorway they mutter to each other in Gutterspeak.

Cobb and Cormac listen intently, trying to overhear the conversation…

(Perception checks vs. DC 15; Cobb rolls 13+3=16, Cormac rolls 7+4=11.)

Realizing that you share a common cause, Cobb whispers to the group:

“They’re talking about us” Cobb translates, “They’ve singled us out for something.”

Listening further, he says “They’re going to get someone called ‘Blackthorn’; I can’t catch anything else.”

The guards seem to have reached agreement. They are standing directly outside the stockade doors, which have been carelessly left open. You only have moments to act before you are locked away again…

What are your actions?


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6 Responses to “02 – Dawn Isn’t Coming”

  1. How long are the chains we’re bound with, and how away is the door? I was thinking that if we don’t think they’ll reach the door, two of us could ‘fight’ in front of Thrak and when the guards come in, the others could grab em, or Thrak could grab one.

  2. Your chains extend only a few feet from the wall, not enough to reach the doorway (which is about 30 feet distant). You’re close enough to one another that two of you *could* engage a single foe at one time (with penalties, since you’re chained), if he was somehow brought nearby.

    Remember: Cormac has a psionic power that may be able to bring an item of interest closer, Cobb has a class ability that might allow him to escape confinement, and Kronic *might* be small enough to try to slip free as well. Also, there’s a *slight* chance that a very strong character could rip free from the wall, but he would end up hurting himself in the attempt.

  3. Right. Well then, If no one else has an idea, I could try using Sleight of Hand to slip free of my manacles and, if that wasn’t noticed, try to use Disable Device on the others, if I can find something suitable to serve as a tool.

  4. These godless slavers will pay for their actions! I will summon all the strength I can muster and make a quick prayer to Stala, the god of justice, to work through my body and those of my comrades to break free of these chains. Then it will be my duty to exact a sentence of pain on these wretched slaver devils! To our freedom!

  5. Kronic looks at his fellow slaves and proceeds to try and escape from his bonds. (first trying to get out of them, then trying to force them if need be!) If he successfully escapes he will emmediately get to the door to make sure it does not get closed and engages the guard with the key with his claws!

  6. Thrakazog attunes himself to his surroundings as best as he can in an effort to prepare for whatever may happen in the next short while. The lack of any significant light source has rendered him nearly blind, but having grown up with this condition he has compensated with greater dark-sensitivity from his other senses — most notably his keen nose.

    Not having taken the time before to investigate his shackles, he does so now – both at the wrist and at the wall – to check for any signs of imperfection that may yield an exploitable weakness. Seeing any, he would take advantage of them. He also (quietly) suggests to his fellow nearby prisoners that if they all would tackle a single bond, say for example the wall stud that secures his own chain, their combined strength would stand a better chance of severing the connection, and thus producing an ad hoc weapon in the form of a length of heavy chain. (Any potential tools nearby — either to pick locks or use as a pry-bar?) All their bonds might be broken, one by one, in this manner… perhaps.

    Should this fail, he stands ready to act as best he can in whatever situation presents itself. His eyes mere slits, his ears and nose sensing changes in their communal surroundings.

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