Still Looking for Players!


We’re up to one PC ‘done’, one ‘nearly finished’, and two more coming ‘real soon now’… Who else is interested in joining the game? I’d prefer to start with six players – and ideally I’d like the first game post this weekend.

So far we’ve got two near-human melee combatants. Lots of room for stock humans and mutants; scavs and savants!

Check out the Online Character Creation post, then leave a comment on this site or e-mail me at


~ by K-Slacker on 19-Apr-07.

2 Responses to “Still Looking for Players!”

  1. In case anybody is looking for it, I’ve moved the ‘Mutations Descriptions’ page to the ‘Character Creation’ section and added links to the perks and flaws tables.

  2. We’re up to six players now; I think we’ll cut it off at that.

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