What’s With the Homebrew?

Scorched Earth uses a homebrew version of the standard d20 rule system called ‘d20 SPECIAL‘.

The point of d20 SPECIAL is to streamline and simplify, wherever possible, the d20 system to create more of a ‘fast-and-loose’ approach to gaming. Hopefully they won’t confuse the hell out of everyone. I found that the complexity of the full d20 rules don’t add anything to web-based play, and take up too much of my time as GM. I’ve tried to put enough information online to ensure that you can learn all the rules from the weblog.

While mentioning rules, it’s proper that I cite my references…

The rules have been adapted from Dominic Covey’s “Darwin’s World”, Jonathan Tweet’s “Omega World”, and old editions of Gamma World. The “SPECIAL” Attributes are lifted from the Fallout CRPG. A lot of material was also borrowed from “Castles & Crusades” and “d20 Apocalypse” (from Troll Lord Games and Wizards of the Coast, respectively).

Images on this weblog have been swiped from a number of sources. A lot are from various Darwin’s World products, many are screenshots from Wasteland, and some are colourized images from old Gamma World sourcebooks that I stumbled upon on the web.


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3 Responses to “What’s With the Homebrew?”

  1. I think I should have posted a comment here rather than over at the Hothouse RPG site. I have no idea how I got there!

    Anyway, sign me up for participation in this delightful campaign.

  2. Good to have you aboard!

    Yeah; Hothouse was an alternate campaign that I was cooking up, but then decided against. I moved everything over here and must have carried some links when I did. I’ll try to track them down.

  3. Ha! Found the offending links in the Mutations pages. If anyone spots any ‘Hothouse’ references on the site, please let me know.

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